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  1. I have to be honest, his skill works wonders when you're running solo.

    Playing him on a group on the other hand is a nightmare! He's just too slow you can barely keep up with the rest of your party. Imagine while you're too busy enthralling enemies, the rest of your party are simply killing enemies including your thralls. Even with a base enthrall duration of 30secs, your thralls wouldn't even last 3 seconds in a party! This leaves you with a useless Reave (skill 3) which in my opinion is a great skill that synergizes perfectly with Enthrall (skill 1).

    My idea on this is that if a thrall is killed, the mini-vom would search for a new host to attach to with what remaining duration it has left. Think of Saryn's Spore if you may. This way, your option to cast Reave through a thrall is left open while maintaining the flow with your party as you go from one tileset to another. Picture this, you enthrall an enemy in front of you but in mere seconds is killed by your party. No problemo, just look for the mini-vom's new host and cast Reave! This way, you would still reap the bonus of reave-ing through enthralled enemies which gives you 5 times more health! If this is to be balanced, you can have it so that if you kill a thrall with Reave, it will no longer search for a new host and it will simply wither away in the wind.

    His Danse Macabre revolves around a stationary playstyle which goes against the notion of making missions run fluidly. You enter a room, spin around til everything's dead, then proceed to reave to the the next room and you rinse and repeat. It doesn't even give you the chance to use any of your weapons! So instead of him spinning like a ballerina, why not change this so it behaves the same way as how Terry/Gerry/Harry casts Seeking Bullets? He charges for a brief moment, similar to how he animates in his noble animation set, then releases a giant orb of light upwards before bursting to seeking bolts that explode! You can even make it a charge skill giving players the option on how many bullets are release based on how long he holds the skill button.

    Keep his 2 and 4. Their synergy with the rest of his kit is already perfect.

    As always, this post is free for comments/suggestions/violent reactions/hates. You all you know who you are! 😉

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