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  1. I play with my loki never even thought of that lol. damn exploiters now they give all us loki players a bad name
  2. Seems Hildryn baelfire does not damage the drones in arbitration either. I have to constantly switch to get them down
  3. Oh my I will have to pop in and look at my hildryn hope she still looks as cool as she did
  4. I agree a bit harsh but it is kinda relieving when you finally finish the thing and you can relax for a second. I do however would like a bit more wolf creds each time i fill it again 25 is fair in my opinion
  5. Sure but strangledome is more controlable. Don't no need to run all over the place. The mobs get nicely dragged to one spot
  6. Well Just override it with your gfx card settings. All my ingame settings are overridden in my gfx card control panel. I did like the bait tho. The change is fine for folks already at max standing but now I have to fork out my hard earned standing for bait. I'm still downloading the patch tho on my arfrican time dsl line so Ill make my conclusion when im inside. If its just one bait that only last for like a min or two for 500 standing for instance its gonna suck
  7. The day trader not only screws up the ui but with us it only counted one and then didn't give us 2 more after we completed 2 successful runs. And it shows we did nothing on the wolf menu. So its not just a ui bug it does not work.
  8. I love my Hildryn but there is 2 issues that would be awesome if it could be solved. When using aegis storm make it so it automatically switch to your balefire weapon. Its so tedious having to manually switch. And then one small thing the targeting reticle its very low while in eagis storm mode. It makes it super hard sometimes to know what your firing at with balefire. If that can be moved above her shoulders that be awesome. Anyway other than that she is awesome 🙂
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