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  1. So, to get involved, it requires a weapon to take 2 literal days, so it can be optimized for use, and reward any master-points at all: That certainly is not an Enjoyable experience, as it's a Near-Solo "I need to personally kill thousands upon thousands with this gun" Grind, that doesn't actually benefit anyone. Which is typically, just to expand weapon options in the first place, and this 2-day period, would be a Grind-wall every time you forma, to expand the weapon's ability to use mods, making everything glacial slow to progress? As if you are an Ace or not, you're still going to need those thousands of XP points, and days: Let alone that a single weapon isn't a mastery-rank - Which means the EXP grind becomes a massive time-sink, 2\3rds of a warframe's construction time, Just so you can use a weapon's full baseline Points. Heaven forbid anyone not at 20+ Mastery, as they'll be barely able to mod a single weapon: I don't see the positive effect, past odd bragging rights, or "Rights of passage" to grind-wall, to unlock guns of similar, worse, or better capabilities: Which you can't fully test till it's fully-ranked, past base stats. If it was a positive experience, People would love leveling Sentinals.
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