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  1. I was legit curious as all I really remember is the HUGE one time payoffs - a million endo is nothing to shrug at, especially given the whole "one time nature" of it As far as the cost of leveling a clan - the resources are all really common, and a small group could easily have them on hand for a few cycles and/or farm them VERY rapidly elsewhere... I otherwise agree its not exactly an exploit as it requires a fair amount of time, work, and collaboration... I've monkeyed around w/ Arbitration a tiny bit (I'm a very casual player even though I'm on daily - I love putzing around in Warframe) as I heard its the Endo Index basically, but nothing compared, in my memory, of the Ascension payout (again - as a new player, to basically wind up w/ over 2 million endo in a week on accident was pretty wild) The other part of it is once you hit 10 (and probably soon, 11), the Ascension Ceremony might as well not even be in the game which is why I'd like to see it switched to a Night Wave for clans/alliances (remember there were all those NW missions way back w/ the Wolf of Saturn Six where you had to do something with a friend or clan-mate and all the self-admitted anti-social players where like, "I DONT WANT FRENS! GET RID OF THESE!"?? I think they should put those objectives in a new Ascension mechanic on weekly cycles)
  2. I was just thinking about this (again) yesterday - With the new parazon mechanics, I was thinking it would be cool if your Warframe would automatically shoot your parazon off and yank you to where you left, Spidey Man style... During which, you would NOT reset, but WOULD experience the knock-down damage penalty (you get lit up when knocked down, typically)...
  3. Thats what I thought when I saw the decoration
  4. LMAO - I'm like, visiting Grandma, pulling decorations off my walls to check the names - thinking "ok, what are they talking about here!?" ahahaha
  5. would you mind including a description of the item? I don't currently have it available in game, nor can I find it on the webz? Given the nature of Entrati decorations and who Gershwin is, I can see there is ample opportunity to have slipped in a subtle off-collar/uncultured "joke" --- which would be very disappointing...
  6. (see bottom line for suggestion) So, am I mistaken that a relatively valid way of farming Endo would be starting a clan, getting it to level 7-10, delete it, then rinse and repeat?? I'm having a hard time seeing how anyone could outpace Ascension Ceremonies if you can just start new ones... I didn't know what I was doing a few years ago and slammed through my ascension ceremonies in a week or two without plat... I never had so much endo - as a new player it took months for me to burn through it (meandering throughout the game, figuring out mods, refusing to look things up, haha) Now, I was the warlord, so I didn't miss any endo - but some of my IRL friends then and now obviously missed out... My thought is, what stops folks from recycling clans to "re-open" ascension ceremonies for that phat endo?? I know they changed the ceremony awhile back so people can't just join, nab the endo out of the well - maybe a few BPs out of a lab, and leave... But why not turn and burn clans? With alliances, it seems like it would be pretty easy to cycle through clans created on the side, assuming you have at least 3-4 ppl to play w/ (or aren't trying to keep a personal dojo as a vault for trophies, like I do) [to clarify, you and your friends can turn and burn clans and farm endo by simply starting a clan, spend at most a few weeks leveling it up, then deleting it to start a new one... you don't even need an alliance to do this based on everything I've read - that said, if you have a personal dojo you don't want to lose w/ all the resources invested into it, you could have an anchor keep your clan in tact while everyone else left to open a new clan, which could still share resources through an alliance...] ------------ AAANYWAY, my suggestion: if all of the above is accurate, it just seems clunky, easy to exploit (which is why I'm asking instead of finding out myself! LOL), and not what clans/alliances were intended for... That said - how to justify ignoring that endo pump? Maybe change Ascension yet again so it works more like Nightwave, but for clans???
