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  1. I received an email earlier today with an update on the situation. I'll post it in the quote text below (I hope I'm allowed to talk about this; the email never said I wasn't): The TL; DR is: it's being delayed between late June and late July (depending on when you ordered it because they believed their current tools were inferior for the intended quality and because of a global shortage of containers due to the Suez Canal blockage (I'm guessing they're referring to this?) This sucks. This absolutely sucks (I made sure my shelf was ready by earlier this week in anticipation for thi
  2. Are you playing a Nightmare mission? On Nightmare missions, Specters will turn against the squad. There’s nothing that can be done about it except killing them.
  3. I playing and enjoying Update 30, but... my converted Kuva Lich. She looked fine in the Kuva Lich history, but awful inside the Railjack. I am calling all Tenno to roast the heck out of Midnu Ha'm. Ready? GO!
  4. Hello. I’m trying to find out information about the Clan Railjack Monument, but for whatever reason, I can’t seem to find any information about it. So I have a few questions about it so, when Update 30 comes out on Nintendo Switch, I can be prepared: - Is it resizeable? And if not, is it the same size as the proposed size shown in the workshop (it showed Gara Deluxe for scale)? - Can you build more than one of them? Or is there a limit of one? I have a Treasure & Trophy Room, so I’d like to put it somewhere in there as well as my Dry Dock. - How much dojo room capacity
  5. They actually do work on things while unalerted (outside of patrolling). For example, in the Corpus units in the Corpus Ship tileset can interact with these VR-like consoles/computers; when alerted, they pull them up to the ceiling and start blasting. You don't see it very often, however, because: This game is too fast; we kill enemies without a second thought, and It doesn't happen very often. I agree in seeing more idle animations, but I would add that they happen more often and (for those who want to see this) actually pay attention to the animations. Then again, as the Corp
  6. Doesn't matter which controller you use: if it can work with any game, then it will work with Warframe. But I personally use the Pro Controller (I can understand that may not be an option due to cost, however).
  7. Oh, okay. Thanks for mentioning this. I thought it was happening to Switch players exclusively.
  8. This should probably be better to add in the Feedback > Mobile App section of the forums. With that stated, I can confirm I also have this issue with the mobile app.
  9. I’ve had this issue as well. I have friends that’ve received this issue also.
  10. As the title states, when going into the app and selecting “Nightwave,” no information appears. I don’t know if this is simply a case of Switch players not getting it because it was delayed before us, but either way, I can’t see it. Below is a video of me attempting to access it: https://imgur.com/a/XpobeZK I have uninstalled and re-installed the app. I have also restarted my phone more than once. Details in case you need it: - Phone: iPhone SE (2nd generation) - Operating System: iOS 14.4
  11. I don't think it would be displaying the actual cred icon in the main Nightwave page. It seems that it's still going to show the items like everyone else, but when we reach that goal, we'll get the cred instead. But that's my best guess. It's best that to keep an eye out and see if you get extra cred once you reach to the specific ranks.
  12. Thanks for bringing it over. However, at the moment, the console isn't working and the banner when you go to the main menu or the Navigation console is absent. Several others are reporting the same thing.
  13. This is mainly a test-run of allowing us to bring in our Necramechs in normal missions. We'll be able to do so whenever we want sometime after the event.
  14. Now that consoles are getting the update on Tuesday (not too sure why we're getting it on Tuesday instead of on Friday since Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft approved it on that day, but perhaps it's something related to the backend that they want to get working... I don't know), I've been beginning to look into what I need to do in order to accommodate the room into my solo dojo. From what I understand, it's very large, but I don't know how large it is (I've checked the wiki and, unless I missed something, it doesn't say how large it is. Below is a screenshot of the second floor of my dojo
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