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  1. Hi all. Not sure where to post this.??? Would like to see a "ice" hall or room. Also PLEASE PLEASE make the xmas stuff year round as decorations, Please. I have several . but cant duplicate outside the hall they where installed in?!? thks. DE please read this.
  2. Hi all. Hello [DE] Megan and [DE] Rebecca. Really miss weekly chats, Something to look forward to during these strange times!!! :) Can you bring them back? Thought would ask, thks
  3. Hi while in mission on orphix ships. You kill the moa that shoots blue beam to lower your shields. Well moa dies but blue beam still active and shooting at you and drains your shields. Not good?!!?
  4. Hi all during Dec I started building Xmas room . I have a room now in one hall, but wanted Xmas room like one I saw in another clan. I can duplicate decorations the plenty in the hall they are in, but cant in my new Xmas room, only have snow and ice in there. Really wanted build that room. any help appreciated. Where can I get them now???
  5. Hi all I was MR 10 for almost a year, but then I like to play, dont really feel hurry to do all. MR 16 should be fine but dont rush youll burn out.
  6. OOPS plastids. Ok you can farm trade or buy. But you can use resource drones on planets you cleared that have plastid as resource. Need to build the drone units to farm automatically, only 2 at a time. Might be able to trade for, not sure good luck. Hi all. to get phasic cells do Orphix missions now before it ends. You can do without operator. Little hard but not impossible, With operator you can tranfer to viod mech laying around makes game interesting. Do everything in squad not sole easier to get more phasic cells.
  7. Hi all. When in mission in orphix, when some near me dies, my body leaves operator/mech. I can run around and shoot but no body?!? some times unstuck helps.
  8. Hi all. doing Orphix missions when mission complete, the screen shows loot or rewards gained. When I get back to orbiter, the screen shows less loot or none at all??? did I loose my rewards??? That stat screen shows pickups but have no way verify whats there??? Running PC.
  9. Hi all. Went thru all steps, Epic even shows that Placed order, But still nothing delivered??? Any info thks.
  10. Welcome Tenno!!! Fight on!!! Loot alot !!! :)
  11. Hi all trying to decorate orbiter with festives, Menu says that I have, but cant access in orbiter decorations??? Where can I access??? thanks
  12. Back again Where can I see clan inventory in vault???? thks.
  13. Your PC scales graphics usually to low medium and high. Yes it does look better, Also depends on memory on video card (more memory better) and shared memory with the motherboard. Some times in graphic card setting you can increase memory available, depends on video card manufacturer.
  14. Thanks. But rivens they cant touch them??? I want to keep those which I have. No they would have to do something severe, for me to do that. but some people are just take advantage of you, have to careful. :)
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