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  1. Riiiight, I completely forgot about having to craft it, silly me. I just got caught up in the whole "missing stuff" from that mission. Thanks a lot!!!
  2. Usually I wouldn't complain much about losing some random stuff but this time i lost the smoking ephemera, which I've been trying to get for so long. This is how it happened: I'm hunting for my Lich with all 3 murmurs known and equipped. I think it was either and exterminate or a capture mission, on a corpus ship. Stalker appears mid mission and I kill him and get the smoking ephemera, prompt appears and all. Then something hits me and I immediately die while stalker is still kneeling down (i think it shouldn't be so relevant since i had already gotten the items) I even pressed TAB to check my loot progress and it showed the ephemera in that window. I continue the mission and encounter my Lich. I attack it's first two murmurs and on the third one something similar happens: I get him to kneel down but then I die. When I revive myself I go after him and the prompt for executing the third mercy strike is there so I press X but nothing happens. The Lich then disappears. I finish the mission and find no loot other than some stolen credits, which I find weird since I usually hoard on everything I find. And for an 8 minute mission with not a single mod or resource I thought maybe the UI was bugged and the Lich had stolen everything. I proceed to do two more missions to take down my Lich and try to recover my stuff. I do so in the second mission but no Ephemera was there. Here are the pictures of both missions.
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