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  1. Can't login to warframe on geforce now as its saying my info is incorrect but i can login to warframe on my pc anyone else had this issue?
  2. How many rounds does it take to rank a weapon from 0 to 30?
  3. Is the xp better or equal to the defence on sedna
  4. Is there an actual purpose to ESO other than Focus farming?
  5. I currently have a ignis wraith on my wukong for the twin while i use melee. I have it built for heat and viral so that the enemies dont really attack back when engulfed in flames and their health is halved. Was wondering if it is worth investing into an opticor for my twin. Not the vandal just the regular one.
  6. Is anyone in the game a legit mr30? Steam says 1.3% of players are but can't help but think they hacked or something
  7. Is the wolf hammer viable for lvl80-120 now? If so can someone send me a build pls
  8. Naramon has an ability called 'Power Spike' which decays you combo counter 5/s instead of all at once, currently it is broken in the simulacrum. Is it just in the simulacrum or a bug?
  9. Everytime I login to Warframe on Geforce NOW, my display settings are reset meaning i have to spend 10-15mins sorting that out Just tried to login today and it says the following: 'Too many login-failures; try again later.' Any ideas how to resolve either issue?
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