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  1. Hi all. Was on team mission and saw female frame make a"door" in the air and jump thru and "teleport near by??? looked like mag to me, but not in her abilities? Thinking I could use on some missions as help. Any info thanks, I know ash and loki kinda have stuff but not want I think I need.
  2. Acording to wiki there is a limit. Doesnt feel like it as some dojos I have been are huge!. " Dojo Room Limitations The Dojo only supports up to 128 rooms. Once the limit of 128 rooms is reached, all expansion doorways that are unused will display the words "Dead End" and prevent the clan from expanding the Dojo further. Rooms may still be removed to back away from this limit and permit expansion. " Sadly gonna have to destroy half upper level and reconstruct layout.
  3. Hi all. The wiki is sparse on details, YouTube videos rather vague. Any way to acquire more rooms??? Any info thks.
  4. Hi all am working on my ghost clan. I built about ten rooms as addons recently, Menu says "78/128 Rooms". If I upgrade to storm clam do I get to add more rooms??? I saw a clan in the navigation map here you can visit. The clan has about 8 or more opens spaces. I have only one and and every door I try says insufficient space. I need couple large spaces and hall to finish dojo the way I want. How too???? Any info appreciated.
  5. HI all. You are probably using the user account in Win 10. If its your PC log in as administrator and you can change them. Google or youtube before you make permanent changes. The fire wall controls access in and out of PC. It SEEMS a firewall access problem that has solution. DON'T take your PC and programs apart. Just do some research to your particulars on your PC. If you can find the game folder and find warframe exe. Right click the icon and select properties, then look for advance on properties. Then when tab open select "Run as administrator". Then click apply. Might h
  6. Go online in trade ask for them some tenno will be kind :)
  7. Welcome back. Just play. Talk in chat, trade in chat. You will back up to speed soon. Try new Discord thing, not sure what it is but lots people talk about it.
  8. He trying to get closer for better PING/play rate. Spanish es bueno!!
  9. Hi all. Making a big push to fill up my empty dojo. Got lots ideas from seeing other dojos. Saw a dragon and a transformer, big one too.. My mine Q? is: I have seen textures like snow , sand based and a water reflecting pool kinda. Really want those among others. How do I Get/earn them. Any info appreciated.
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