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  1. wejdz w ustawienia > druga zakładka od lewej (gameplay) bedzie tam region ustawcie na europa, tak samo przyjmowanie zaproszen, język gry bez naczenia. jak to nie da rady jeszcze zrob weryfikacje plikow gry w laucherze
  2. lol, then remove them from game and i don't think so is bad idea, you don't waste more time for 3nd word
  3. yes i think is a bug, you don't need vauban to do this, try loki decoy
  4. best way is x-x-oull becuse you must discover anyway minimum of 2 of them so place oull in first slot is usless, in last mos efficency, you not waste of time
  5. When I change well of life on trinity to mind control, the sound when you use it is doubled and when use it on 1st skill place there are both sounds from well of life and mind control. When use links the sound is louder from mind control and a little form link use sound, same on enegry wampire, sound from both abilites are active, only blessing sound works.
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