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  1. I'd have to agree with the majority of the posters in here , said "Cover System" would be a rather wasted effort. We have parkour and other things in effect between shieldgating and abilities , frames are even able to go stealth through abilities or otherwise use silent firearms. Couple said firearms with powerful mods and you'd be cheesing through enemies with a breeze so often that there really wouldn't be any reasons to "Take cover!"
  2. My first thoughts of the Teshin Dax armor ; "Thunder Thighs"
  3. I'm just more so hoping they'd allow us to sell the extra Frame helmet cosmetic like say you already made normal Mag , Lv'd her to Max , got Mag Prime done the same. So you sell normal Mag but are able to keep her default helmet for the Prime Varient , because the Helimeth thing is coming and people I guess needing to re-make certain frames for a sacrifice , having to build the same one just means a duplicate in the default Helmet which...not too sure how others view it but I just rather have 1 and not an extra..
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