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  1. Hey guys, I am in the middle of working out my Nova build for speedva and am also wondering if there are any good contenders for a helminth ability to apply, from what I can gather, the build relies on high duration, low ability strength and low range to function ideally (please correct if wrong), if so, it kind of feels like a limited amount of options that would be helpful. Please advise.
  2. I fed my Mirage to the helminth about 2-3 days ago, I still do not see Eclipse in my ability pool. Please note I have fed another frame since then (Mesa) and I do have Shooting Gallery in my pool, for some reason Eclipse is just missing. EDIT: Please disregard, I found the issue, Mirage prime is my main and so when I'm feeding my Helminth I'm usually in that frame, and if you are in the same frame that gives the ability, the ability does not show up, I switched frames and now it is showing up. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. I already submitted a bug report on this yesterday but I am posting here to see if anyone else is noticing this. I finished feeding my Mirage to the helminth about 1-2 days ago and yet I still cannot see Eclipse in my list of abilities to infuse. Has anyone else run into a similar problem?
  4. Type: In-Game Description: Attempting to subsume Mirage for the Eclipse ability. Visual: Missing, I just had my Helmynth eat my Mirage and it was finished today, I just checked and Eclipse is no where to be found in my list of abilities, and there is no flower for Mirage, I have restarted the game to check again and it is still missing.
  5. As the title says, I have currently subsumed a number of high tier abilities and found a home for them on certain frames, but after my Valkyr was done being eaten it occured to me that I don't actually know what frame I should put it on. There are a number of factors to consider: 1. The armor buff makes it partially a defensive ability 2. The Speed/Attack Speed buff gives it offensive potential. 3. Its enemy movement speed debuff might not actually be helpful 4. Given point 3, perhaps range isn't something to be built for and we use this as more of a solo buff then a
  6. I feel like if DE had stuck to their guns and made HoD an MR 15 requirement then this kind of whining wouldn't be here.
  7. So just from my perspective, I have done a couple of triple vault runs post hotfix and just for me, zero void rig/necramech gun parts are dropping. But beyond that, I think going forward, this game mode has no future without something meaningful in the drop tables, Eidolons have Arcanes which will always hold value to the playerbase no matter what, but what do vaults offer beyond the damaged necramech parts? Basically nothing that you can't already get yourself in the overworld anyways. For all this talk of the vaults holding crazy secrets, it certainly doesn't feel like it.
  8. So aside from the damaged voidrig part drop rates being practically non-existent currently, I have been wondering, is there even a point to making the Necramech at all, from what I have heard, we can only use it on the open world and no where else, and given how much of a time/standing commitment it is to get this I can't imagine this will ever be mandatory content for any future update at all, it just begs the question of why DE committed so much development resources into this and not something else that would be ubiquitously used. Any thoughts from others?
  9. Hey guys just ran some vaults post hotfix, I don't know if Scint is in a great spot yet, however for me personally I took Nekros into a run and came out with 3 Scint drops so that may be a good strat for groups to use going forward.
  10. I'm talking about the creature that drops them in the vaults which is apparently supposed to be the primary way to get them.
  11. I think another contributing factor in why the acquisition rates for scintillant are so bad is because the general playerbase doesn't even know what to look for. For wisps on cetus, it was way more intuitive since the wisp icon for the item looked just like the wisp you found in the open world, it simply made more sense. Does anyone have a screenshot to share for what the creature looks like that we are supposed to get this material from?
  12. Are the vaults on Deimos broken? Everytime I go in now there is a crystal that apparently needs to be activated and no one knows what to do, the room with the mirror thing.
  13. Good Morning, Long time player, first time poster. I have been following the news for Heart of Deimos and have been eagerly awaiting the new Helminth room system, however now that we have more of the concrete details of the system I am worried. Let me start by saying that this system is a big plus for the game regardless of my concerns and I like the feature. My concern ultimately stems from the limit of only being able to replace 1 ability per frame from your available library of abilities banked in the Helminth. What this has the potential to do is to pigeon-hole play
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