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  1. I've only got 1 copy of each so ideally I'd like to get the most solid performance out of them. Thanks in advance!
  2. If its explained in a quest I've clearly forgotten as it's been long since I've done them. Arent warframe abilities and tenno void powers different? What's the reason I cant void dash into a Nullifier bubble? It stops me from entering and also cant cast transference. Are tenno and warframe powers both void powers? Do the nullifiers disable void powers? Anyone able to enlighten me?
  3. Is this intended or has it been overlooked as I imagine the weapon is quite unpopular. If you want to know how I know this, I have a riven with negative projectile speed.
  4. I thought the same thing in a railjack void storm yesterday, thinking how did an mr1 get here. Then I noticed the jewel.
  5. I can accept the nerfs to melee but why did they have to go and limit condition overload to 3 status effects? That's just lame. I love doing high level disruption and going into the hundreds of levels priming the demolyst with many status effects and then killing them with my melee weapon. I actually put more use into guns as a result of priming now I'll go back to exclusively using melee albeit with disappointment mainly on the cap of 3 status for condition overload. Can we please make status based melee as effective as crit based melee against demolysts now since CO is a going to be a shell of its former self?
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