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  1. Venyxos

    PvP Reborn

    As for PvP equipment... I picture this as being Non-Tenno equipment. Perhaps repurposed or advanced things from the enemy factions, specifically Grineer and/or Corpus. So while all your controls and basic abilities (bullet-jumping and wall-clinging for example) remain in tact, the overall feel (and certainly, the look!) shouldn't be quite the same. This allows aaall kinds of flexibility within the storyline as well as developing PvP mechanics as it stands beside the actual arsenal we have available.
  2. Venyxos

    PvP Reborn

    Great points, which I'm mostly in agreement with (so what I'm saying here isn't in disagreement, but rather addressing what you say and elaborating on my original statements) Right, but to have Conclave in the game and leave it as is when PvP is a standard is no good. To use your analogy: Stephen King's books do contain romance, and the fact that it's well done is why they're such great horrors, first and foremost. There's no attachment. In Warframe, high-score charts and Fashion Frame is neat, but there's no head to head... It's all about time logged in the game. Big deal. RPGs, historically PvE games, basically HAVE to have PvP if they're going to be successful. In other words, if you cater to niches, you'll always be a niche, and work with niche budgets and produce niche results. Sound like Warframe/DE a bit? Not to mention, it's almost as if DE and the established audience (which is a niche crowd due to DE's early bad experience with a big publisher or whatever) want to make a statement on PvP... Like they echo this "that aint us" which is fine, I guess, but the justifications are moot. Plain and simple. Exactly. I do believe the main issue though is PvE Warframes and Equipment are way to OP for any kind of PvP - Extremely hard to hit and not balanced against each other. I'm saying stock everything for PvP. If it's in PvP, it's gotta be the same load-outs available to everyone, with perhaps some "In-PvP" progression... But it should be limited leaving most participation for fun and of course faction standing for the shop (think of the aesthetics you could add to Conclave if PvP had been implemented corrected vs tossed in and folks shrugging, "welp, I guess it's not us." lol THEN you could make an assessment on game modes. Good point on the load-up and play for things like the Dog-Days event - it's that kind of mindlessness (a little customization IS desirable for full PvP) that makes PvP so appealing. Raw competition. General Issue 'jacks and 'wings. I can hear Cy briefing us on "War Games" already. Then just let people blast each other (I've noticed poor reception to arch-wing, which does need love, and railjacks and I feel the same way about that as I do the communities reception to PvP - It's not their God-mode climb and vastly different to what they've been used to/have experienced before and give up before they have skills to even polish. Same as before - preconceived notions (I'm not a BR fan myself, I just know a lot of people prefer it to traditional match play). I did a poor job describing the "Open War" concept... Simply a blend of Invasion mission types and an experience similar to Battlefront/Battlefield games. Small squads deploy and have to capture points or whatever utilizing the chaos of the AI factions battling as cover. For sake of story, say the Squads cannot communicate with one another and must assume everyone is an enemy, so Tenno would be fighting the open world as much as each other. Remember - Non-PvE warframes... So it doesn't need to be obvious who's who simply by looking at them. What if PvP "warframes" were Corpus or Grineer designed "suits"? Lower performance than a Tenno's warframe but still ferocious? Something like that. In other words, "Open War" would be like PvP Bounties almost. Great opportunity for syndicate involvement to boot. ...Pertaining to "Grand-Champions"... We could simply take the existing Conclave set-up and shove it into the Dueling Room and/or something akin to the Inspiration Room in the Dojo's. Like trim it down further and add prestige to it. So instead of dropping into Conclave and waiting however long for someone to join, it would be more of a 1v1 emphasis. As you've said, the other game mods are already dead. This would allow for PvE Warframes and load-outs to go toe-to-toe with each other if they made PvP Warframes. You could have minor embellishments to Dueling Rooms (not in the Dojo mind you but for this hypothetical change) to cater to some of the specialties you see among Warframes, like Mirage and light sources for example.
  3. Venyxos

