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  1. I've been wanting to play this one. Well, time to go to work. rolls up sleeves
  2. Granted... but you still need some kind of liquid in order to eat it... and orange juice will literally be your only opinion. Without sugar. I wish I had a real life Iron Man suit (specifically the one from Avengers: Infinity War; can’t remember the name of the suit).
  3. Sure. Have fun reading the lore in Latin! I wish Cressa Tal was my real life big sister.
  4. Banned for meddling in someone’s banning schemes.
  5. I have a Rubico Prime set that I'm willing to sell. My price is currently set on 35–40 plat, but I'm willing to negotiate a little lower if you truly feel that it's too much.
  6. Because when they don't give out release dates and they say "soon", people get upset about that (hence all of the "Soon™" memes that people keeping making in this community). There are a few that have read that and are convinced that DE is flat out lying about the PC issues. I guess DE can't win here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. I need to find a way to time travel into July 6th...
  8. puts away plat and backs away from the Market Awesome! 👍 Also, I'd much rather you guys take your time on this stuff rather than to crunch for time to push everything out and ruin the moral of the people working on this stuff. I can wait.
  9. That Nyx Deluxe and Mag Ferro Skin will be mine if it’s the last thing I do. I’ve been storing platinum like crazy just for this moment.
  10. Everyone has probably forgotten about this song by now. But not me. Will listen to this until the end of time (probably).
  11. This will probably get buried, but I’ll ask anyway: Will we get more Warframe Noggle statues? There’s no Khora version or Hildryn version or Garuda version, etc. Will we ever get them or should I lose hope and forget about them? Also, will we ever see Primed versions of said Warframe Noggle statues?
  12. I’m probably one of the few that’s not entirely happy with an increase in the spawn rate. At least for me, I’ve seen him at least 7 times per week (average, at least in my experience); pretty much all on Hydron, Sedna, which, by the way, that’s probably everyone’s go-to place if you want the Wolf). I don’t know if anyone can understand when you have weapons that you just need to level for MR purposes and now you (and your squadmates) are woefully underpowered to kill him. I’m not trying to complain though: I understand that he’s still rare and my experience doesn’t change this fact, but I wish that the list of spawn places didn’t include Defense missions. Either case, good news overall.
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