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Friendly Greetings!

I've only just recently started playing Warframe again, after not touching it since way back in Closed Beta, due to being too caught up and preoccupied with work and playing other games (i.e: Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, etc). I'm not sure as to how long I'll actually be able to consistently play, as my time for leisure has been cut down significantly. But I am definitely enjoying the game again after all this time apart, and I am looking forward to returning to this game on the regular from here on out, after finally giving it a chance.

Whenever I am not logged into Warframe, I am most likely still going to be reachable through Discord, under the ID of Zealon#0001, where I manage a couple of Tabletop RPG and MMORPG communities such as Coffee & Power and Wild Seven. If I am not obtainable, then there is a very high chance that I am either working or spending time with my wife.

You are more than welcome to hit me up in-game or on Discord, as I am relatively easy going and enjoy meeting new people.


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