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  1. You are really suggesting that killing a single enemy, or maybe a couple in line with a slow ticking dot actually means something in this game? And even if that's what you measure a good weapon by, there is a whole lot of weapons that do this job a hundred times better than bows. I almost feel stupid by even discussing this. I also do not know what you believe means having 'beat' the Bramma with whatever other bow you are talking about due to your tremendous skill and I don't really care much either. Apart from a very few encounters in this game (where bows also suck at) the majority of content is killing many enemies where as I define good as performing at this as efficiently as possible. And regardless of whether a weapon has a relatively high or low skill cap, you can only influence that by so much. The game features a rather large spectrum of weapons and abilities that alone or combined deal a rather insane amount of damage and are able to deal with enemies up to lvl 9999. But I do not want to start the "what about" game here, just mentioning it because it is what we have to compare powerful weapons against. This why I personally do not find my proposition "ridiculous" and the mentality of flocking can be also applied to you as you seem to single out the bramma as THE overpowered item in the game that needs or needed to be nerfed. Having played the Bramma changes (you took a rather long while to answer) I don't even think they do anything good. If it was effects that annoyed you, they don't look much better now. You can still mindlessly shoot if you wanted to. The 5 instead 15 ammo change is just a terrible idea because it makes no difference in situations where you have a lot of ammo-dropping enemies thanks to vigilante supplies (the reason why they made this change) but it renders the weapon unplayable in situations where there is no ammo drop at all (like certain boss fights). P.S.: It is the last argument I will make to this subject. I personally don't even care enough about the bramma but I believe looking at spread sheets of popular items and nerfing them because of their popularity is in general a terrible strategy some game developers following. But I guess it is a "suger bread and whip" kind of strategy that works out alright.
  2. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  3. It behaves same for projectiles and hitscan. At least for weapons like bow (including Ivaras's exalted) or catchmoon. I'm not sure what other projectiles you are refering to. You might just kill them with the nukor if you're using it to stack viral to make a difference. Basically what you are saying is when all stars align and I use other mechanics to buff damage the turrets do alright. Keep in mind we have warframes that can clear entire rooms with a single button and weapons that deal large amounts of aoe and a lot more damage. Like I said, if the turrets would last significantly longer, I wouldn't compare them against such things because their damage would be additional to whatever else I'm doing. But in it's current state (and one second extra won't really change that), it's an ability you need to use frequently which means you do it instead of just using weapons. I can understand you enjoy the current playstyle and I do too because it requires to use her abilities a lot and more attention than most warframes. But regardless it underperforms terribly in my opinion and one part of the solution to that is either make blaze artillery a more passive ability (by increasing the duration significantly) or make it more powerful (by increasing damage significantly). I think DE put in a lot of effort into this frame, it truly has a lot of unique and fun abilities. I think it'd be sad if in the end it becomes another mastery fodder frame because of it's overall performance.
  4. Although I don't really care about Volt shield and never suggested it, Volt shield damage does not combine exsiting damage types to create secondary elements. Also the electric damage addition is the part that stacks with multiple shields, so before making a clever argument here, I'd probably check my facts before making false conclusions. I do not agree with the blaze artillery damage being fine with these changes. At least not for level 30+ content. If I spawn in simulacrum - for the ultimate test - 20 heavy gunners at lvl 175 and use a fully forma'd Protea having 250% strength and 12 ammo, the artillery just shoots randomly at them. Fire never stacks higher than 25 (because the guns just shoot different targets even if they're not moving) and most importantly I don't even see the HP moving after several minutes. LOL. It's completely useless. I could clear these with a decent weapon in 15 seconds or less. Now if this would be additional damage, I wouldn't really care or complain but I'm required to constantly put turrets down to get most damage out of them. In other words, I would be A LOT more effective just using my weapons and not using the ability at all. The suggested buffs will not change this.
  5. Changes are not enough. Buffs of Blaze Artillery are too weak. You still need to spam them to do anything while you could use weapons instead. Temporal Anchor is still mostly useless. Change implosion to an Equinox-ranged shockwave and let us abort the anchor or remove necessity to place it first.
  6. In her current condition, I'd say... just another useless warframe. I think all her abilities are quite cool but: Grenades: Damage, Range and Duration is underwhelming Turrents: Duration is a joke. Range is meh. Damage seems ok if they shoot often enough... still by the time they deal damage, another frame has already cleared the whole map. Dispensary: I like it, even if it's only useful stationary, I can live with the fact that her abilities are most useful when being stationary (just like wisp). Temporal Anchor: Cool "idea" (*cough "Recall" *cough*). I think you guys did a real good job here. It just looks and sounds awesome but unfortunately most of the time ... it is almost useless. On maps where you are on the move, you can't really make any use of the ability. Add a way to abort the anchor or just let it run out when you don't trigger it actively (and fully/partially refund costs in this case) so that we can at least use it as a cheat death mechanism. Probably make it even cheat alarms when you recall after triggering them (although this might be technically hard to realize). Also, replace implosion with a massive shockwave (and much much higher range). Her implosion range is terrible and thus only killing a few mobs, considering the time it takes to perform it in a meaningful way (place anchor, move and collect damage, run to a group a mobs, wait for rewind to finish), it just feels not worth using it at all. Especially considering the fact that all ability stats (strength, duration, range) are having a relatively high impact on almost all of Proteas abilities and even when using most of the corrupted mods in order to get decent percentages on all of these stats, Protea in her current state is still just underperforming. You think my suggestions are too overpowered? There are at least 3 warframes that can clear whole tiles with one button push up to relatively high levels (150-200). There are de facto invulnerable frames with very high damage potential for all kind of level ranges. And I think (to some degree) this is not really a problem because this game is (mostly) PvE. Make warframes fun to use and it is perfectly fine to let us feel powerful using them. In her current state I will just put Protea on the bench indefinitely and consider her mastery fodder just like most of the other warframes.
  7. My guilded Catchmoon / Tremor / Splat Primary didn't give me any mastery (already had a secondary Catchmoon)
  8. Please explain where my criticism wasn't constructive. I literally gave advice on how to fix imbalance of weapons in a more positive way. And I do think most bow underperform because their damage is very inconsistent and the disadvantage that you have to charge them give no advantage in return (compared to other weapons that fire directly).We may not agree on the subject which is perfectly fine but your approach to devalue my argument by insulating that it is not constructive or 'drama' is rather cheap.
  9. Bow playable?!?! Nerf it to the ground! Bow useless again. I mean I know the drill and don't really care because I can always adapt. I'd like to know the intention though. Balancing in this game is obviously weird. There are dozens of useless weapons in this game. So there will always be a few favorites. Just looking at the numbers of weapons used and nerfing them will not stop this from happening. I'd rather see new strong weapons or buffed existing weapons every now and then to keep it interesting instead of nerfing whatever pops up as popular on your data sheets. There are too many other games where developers follow that path (Path of Exile being a prime example).
  10. Warframe, the only game where loading bars go backwards!
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