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  1. not the same... the new k-drive IS a good example... Were you like, willfully ignoring that the parts you need for gravimag is EXCLUSIVELY from previous contetns boss or what? Thats not how kitguns work, bro. Jesus... (yes, you need resources FROM plains, just how most crafting recipes call for resources from locations separate from the BP... NONE OF THEM ARE FROM BOSS CONTENT FROM THE PREVIOUS CONTENT RELEASE. NONE. Show me where you need eidolon shards or sentient cores for kitguns and I'll concede. S#&$, show me where Cetus has ANYTHING like Gravimags or k-drives/necramechs
  2. Lots of great comments and thoughts! I totally hear everyone on the availability and pacing of tokens as well as which tokens you need for what - but that's not an issue with the system, imo, that's an issue with the "prices" DE dictated (and I can see where virtually everyone is coming from with their perspectives here)... What I like about it is it allows for a nice streamlined way to pump ALL resources into standing which can be traded easily for rewards of course... I prefer this to donating whole fish and appreciated being able to turn in ore AND gems (and cut gems could be patched in.
  3. How did this community win an award? lmao [oh nm, it just got nominated this year... read the announcements wrong, bahaha]
  4. lmao - is this a forum for posting whatever we want about the game within pretty loose parameters? I too have set as a task to do. Enjoy trolling forums or just quit - they're still collecting a profit during a Global Pandemic, from me, as I still have to work to pay for things like games I've invested in and enjoy virtually all aspects of, during a Global Pandemic. BTW - I don't get paid to make video games for people's entertainment like DE. Get off that high horse... It's not even yours, lololol -I loved Fortuna and have DAYS sunk into that node alone, sooo stfu unless you actually h
  5. Omg... You can't all be this dense... So for Kitguns, did you have to go run Terralyst bounties? No? Did you have to go do some Boss Fight from a Previous release? No? Ok... Did you maybe have a mountain of some of those resources already? Yes? Weird... Almost like its different or something??? Jebas Fugin Chrike, indeed... lmao
  6. I actually dig the token system in Necralisk (not saying anything on the economics or timers on them - just the overall system)... It took some figuring out but clicked pretty quickly and I think Fortuna and Cetus could benefit from their own versions.
  7. And you already did it for Fortuna, right? lol
  8. I acknowledged several times over needing resources from other areas, Kitguns ARE a great example of bridging content islands... The difference here is for Necramechs, you Heavy Weapons are your primary outfitting - I think its great they did it that way vs the mech just having an arbitrary gun stuck to it, anyhow - but to do so you have to do specifically the Gated faction on Fortuna... Totally not the same as having to mine some ore in Orb Vallis, fish some fish in Eidolon, or even running missions for <X> resource... This isn't even the same as needing Forma! Which can be obtained fro
  9. -No, this is different. It would be like if you had to go do Cetus missions to oufit a K-Drive (which in that example, being ABLE to was awesome, but not HAVING to sells it)... NOT having to go to Eidolon to fish for a component in order to craft it. Do you get the difference? Take your eyes away from the sights for a second - if you stop just knee-jerking trying to shoot a point down, you might spot something new. Don't be scared. Maybe I'm just not remembering correctly but I feel most things had been announced or teased with the drop. Maybe the Covid shut-down has made that kind of
  10. Cetus has Terralyst Missions for your Operator Fortuna has Orb Missions for Gravimag Necralisk has... Orb Missions for Gravimag... (or Helminth which just consumes all random resources so now you have something to do with them)
  11. just about everything has that... So it doesn't apply to why you don't have anything to run Cambion Drift missions for once you've maxed rep... You literally go to Fortuna and do their missions... Fortuna had nearly all the bounties/missions it has now at launch... So as for adding something later... Moot point. (And Cetus has Operator stuff... Cambion has nothing) You just don't get it, I guess, lol
  12. So how is Cambion Drift/Necralisk NOT a content island, since they redirect you to Fortuna, which is literally not an island, due to this factor... How are -all- of you only seeing that this is a one way road, not two... lmao
  13. You mean, "I completed level 3, now I need to go back to level 2 to get more level 3 stuff" If you even want to make them out like they're the same thing like that - which they're not, they're separate rewards at the end of separate factions which can be done out of order... Which even that isn't true... You HAVE to complete Fortuna to complete your Necralisk reward... The opposite is not true whatsoever
  14. At least Cetus stays focused on the Operator - which is useful everywhere... Like Fortuna's Gravimag components... Necralisk does offer the Helminth but again, you don't operate out of Necralisk/Cambion Drift for that... BOTH factions send you out of the zone... So... Explain to me what you return to the Drift for? You guys just made me realize its not even content bridging as you eliminate one of the islands when you complete it. Am I missing something? I mean, maybe they're planning to add something else to Deimos (or maybe the derelict overhaul is considered part of the content release)
  15. Again, it seems a lot of people are struggling with the concept... So End Result of Fortuna AND Necralisk: Farm Gravimag components out of one set of Orb Vallis missions... Genius... GREAT content bridging guys, absolutely stellar.
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