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  1. Shield of Shadows is a better option over QT and rage, less mod slots and better overall damage from Nekros skills. QT if it could fit in with everything else would have been nice however.
  2. Has long you take damage to your hp you gain energy, the moment you are out of hp you lose energy instead. Now if you have a way to gain health in the meantime like the options you mentioned above you can go on for a while. Note that quick thinking will stop working the moment the damage you take in is superior to the energy you have left. For instance i use AtlasP with dual Rank 3 Arcane Grace, and both Quickthinking and Gladiators finesse. Atkas P high armor count is ideal for QT and GF because it applies to the energy points i am losing. In the case of other tanky frame with more health but less armor its is better to focus on maximum hp to get the best regeneration possible. I hope i could help
  3. Actually for the kuva Khom magnetic seems to be the best. A clan mate got a 27% magnetic Khom and because of that he can wreck all factions with a single build: Corrosive + fire+ magnetic. Khom based off slash had trouble with shields but in my mate<s case he pop the bubbles without prejudice. So for the Khom only, Magnetic seems to be a very surprising choice that works.
  4. I dont want to change the gore in any shape or form other than affecting the blood splatter effect on our frames to another optional slider. Like i said sometimes i get shot by so many enemies at once all i see is blood splatter on my screen...
  5. Considering the game it is nice (well not a psychopath i swear) to chop, eviscerate, decapitate or simply cleave anything standing in front of you cleanly in two using either very nasty rage weapons or the very satisfying melee ones. Gore is good (in a game). Now the blood splatter effect on our frames however... I play Atlas a lot with mostly ranged weapons but more often than not i have so much stuff shooting at me at once all i see is very big blood droplets all over my screen making aiming or even using a shotgun rather, interesting. Can we have the frame blood splatter effect on another slider in the settings instead of having everything on the "gore toggle"? IF i can push things even further, i recently noticed that Rhino ironskin damage effect is now sparks instead of the blue glow of before, THIS IS AWESOME! So i was wondering if we could edit and choose the damage effect on each frame as a extra layer of customization? I would use the spark effect on many frames given the opportunity but other effects similar to ephemeras would be nice too, i know i might be pushing on the second part but it would be a cool addition.
  6. War just got buffed in the latest melee rework and this is is now so freaking glorious there its only one thing that dims the picture here and its War itself.... Before the melee rework War glow was intensifying when you either channel an attack or when you were swinging the weapon. It is currently dim and not getting any flare anymore, this is sad because now the weapon is back and its a freaking blast to use! DE, make War glow again by scaling it with combo counter or by simply cleaving stuff with it please!
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