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  1. A vision of the future. A reflection of the past. I wish I had more time to put into this to get all of the linework and rendering as clean as I would like, but I'm really happy with what I was able to accomplish in these past two nights :)
  2. Dante and Qorvex hauling some goodies from the labs :) (super rushed but whatever it was fun)
  3. Oh wowwwww these changes look so sick! I really love the invisibility customization too, though I wonder why it's not being treated as a global customization instead of being limited to specific frames? Though those frames are the ones that most consistently go invisible as part of their kits, all frames can go invisible from other sources like the parazon mod Untraceable, Arcane Trickery, and invisibility buffs from teammates. I'd like to see it be a universal customization for cases like that, but that's kind of a nitpick since other forms of invisibility are more situational/random, it's still a really cool change regardless! It would also be cool to see omnia fissures appear on Tyanna's Pass to give more reason to go to that mirror defense node!
  4. Happy Star Days! Featuring my operator and a very angry Paracesis-weilding Ballas :) No text version:
  5. socials cause why not: https://www.tumblr.com/upsidedownsmore https://bsky.app/profile/upsidedownsmore.bsky.social https://www.instagram.com/nicholas_lobaugh/ also TYSM @RedHeron FOR THE COOL HOLLOWFRAME ART I LOVE IT!! your art is so good! :) Day 1: Portal Day 2: Fangs Day 3: Decade Day 4: Crystal Day 5: Beetle Day 6: Throwback Day 7: Knives Day 8: Whisper Day 9: Man in the Wall Day 10: Orowyrm Day 11: Inspire Day 12: Solidarity Day 13: Courage Day 14: Rally Day 15: Uplift Day 16: Family Day 17: Dedication Day 18: Kaithe Day 19: Cave Day 20: Spiral Day 21: Assassin Day 22: Bombastine Day 23: Hunt Day 24: Beard Day 25: Hammer Day 26: Mirror Day 27: Crime Day 28: Bat Day 29: Crown Day 30: Prison
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