  7. As voiced previously: Warframes/Tenno are actually the counter to Sentients - not the other way around... So if anything, they should be some of the easiest to kill and they should be fleeing from us every engagement... Like younglings from a young Vader... But I just wanted to point out this change is almost -certainly- due to DE trying to make Primary/Secondary Guns more relevant in the end game - the last half dozen live streams and most the past updates have mentioned and/or included changes which is designed to break up and/or add variety to the "Condition Overload Melee" meta By "nerfing" sentients (which, here too, others have already pointed out: blanket immunity and similar is not really balancing an enemy and therefore its hard to call this a nerf... this is more a fix IMO), they open opportunities for your firearms to remain valid/useful in Sentient engagements (which I hear we should expect far more of in the near future)
  8. EXACTLY! The Dojo Drums are another one! They're attached to the games music... So like, if you want to turn the games music off to hear your drums, CHECK MATE! You can't hear the drum either anymore! And I feel like they had an amazing opportunity for something like FFXIV Online's public player-based symphanies** in relays, dojos, and other hubs like Iron Wake or Fortuna... Well, nm, you only have shawzins in most Player Hubs, maybe? But the Dojo you could have full bands w/ the Drum Decorations and Shawzins... Maybe work Somachord in? **google FFXIV live shows/bards/performances/etc if you don't know what I'm talking about... Bards can play any song they wish, Square Enix simply asks players refrain from copyright protected material and its SOOO cool! But hey, thats what you get with a Final Fantasy game - ah lort, I have to resist going off on a FFXIV tangent, but it's aesthetic is, in a way, very similar to Warframe and just such a wonderful game if you're into MMOs (which I'm not really, lol) ...Anyhow, in a game who's community loving refers to it as "Fashion Frame" just imagine something like those musical performances in FFXIV in Warframe! It would be SUPER cool to enter a relay or hub to see/hear other players just shredding popular tunes. Imagine Clans when their dojo gets featured! You telling me musically inclined players aren't going to show up to play tunes? Of course they would! Nah, DE messed up adding a musical feature to the game and dropping it after they reeled some platinum in off shawzin skins and Octavia (plus Prime) launches ... In my humble opinion of course, lol
  9. Hear, hear! Those are exactly the types of things I'm talking about I've only been around for a few years and I've seen this as well... All we can really do is float suggestions, upvote/bump the stuff we like, and hope it gets noticed... ------------ I'm piggy-backing another suggestion in: I would enjoy a music toggle vs Main Menu, Options, Sound, Music, out
  10. Right - without a toggle, you basically just stick with your preference and deal with the situation which is less annoying to you... The OP lists examples... Don't know what to tell ya, lol - Like having labels up or not should be obvious: If you're not looking for what the label type's object, you would turn it off... Like maybe sometimes I wanna know where my pet is, but most the time I don't care? Or most of the time, I just suck up all loot whereas others, I'm just looking for a quick argon... It would just be nice to punch a hot key vs flip back and forth between menu screens... The camera toggle is a fair example, and you can bind hotkeys for "hold sprint" and separately "toggle sprint" as well as for ADS I believe. These are usually toggle-less options in other games with UI, Targeting, and Camera usually getting toggle hotkeys... Why DE opted to do it backwards is... well not all that surprising and fairly common actually, lol I would not call that a toggle, lol but it does give the option of one or the other within the game... Perhaps that option should get a toggle too? Maybe some players have loadouts where one is preferably, and others which the other setting is... I have no problem with DE working on fixes and additions like this... As they've said in recent Dev Vids... They're crippling themselves with content islands which they have to actively place time gates on, or else players would clear it in days, meanwhile - no-brainer game features which are almost mainstays in related genres still don't exist ------------- (somewhat tangent thought) Frankly, since I started playing Warframe, I've always been SUPER annoyed how you have to click menu after menu to do even a single thing... The gameplay is amazing... The games organization? Abysmal... I have no idea how the developers keep their projects straight given the interfaces (which do look pretty) they'll be forced into. Like your mailbox is like 3 clicks deep (or an orbiter node)... Your equipment is usally 3-6 clicks deep... Like just to make a swap! Unless you've made mountains of loadouts, you're just clicking through menus you rarely use to get to things you use on a regular basis... It's a nightmare, lol
  11. this is painfully obvious given DE's decision to remain small and cow-tow to Founders... I don't even remember reading the bit on spaghetti code and made another "Off Topic" post about this very phenomenon you're illustration... Its not OUR job, as players, to make it work... That's on DE. Period. Like, this is akin to a suggestion box, and you stopping me and saying "you know they need to PAY for these changes you're asking for, RIGHT!?" Like, the stance you've adopted here is absolutely pretentious and silly... If they don't want suggestions, they don't have to read them, lol What's your actual point, bruh? You're clearly concerned they might waste resources on features like this? Features which are frankly QUITE COMMON in all kinds of games, particularly those in similar genres as warframe - lmao...
  12. I already listed several examples, Capt Debate-Team I didn't realize I was making a business presentation... L O L
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