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  1. Just give back the ability to switch between toggle and held channeling. So at least the old system works while the new is not yet here.
  2. That passive is just bad. 1. The idea of getting random buffs isn't bad... Unless you want to use it. Than you need to KYS... to get a buff. It's silly 2. If you put together a build. You either ignore it, or you blow yourself up 3 times with an angstrum at the certain times (mission start on fast mission, before boss fights) and hope you get the buff you want. It's silly. 3. I understand that warframe passives don't need to be impactful. But, - because I expect some players to build a tri-death kamikaze wukong, - I think the only effect this passive has is negative. I suggest something like... Enemies knocked over by bullet jump are slowed and opened up for finisher for 3 seconds or something. He'd also be better off with Djinn's reawaken. So you get to avoid death as long as you can survive 90 seconds. BTW Why change defy? The current defy would fit into the reworked wukong just fine. You could change it so that it has a ramp up, so you need to deactivate/reactivate every few minutes or sg. I'm bringing this up because forcing this immortal theme on the passive seams very forced to me.
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