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  1. I attempted the Europa mobile defense three separate times. And all three times, there was a door that would not open. As you can see by the images, two of the doors were plainly locked doors, while the second image was a supposedly unlocked door, but it wouldn't open, with a gap between the door shell and the wall. This needs to be fixed ASAP if anyone is going to play this level.
  2. So I've had this problem in my dojo for a while now, but I have to bring it up since the latest update didn't fix it: Whenever I start the course, everything gets pushed together into one. I've tried destroying and rebuilding the room, but it didn't work. It's only when I start it too, as it looks fine beforehand, so maybe it's a problem with the server? I can't build any courses like this, so some help would be great. And when I say "a while", I mean it's been several hotfixes and an update or two. This started even before Dog Days, but I don't remember exactly when. Sometime after Intermission I think.
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