    PvP Reborn

    1 - yep, but the movement is beyond what most people can actually track which is the number one reason I think people don't experiment with PvP. It's total madness, in a bad way, rn. So slow the frames down specifically for PvP... I'm not saying make it feel like Destiny, Halo, or even Titanfall, like it seems you're picturing. 2 - moot points/circular logic. Warframe itself proves you can take something that's been done before and make it feel completely unique (as a shooter, as a dungeon crawler, as an rpg...). Common game modes are common because what can you ACTUALLY do differently around modes featuring players fighting players without reinventing the game? This discussion is how to make PvP fun and entice people to play/try something new/break the routine, so pointing out there's "4 guys playing" is moot - a waste of time mentioning. Also, humans tend to be more of a challenge than AI, unless your stats just aren't there (you're literally not strong enough to fight the AI). 3a - I find rail jack easy, archwings too, but I've played a lot of dog-fighting games. I'd love to see someone blink-spam a win in anything... Nother moot point. 3b - The content island already exists (conclave) but no one visits it (as you mentioned) 3c - So much for grand master feel, eh? Everyone keeps saying they're here for the PvE not the PvP, not realizing there's no PvP to claim you're not here for. Which actually has nothing to do with enjoying the PvE content, which is why you play. Follow me?
  4. Venyxos

    PvP Reborn

    So while the established Warframe community clearly has no issue with the lack of PvP content/polish (myself included, although I miss it and wish it were there), I know for a fact it does keep others from becoming "an established player." My thoughts are: 1 - Have Conclave exclusive "Warframes" (but call them something else and treat them as such in game, for sake of lore). I would recommend making them slower, more plodding, like a high gravity feeling. Give them abilities that are suited for PvP as that's all they'll be used for. Keep them simple and few in number so you can focus on cool game modes (traditional ones as well as some of the elements already in game, like Index, Arena, and Lunaro), which brings me to... 2 - Make standard PvP modes people will recognize with a Tenno twist... Death Match, Search & Destroy, Capture the Flag, Capture Points, etc... You could also have modes which are more "game/sport" feeling for Operators only - like paint ball, the squirt gun Summer event, and things similar to Rocket League or whatever (why not toss K-Drives in?). Incorporate mission types begging to be made PvP - as mentioned before, like Index and Arena. 3 - More specific suggestions... a - Things like "Official" K-Drive racing (like as a Bounty type) as well as Railjacks and Archwings, which, lets face it... Would be NUTS to have a PvP mode for. Even 4 on 4. You could still force use of nerfed PvP frames/wings b - I think every Free Roam zone should have 2 PvP modes - Battle Royale and Open War. Battle Royale modes (which I know they joked about in a DevStream) is self-explanatory. Open War would be more of a GTA/Red Dead/APB feel. Should be all smash and grabs (like stealing supply drops) and teams compete for the resources with high security alert levels; like under cover cops from different departments accidentally fighting each other... You don't know who's a bad guy or another Tenno, so make sure YOU get it. c - Change existing Warframe PvP to more of a Grand-Champion, Duel oriented vibe. It appears most of the ground work is there but I know none of this would be a simple task and could distract from the core gameplay. That said, PvP is a glaring omission in Warframe's roster of gameplay features and could be why they seem to hover just off the radar as an industry leader (like, most my friends play Warframe rip-offs instead... It's sad, lol)
  5. Love the comments! All valid points. For clarification, I reference Fandom's wiki for sake of example (and it's already established), but it could easily be an "in-house" project with reviews prior to publication. Also, I was thinking merely pipe it thru Steam (or whatever consoles have) similar to when you click news or go to buy Plat. Cheers!
  6. That left node, opposite the announcements, in the windshield of the orbiter just seems like a great place to import the wiki - jus saying... (I get you may not be able to import the Fandom wikia directly but that's not exactly copy-right protected content, is it? lol) I think it would be a great technological feat saying to other industry leaders "hey, look what we got" and help maintain "immersion" plus provide an invaluable resource for new and veteran places while rounding out the cockpit of the orbiter. (I said this in public chat and someone asked how I have immersion in a 3PS - easy, it's about remote control robots and it's always difficult to tell what's actually real unless you just accept certain truths)
  7. In Dojo Decorations under the new Fortuna decorations: It appears the "Solaris Large Access Housing" and the "Solaris Large Access Housing with Lights" are labeled backwards. (The one that says it has lights does not, the other does not mention lights and does)
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