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  1. Any chance of changing void fissure mission to automatically have all enemies be corrupted? It gets old every time you're trying to get those last few traces and the dudes that keep spawning just won't turn. Or for that matter, when the spawns just kind of dry up and nothing happens while you wait for the one poor bastard stuck at 9/10 to go retrace the whole level hoping to find it or anything to kill.
  2. I'm glad there's a lot of cred leeway that lets you NOPE out of objectives you don't want to touch.
  3. Dojos are still bugged since 25.7.0 for some people, preventing you from inviting people or locking your UI if you interact with something for a couple minutes after you load in until it all "turns on".
  4. It started at the release of the Jovian Concord, when they had the patch note about changing faction grenades and giving them each their own unique look. I figured it was on purpose, since before you could and would just ignore the things. Now when you heat that beeping, it's time to dive the hell away before it goes off. I mean, makes sense, right? Even if it is a bug, they should probably keep it for gameplay flavor.
  5. I'll piggyback on this. Direct invites to people seem rather broken. In the dojo, I've noticed any sort of network stuff seems massively delayed. Like I go in, wander over to something like the dye console, and I have to wait over a minute for it to load(it shows name placeholders during this period). Interacting with it(or anything else in the dojo) before it "clicks", or trying to send an invite, results in no response at all from the game. After it does finally kick in it'll try to do the first thing you originally did(if anything). Invites triggered this way have failed every time, and any subsequent invite attempts after it fail. If you leave the dojo and come back, then wait for the catchup period to end, invites work as expected but seem sluggish.
  6. Aww, that's a downgrade, not a fix. That was one of my favorite things about an old N64 racer called Extreme-G. If you went fast enough, the fish-eye got so severe the view flipped.
  7. Would it be possible to have the option to either assign a different button to, or temporarily disable melee takedown prompts? There are times when meleeing where accidentally hitting a guy too close and stopping to shank him completely ruins your momentum. There are quite a lot of people that don't have access to the Tennogen stuff due to using the stand-alone client. Since the reason for it not being purchasable with platinum is based on Steam wanting its pound of flesh and paying the creators, would it be possible to set these items up with a one-use trade? I.e. someone on Steam buys the item, then it can be traded a single time to another player for plat/etc., and can't be transferred further. Are there any plans to expand the mandachord? Offering a premium version that operates like a simple mod tracker with a full scale and tempo options would basically print money. Additionally, more sets of standard instrument samples. Right now, when you use a forma it chops off your mods until you're within capacity. This is extremely annoying and I've gotten to the point of screenshotting my builds so I don't have to sit around for a few minutes each time remembering what to put back on. Instead, could over-capacity mods be darkened out and disabled like when you've got the same mod on your own weapon and a sentinel weapon at the same time(and allow us to pre-slot them, for that matter)? Also, sometimes you accidentally hit the "remove all" button. Any chance of an undo feature, or a reset to whatever you entered the mod screen with? How about letting us play local files from our hard drive in the Somachord? Or a plank of wood as an orbiter decoration. I want to board up the door to the infested room. We've only managed to hit control status a few times since the inception of thermia fractures. It's not surprising, since most people will get in, get the rewards, and then never return. Maybe add a Nightwave objective for "completely fill a cannister" that can trigger if a fracture event is active during the weekly NW reset? A lot of the riven challenges involving dargyn pilots are bugged all to hell. Primarily, ones that start out walking on the ground and get into their dargyns don't count. Any plans to fix this? One of the main problems people have with Mag is her survivability(or lack thereof). Here's an idea, change Magnetize(or the augment) to allow LoS casting on terrain as well as enemies, so you can put defensive bubbles up without needing a hostile target in front of you. The six syndicates offer weapons that burst an AoE of each of the secondary element types. Any chance we could get a similar series of weapons to cover the four basic elements too? Have you put any thought into the idea of making gas procs still cause gas damage, albeit functioning exactly like toxin with a different element? This is purely flavor-OCD on my part. Big archwing thing to consider with Railjack on the way: Please get rid of the "tumbling" effect/loss of control from when you bump into things.
  8. I like the event, and there are a lot of things you could expand on. Absolutely add the Soaktron as a normal weapon. Add new weapons. You could have each mission showcase a different one, and in mission 4 you use them all. Instead of having a player just instantly sink when you go out of bounds, have a giant Hydroid tentacle grab and yank them. Maybe a few different songs, picked at random for the mission? Ring tube as an attachment(both companions and frames) Snorkel + mask headgear for operators. Beach towel syandana. "Tropical fish swimming around you" ephemera. Bonus points if it's Orokin-Vallis-robo-tropical fish. Kela gets a unit-specific weakness to gas damage while the event is active. Scuttling crabs as an orbiter decoration kind of like the space roombas.
  9. Hallelujah, for quite a while I thought the RNG function was broken for the color randomizer until I realized what it was doing.
  10. You know, as long as they're adding pet armor they should make propeller beanie hats for them.
  11. You should change the grain slider to add sacks/piles/small hills of grain to the scene. Space wheat, star barley, cosmic millet, hold nothing back.
  12. Could we please get a toggle to hide relics we don't own on the refinement/selection screens? Also, have it remember the tier tab we were using after a refine instead of dropping back to the one containing every single type.
  13. Dude, no. That's completely bogus. At the very least grandfather in pre-existing accounts to be exempt.
  14. There's a lot of room to do some cool things with the Acts. In particular, I'm hoping to see some inspiration taken from the old-school radio serials. $&*^ Tracey, Flash Gordon, The Lone Ranger, etc. Imagine a detective series where instead of having a boss/mooks spawn to kill, during spy missions the PI can spawn and will go steal some of the data before you do(you still have to crack the datavault but are told you were too late purely as flavor). To get your marks, you have to beat him to the punch. It doesn't all have to be super serious either. Maybe a sci-fi series that has some self-proclaimed Space Hero hamming it up and accidentally getting in your way during missions, complete with a classic ray-gun weapon to build? Not so sure about the operator spy thing though, heh. It's not a bad idea on its face, but I'm kinda hoping you're planning on like... doubling or tripling Operator moving speed for that. :clem:
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