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  1. Really? She feels we're "Washed up" but to me , she can go Soak Herself x3
  2. A Resource out on the Plains of Eidolon but as those Wisp things , I remember seeing one of those as a Twitch Drop from DE's streams. Was thinking maybe the Lazulite Toroid would of been done the same rather than giving one out as a resource.
  3. Don't worry about it , it shall be over SOON.
  4. Maybe it could of been a Liset Decoration version similar to the Wil-o-wisp twitch drop?
  5. Think I remember in one of the older streams they did talk about releases the orb fights before "Railjack" but as of recent? Think we'll get "Railjack" before the 3rd Orb FIght which would be that thing.
  6. Maybe its Vay Hek throwing , Lovable Lotus Natah , into the sun?
  7. My most Noob moment was always re-playing the lowest Exterminate Mission on Mercury as a form to Level Up my gear without knowing how to use the Mod System nor knowing that I had already paved a way to the lowest EXP grinder survival mission just a few nodes away instead..
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