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  1. They could add an augment called Over-Buttered Lobster that makes you automatically slip around or even slightly clip through any type of obstruction/corner(in short, if you're pressing against it you're going to squirt around it after a split-second). Additional ranks reduce friction.
  2. The combos are interesting and all, but the only thing I want or expected from it is "hold melee for bzzzzzzzz while you run around". The foward+melee spam is close, but should really be changed to a hold. Even if that's not on the table, something that really needs adjusting is to make it so you can change your camera view and facing direction as normal. Right now if you try to turn or juke while spamming Ghoul Rush, it stops you cold and you do a swipe which just kills the mood.
  3. Did you set any filters looking for a specific item? They stay in place even after logging out/etc.
  4. They probably consider it a more palatable alternative to making rapid-fire bullety weapons equivalent in clearing potential, which would require making them all capable of 1 or 2-shotting a single target.
  5. Efficiency and range are both out the window(though neither are completely rock-bottom). I'm running 200% duration and just over 300% strength, along with Growing Power snapshots.
  6. I will say, I'm glad that range doesn't affect Aquablades. As it stands right now there's this awkward little sort of hole right in the middle where standard-sized bipedal enemies can stand without getting shredded. If ability range affected the ability, they might shift out or in and I wouldn't want that. The mentioned size increase makes me a bit leery because that'll just make the hole even bigger if the blades are the same. Presumably, it could also theoretically reduce the DPS in that situation because the time to complete a full orbit would be increased if the speed isn't adjusted to match. If it changed the size of the blades without affecting the circumference, that'd be great, but I wouldn't get my hopes up on that. Yareli is in a sort of unique position right now because she can make use of dump stats to a degree that I feel hasn't really been seen in years; DE went to great lengths to make most everything useful on new(er) frames, and the stat shifts a complicated juggle.
  7. I'm thinking that any synergy will have to come from her 2. It's her signature ability, the big reason she exists, yadda yadda. DE is very unlikely to pull the plug on Merulina. It does need a lot of changes though. The first thing is lowering it towards the ground. It's surely using the standard k-drive everything right now aside from the skin, but floating a couple feet off the ground is causing collision problems. Also, setting up aim-gliding as just a button to double-jump with isn't very helpful; we need that glide. And on top of all this, you can't even use k-drive mods so treating Merulina as a separate entity or gear is pointless. Given these things, I think they should abandon the direct k-drive mechanics and turn it into a very stylized, re-animated and remodeled version of Yareli. Under the hood it would instead be something more like a combination of Volt's speed and Rhino's Ironskin, while visually you'd see Yareli on a board-critter and only a couple inches higher. Movement becomes normal movement(as a quirk for the feel you could have a bit of drift added instead of stopping on a dime when you let go of movement controls) wall-running becomes wall-grinding, you glide with a trail of bubbles or something. As being in motion is part of her identity, you could then have the other abilities synergize by being used while the 2 is active: 1 - When cast while riding, you produce fewer bubbles, but they follow you at your sides and drag any bastards caught along for the ride. 3 - A bit of a play off her passive, there could be a bit of an uptick in the rotation speed of the blades the longer/faster you're moving on Merulina. Not something that increases the immediate damage as such, but it would increase their attack speed. You know, instead of "fwip fwip fwip" it's going "fwifwifwifwifwip". Also synergizes with the bubbles as described above, because the held dudes are being held in the blade circle. 4 - Increase the draw-in time by maybe a second and a half, and center the effect directly on Yareli. Make it have her surge forward too during that moment, so you passively grab enemies from a larger area. Bonus points if the water-spout-thing envelops her in a dolphin shape when doing it.
  8. To clarify a bit more: When you get a status proc from a hit, it's not just "lol pick one at random". It's set up as a ratio of the damage you're doing. For a really simple example, if your gun does 40 heat and 60 viral damage, that means each status proc you land has a 40% chance of being heat, and 60% chance of being viral. By keeping the viral damage down in that video, you don't choke out your chances of getting a lot of slash procs.
  9. There are quite a few N64-era FPS weapons I've been hoping to get a clone of in Warframe, the laptop gun among them. #1 is the cerebral bore from Turok 2.
  10. I have a really, really rough headcanon for this and other similar interactions. It's 100% hand-wavy, but it works well enough for me until we get told otherwise: Generally speaking, nobody knows who we are. Like, our frames aren't always broadcasting an ident code or anything, and there are tons of tenno running around doing crap, with many duplicate frames in the wild. In the case of Parvos, or the Grineer/Corpus in regards to invasions, they have no idea they're dealing with the same tenno.
  11. I was going to say "Whatever I currently have on my k-drive, but I'm logged out and am too lazy to go look.", but looks like it won't actually matter. Or heck, here's an odd idea; what if it treats your equipped k-drive and mods as a stat stick?
  12. Ideally, something that you could fire rapidly but which has an immense hit box to give a sort of forward-shield effect that lets you just run enemies over. Nothing really exists like that though.
  13. Kinda depends on what you're planning on doing. Different frames for different tasks and all that. However, I did most of SP with Ivara. I avoided the problem you're having by making sure I had a ton of energy potential(Preparation, Primed Flow, Arcane Energize). Then after that I was using a Kuva Tonkor with toxin bonus and modded as heavily as possible for pure toxin. The ability-diddling mobs are all corpus, so you can have your way with them in short order with that setup. I also had a Hush on it, so it wouldn't break my stealth while I blew everyone to kingdom come.
  14. Oh thank God. There are a number of the things with beams so short that using them is irritating, on what otherwise would have been a fun weapon. This'll be a huge improvement.
  15. I would say leave the reactants in, but tie them only to getting the special buffs. Also one slight nitpick I've always had, you shouldn't have to wait for corrupted mobs on void missions to be... corrupteder, or whatever you want to call it. They should always have the capacity to drop reactant without the extra flaming hoop to jump through.
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