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  1. I got pretty lucky with my drops. 2x Yellow Potatoes, 1 blue potato, 1 weapon exilus adapter and 1 cell array decoration.
  2. What drops did you guys get? I got 4 Rolizors and 1 Nanospore decorations. Grab bags are great
  3. Anyone else get their ass kicked by this grab bag? Claimed 3 so far and got 3 Rolizors... haha. FML....
  4. Seems like only console players had working tennolive relay
  5. Double checked Teshin again and it's available to buy again. Problem solved.
  6. I haven't bought the Veiled Riven Cipher this week but it's not available for me and a few other players in my clan in the Teshin Steel Path shop. I'm tagging this as a UI issue because it might be there but I it's hidden maybe?
  7. Well those Galvanized mods should be in Steel Path. Not arbitrations. Even the word "galvanize" is a fitting them to steel since metal is galvanized to prevent it from rust. People don't 'galvanize' arbitrations. Can you please revert it back to steel path or at the very least have it available from both Arbitrations and Steel Path?
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