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  1. That's a lot of beacons but it of helped if it was 50-100 stalker kills right(slow without beacons, I know)??? Stalker is the #1 assassin, so you kill him a lot from mr5-27. Beacons will help. But new player starting out, will have a nice thing after awhile. Smoking body is probably the best looking ephemera but the others show you've earned it(ESO, exploiter, arbitration) and hopefully they add more cool ephemeras or emblems from game modes(profit taker, eidolons, thumpers, index, survival, capture) show you've earned it (complete x amount/runs/waves). I'm just frustrated how DE put ephemeras where they are. The blood ephemera from arbitration vendor is a good step too.
  2. Yes exactly, that 100% chance instead of that 1.5% or some ridiculous low chance. Edit, also speaking of drop chance, it's been over a year since I got my first legendary core. Been doing every sorties since.
  3. I know right, I'm not hyped at all about railjack. I know it wont be all archwing but still... releasing that with the old archwing will just turn into what archwing is, no one will play it after release hype is over.
  4. Idk about "exclusiveness beggars", I think my opinion/suggestion is more along the line you wrote "something special to set them apart from the rest of the "peasants". I'm not like that, I dont have a high horse. I'm MR27 with everything because I'm a completionist/collector but that's not me. My suggestion is to show you been there and done that 'x' amount of times. And you've EARNED IT. Ephemera was handled wrong by putting a drop chance on it, I know this is loot and shooter, and all about RNG but ephemeras SHOULD HAVE BEEN(sorry for caps, I just hope DE sees this) endgame reward only the capable players or not any average player can EARNED it. I've put a lot of time into the game but it really doesn't show unless you have 1000 day armor/ or syandana(I'm only at day 460 btw). Forma-ed warframes, weapons, companions, etc, maxed riven, primed, gold tier mods like any capable player has. I never done and dont have to do exploiter orb because I bought hildryn, dont need toroids, i have everything from little duck, and I dont need orb vallis resources. That low drop chance for ephemeras is a waste of time, id rather run it 50-100 times to actually EARN that ephemera. Edit: Also prodman poster is something you can earn, but not everyone can go index for hour.
  5. I've never got a Ephemera yet but I've seen people who are struggling to get them in Elite sanctuary onslaught. The drop chance is insanely low, and what's the point of adding new cool things if nobody will ever see it. Maybe get rid of ephemeras rng and make them like Prodman. When I see a prodman poster in someone's orbiter, I clearly see he done the index challenge. When I see someone with a ephemera, I know they had RNGesus on their side. Could be someone who got it their first try or after 100 tries later. Quick example: smoking body ephemera require 10-100 stalker kills. Burning steps ephemera require 10-15 waves in 1 go on Elite sanctuary onslaught or requires complete 100 waves(not 1 run). Please consider this and talk about this with your development team about where ephemeras are. They're really cool but I dont want to pray for a drop chance. Also think about this and maybe make it for other stuff like emblems or something else. Theres already enough RNG in the game, we need more Prodmans. Edit: also I realized I'm suggesting a cool cosmetic(ephemeras) that you actually EARN and not the noob player can get by a carry or extremely lucky getting it first try. Average player can atleast look forward to smoking body while they kill few stalkers here and there. Ephemeras are still new so theres still time to change it. Also make new cool particle emblems and do it the way I suggest please 🙂 Edit 2, I know this ideas might not sound all that great to new, average, causal players but it would give a little something to players who been here awhile and have the resources and time to earn it. Please DE, I buy prime accessories every time, please I'm begging lol. I basically help funded these ephemeras in a way. Edit 3, I hate to edit again, but make it's own category, body ephemera and step ephermara under regalia and select 2 energy colors for best fashion frame. Pretty please DE? I'll buy every prime access if you consider this. Please, I have the money. Please, I'm begging. I'm doing nothing except afk in my orbiter.
  6. Quick suggestion, make toroids from the big spiders trade for focus. I have 500 of each from both spiders and have nothing to do with them. I need focus though. Appreciate it 🙂 🙂
  7. I said exclusive to raids but I imagine mods will always be tradable(except umbra and login). Nightwave mods are tradeable but no one will trade it unless they really dont care for it.
  8. There would be a drop table of other stuff other than these mods so it wont be pointless to do these hard raids. You will get a really good reward hopefully if DE has something good in store.
  9. I've been thinking about raids and rewards should be exclusive to it. What do you think about raids awarded pure blast, radiation, magnetic (primary, secondary, and melee) mods in regular raids and nightmare has pure corrosive, viral, gas (primary, secondary, and melee) mods. You can only can do 1 raid a day, low drop chance, and the raids has to be really hard for a really good reward. There also can be other rewards DE thinks of, also this is just a suggestion. They would be tradeable but would probably be expensive but it's a very rare mod only the capable players can obtain. I imagine it will go for around energize. This ain't for new players. Also maybe make Emphemera blueprints tradeable, I know they are very exclusive but people who have the plat will buy. Maybe have a MR requirement and most low MR wont have the resources to craft it right away. There's plenty of people with duplicates. Please and thank you. 🙂
  10. Is the anniversary stuff coming out this week or?
  11. Thats too bad, such a easy solution. I've already fully scanned the wolf 3/3 and killed him but not 1 part dropped. Only saw him 3 times since he was first released and I've been playing avg 4 hours every day since.
  12. Is DE making the wolf an assassination mission we can farm or something? Acquiring wolf sledge is a pain, you either get 1 part and buy the rest from trade chat because you know you're not getting another part or him to spawn again. Or buying every piece from trade chat, wasting all your plat on a MR melee weapon you will never use again. I'm a completionist and this really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Please do something soon as possible. All the parts will be sold out or selling ridiculous amount of plat in trade chat on the last week. They're already expensive as eff. I'm on xbox one by the way.
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