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  1. The kuva lich thralls can only be killed by mercy kills. Is this intended? Patch noted state that mercy is optional and enemies can still be killed as normal. Was this a misprint?
  2. Did a public defence meso mission, someone in the group had used a Meso D4 Radiant relic for the second round. When it opened it had a Deth Prime Cerebrum in it. We all grabbed it and left the mission. When I went to go make it to my surprise it was not there, however i could make Deth Cube Prime. As far as I can tell the relic just flat out gave me the item instead of the blue print. Not sure of the others that were in my group though.
  3. What happened to the 8 alerts you mentioned earlier in the day?
  4. 1 hour and 20 mins and only 1 drop 😞 what happened to every 30 mins? Heck I evben watched the entire Dev stream on friday and got no drops either.
  5. did it twice, first time no luck second went through and stealthed killed everything and finally got it
  6. I will try it but also as i have mentioned, it triggered for my friend i was with on pluto in the infested exterminate. Ill head to adaro in a bit here and try again.
  7. I was doing it on pluto lvl 41 infestation so no alarms at all seeing as they dont use them
  8. Same exact thing here, only difference is after my friend received it and i did not I attempted it on my own a couple times and still did not get credit.
  9. Just did it three more times on my own with one having a alarm due to air being sucked out of the windows, (dont know if that counts) still did not give me credit.
  10. Did Silent Eliminator emissary challenge twice now and it wont complete. The first attempt it finished for my friend i was with but not me, we went back again and still nothing.
  11. I also have it listed twice as well, they keep resetting my count for kills, i will get to 40 then it will go to 1. i even stoped killing when ten popped and when i got to orbitor it said 0.
  12. So are the ducats going to drop at all or is this a no go?
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