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  1. Did you get a taxi at any point? I have nothing to back up what I'm suggesting, but it feels like the kind of scripting bug that'd turn up in this game to have a clear condition fire correctly in one way but not another if you didn't have normal access to a mission. All I can suggest is re-clearing everything and hoping for the best, or if you're not actually barred from anything and have all your rewards just letting it go. Might even be a purely visual bug that'll get sorted down the road.
  2. They should get an aura that slaps max viral stacks on a kubrow instantly.
  3. I'm hoping for the stereotypical fat opera valkyrie. Especially if for that one, it turns her hover jets into ridiculously tiny little glowing wings that flap really fast while she balls up kind of like a kitten being carried by the scruff of its neck as you fly around.
  4. I think the alternate dodge animations are interesting, if only for the added variety. I'm hoping we get one that does that layered-multi-shadow-image effect at some point. If anything though when it comes to dodge changes, I'd like to see more frames with interesting passives tied to it like Limbo.
  5. Any chance of speeding up the timetable on walking new weapon dispositions forward, at least until they hit 0.9-1.0? There have been a number of stand-out winners that need no help to shine, but a lot of the guns that have come out since the rock-bottom change are going to take a year or two before they get a big enough of a boost from a riven to change them from MR fodder into something that can be pleasant to use for an enthusiast of the weapon's function.
  6. I like it, but I'm hoping we get an augment mod that applies the imbue to your weapon damage. Maybe something kind of like the elemental magus arcanes, converting a % of a weapon's base damage to the imbue element(and applying it in a vacuum, not merging it with pre-existing elements on the weapon).
  7. I've had the same thing for a while now, though the time it takes to finally decide they game can be launched after each patch is fairly random. Sometimes it hangs at checking for a couple minutes, and a couple times it's been 30+. No real idea what's causing it, but since it does it after the patching is already complete, I wonder if it might be related to running checksums on the blob files. It's only for that initial post-patch launch, once it decides the game is ready there's never another quibble before the next patch.
  8. As other people have mentioned, one of the bigger issues with the quest content itself is so much of it is just thrown out there as if you'd know who or what any of this is. Piggybacking off you though, the quest could be massively improved by including a flashback cutscene of the station being involved in void tinkering or whatever other profity things the Corpus were up to there that got the Tempestarii hot and bothered. Then cut to something like a single-path sabotage mission, the music playing as you take Corpus out. Maybe make Shadow a bit more overpowered at the time. Let there be "
  9. My guess would be that there's two factors involved. The first is that they were looking through the junk we carry around and said "O hay, these resources are mostly collecting dust right now." The other one is flavor, in that Gauss can make use of the big open spaces to rush around, combined with the way he can actually run across the surface of the water when he's in GO FAST mode.
  10. Although it's not the focus of these tests, I think some consideration should be put towards making nanospores available earlier(say, making them a universally available drop in dark sector missions). There are a number of lower-MR things that need them(low enough that it's understandable that you wouldn't have access to Saturn or Deimos yet), and every other week I see a newbie lamenting over how the hell to find them.
  11. To put a very fine point on it, you could change Command intrinsics to nine ranks of absolutely nothing, while making rank 10 "the player can fire the artillery from the pilot's seat" and I would be perfectly delighted with the spec.
  12. I do approve of trade-off angle, but I also think we need the full suite of combinations. Every single possible +A, -B. They've been making frames and abilities a lot more robust and subject to multiple parameters the last couple years so true dump stats are kind of going the way of the dodo, but there are some frames where choosing to base your play around one specific ability could benefit from a better capacity to heavily juice a single stat(that isn't strength).
  13. I really hope that jacket thing is an aux that can be removed from the deluxe or is a syandana. It's complete deal-breaker in combination with a mecha-styled look. The rework is looking amusing though, particularly the idea of floating around and flinging crit-boosted explosives at everyone.
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