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  1. If this is going to happen, it should be in the Tactical menu. Alternatively, it can be in the Mission Results menu as a separate tab (actually, this may be a better idea then the previous one).
  2. When going into Navigation, getting to the main menu, then going to Profile > Intrinsics, the UI will be stuck behind the main menu UI. That said, it's still clickable. The video below demonstrates this: https://streamable.com/uvcoo
  3. This is absolutely amazing! Are you planning on doing more, or is this it for now?
  4. I would slowly roast them to give them as much pain as possible in as long of a time as possible. But that's just me...
  5. This. This is exactly what I want to see in terms of if they changed the Forma system. I'd have literally no other requests after that.
  6. Yep. I got 4 million credits (yes, you read that right) from taking advantage of the mission bonus (I also had a credit booster).
  7. You can transfer data between two SD cards. You need a computer, of course, but it is possible. There’s a video from ReviewTechUSA that explains it fairly well (forgive the first minute of jokes and stuff (it begins at around 3:50), but it’s a pretty straightforward tutorial):
  8. I've been making bug reports for the past couple of days and I've been recording videos for the majority of them in order to prove that the bug exists as well has how to attempt to replicate the bug. I've been using Streamable for this, but unlike YouTube videos, I can't embed the video directly onto the post (I don't want people to have to click on the link just to watch a video; they should just be able to see it directly onto the post itself.) If we could have a way to embed these videos onto the forum post like we can with YouTube videos, then that would be great.
  9. Maybe I'm going crazy, but it appears that the music that plays after the game finishes its update check (starts at around 00:18 in the video below) sounds odd. Like if it's... (for lack of a better word) low-quality? The primary login music as well as the music that plays when the game loads before allowing you in the Orbiter sound fine, though. The video displaying the issue is below: https://streamable.com/3cuis (Great music, by the way. You guys outdid yourselves here and I'm looking forward to hearing more.)
  10. I would be open to this idea as well. The only concern is whether doing this requires them to pass this through cert on consoles since I'm doubtful that they can do it with just a console hotfix. Still even if it was PC-only, at least some people would be able to do this. It's available on all platforms (or, at least I was able to receive mines today).
  11. I can confirm that this happens to me as well.
  12. When going into a certain area (specifically, the closest corner to the left of the ramp that takes you to the south side of the Mainframe room), there is a weird out-of-bounds area that clearly doesn’t look like it’s supposed to be out-of-bounds. It's fairly straightforward: go put the payload into the mainframe, then go towards the specific area. I don't expect it to drop me out of bounds, but it does. I have a recording of this issue below: https://streamable.com/hjqpv While it doesn't show it in this video, sometimes there by by resources that are in or around that area and it might end up being annoyingly difficult to grab. If that spot has be out-of-bounds, then I don't think the resource containers should spawn around there at all.
  13. I’ve only tried it in Free Flight, but when going to your Railjack, my operator’s skin looks blue. It seems to happen when my operator pilots the Railjack for a little while. Video is below: https://streamable.com/6bmlx I'm fairly certain that my operator doesn't want to be a part of the Blue Man Group...
  14. I'm going to log in as soon as I'm done typing up this post. By the way, are their any Switch-specific bug fixes that we should be aware of?
  15. Looking at past prices, I'd say the Switch market is more like 100–1,000p. I personally haven't seen riven prices go any higher than 1,500p. (Are the PC prices for rivens really that high?)
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