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  1. I gave it a try just now and it worked! It's weird that the scan doesn't get recorded if you scan the guardian after opening the shield. Anyway, thanks for answering! Edit: Just noticed, that sometimes you have to scan guardians twice to get the scan registered.
  2. With Helios by my side, my codex started to get more and more complete. Now, I realized that I didn't scan most of the junction guardians back in the day. As there isn't any mission debriefing after revisiting a junction and therefore the progress isn't saved, it seems impossible to add them at this point. Is there any other way to add them to the codex?
  3. I maxed Fusilai, Hikou and Mk1-Kunai so far and I'm working on the Spira at the moment. Steam unlocked all three Shuriken Proficiency achievements, but the Mastery achievements won't unlock. Is anyone else experiencing this? As far as I know, all of the aforementioned weapons count as Shuriken, right?
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