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  1. I've seen a devstream where they said we know we are in a content drought
  2. Besides collecting wtf have you been doing for 7000 hours im confused
  3. Guy tries to define not enough content as me not liking the game Uh, there is no content. It's definitely catering to me because I played it for 2 and a half months straight.
  4. It's the only game I've played since I began. But as of two days ago I'm returning to Destiny. 1 not 2. But I will continue to play Warframe. Also to your point, I agree. Cleavers shouldn't have range and 1-2m is not worth it. There is no difference. Edit: Tomorrow will be my 70th login day
  5. by the way you put ''story checks out'' in all your posts y really though are cleavers supposed to have range
  6. That one guy who puts laugh emote on all your posts without reading them
  7. No they said we know we are in a content drought time taken has nothing to do with it everyone wants DE to take their time with these updates
  8. Range is not just from Warframe Also, not a noob in terms of progression, I'm MR 14. But I've only been playing for 70 days so I don't know how all the systems work.
  9. of course i can collect everything but ive done all raw content
  10. giving you an upvote because your a d1 fan and you spent a lot of time on this post. but some of the things you said would not effect warframe at all, and i dont feel like writing an essay right now.
  11. I did not think about searching that up this topic came to mind and I wanted to speak about it. Your saying I should know what other people think before I give my opinion?
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