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  1. Not making it more like the other sniper rifles, this one is a fast firing low damage per shell instead of a monstrous single hit. Currently there is not much point in shooting the first mode because of how potent the secondary with the explosion is and so i tried to make the the primary mode more relevant bu making more crit oriented while the secondary explosive shel would be the status powerhouse.
  2. The Eidolon hunting is pretty much the niche to where snipers rifle are the most used and effective. Of course you could take Rubico in a regular mission but in tight corridors there are better options. Since it is a sniper rifle is was only natural to try it out vs Eidolons. In the case of the 2 firing modes, currently there is not much point to use the primary firing method because it consumes too much ammo, do not cause enough damage per shell and of course is not poducing any viral proc on the target, its much better to spam the secondary firing mode. Thats why i proposed a slight change between the 2 methods to make both of them relevant.
  3. I was an animator in the videogame industry so i know how things work so no need to into dodgy parallels ( no offenses intended). To come back to the Atlas and Oberon example, Atlas got its own animation and Oberon got its animations as well, now a rig artist (like i used to be) would attack and link the mesh to the skeleton underneath and i would optimize my mesh to allow for certain animations. Each frame do not have a custom built skeleton per character they must use a universal one otherwise it wouldnt be possible to use Titania animation on Rhino without some major clipping issues. However right now in Warframe any frame can equip any animation sets because they all use the same skeleton and they are all rigged the same way ( well to the universal skeleton). Being able to switch animation implies that all frames share same proportions and relatively similar rigging methods. Using a skill triggers a custom animation and that could be the ontly thing i can think of that could represent a problem but like all other animations i m pretty sure these could be modular as well. Using a Graxx skin on Oberon should be the same thing as equipping Atlas with Oberon animations (like idle and casting) and casting Oberon spells instead, of course it the other way around its Oberon equipping a skin from another frame casting its own skills but all the job is done there shouldnt be any limitation to this.
  4. So 3 formas later but no riven yet, i tried to play around with the Komorex and as much i love the weapon's look and the mechanics that thing got a few issues. The primary firing mode is fast and rather nice to gather up combo hits, innate punch trough and very tight dispersion but you will burn your ammo at a much faster rate than what the innate ammo mutation can provide around mobs of level 50+. Before level 50 everything is peachy but past that, things become more difficult to maintain and past level 60/65 you will starve the weapon fairly quickly and that is considering you are landing every shot fired, if you miss its even worse. Secondary firing mode: This is awesome, the feel and look of it is pure awesomeness, you get a 3 meters AoE that applies Viral to anything in range (plus other status procs), 100% extra damage per bullet and all targets hit by the explosion do count into the combo counter if the primary shot did connect with a enemy. You will suffer from much slower firing rate, can be prone to self damage (self inflicted viral procs with a bleed is a particularly enjoyable experience) and with a permanent 3.5 time zoom it is getting tedious to hit anything moving fast toward to. Compared to other snipers: The Komorex is getting stronger the longer you use it, if compared to other snipers in a Eidolon hunt for example the Komo quite literally stands no chances, hunting down the Terralyst turned out to be a very slow and frustrating experience between the low damage and the constant need to resupply ammo with consumables. It has a descent damage spread but it relies too much on status to be effective and anything immune to status effect will weather this weapon with ease, its is sadly a terrible options for Eidolons and bosses immune to status. Propositions to make the weapon more versatile: -Double or even triple the ammo pool, specially with the primary fire mode you simply spam your clip to fast, its a shame because this is enjoyable to use. -Primary firing mode is "armor piercing" in nature, reduce the status chances but increase critical chances instead. This mode would be to focus on heavily armored mobs like Bombards or gunners. -Secondary firing mode is the "high explosive" area cleaning mode, i would keep it as is but i would allow combo counter to go up when mobs are hit by the explosion as well not just in case of a direct hit. With these changes i hope to preserve the nature of the weapon by keeping both modes into their respective specializations, the Komorex would never be able to burst damage like other snipers can but with its primary mode it could keep up if we consider that it can build combo counter faster and with its (pretty much) glorious firing rate could keep up with other snipers in the DPM instead of the DPS.
  5. Frost with Deluxe skin using a Volnus with Corrosive (looking like lightning to me) makes for a very cyberpunk Thor frame to me. Ok he is ice based but its a Norn thing and Thor wasnt in the tropics either so its still close enough!
  6. Sorry i am late for the party (final exams so my life was a tad "exciting"). Well to make it short: The animation in warframe or at least the stances (noble, agile and idle) are all based on a universal system, this is why you can pretty much equip any animation on any frames without too much clipping or rigging artifacts. The other neat thing about tennogen skin is that they have to respect the original rigging model otherwise every skins from the tennogen would be subjected to massive clipping issues and aberrations, i do own a few skins already and playing around with different stances made me realize that. Since all skins are rigged in a way to fit a universal skeleton (this what they use in MMORPG with custom made characters) that can assume any animations equipped to it and the requirements a skin as to follow to be part of the tennogen well it should in theory already be feasible. Using my Graxx Atlas skin on Oberom for instance: Oberon with the Atlas Graxx skin is no different than having Atlas, with the Graxx skin equipped and using Oberon animation set. We can already switch things around in the current system and because of said system it should be possible to equip any skin to any warframe since the limitation of a rig and a mesh is bound to animation and well animation in this game is not that difficult to change over.
  7. Warframe has a very complexe but cleaver unified or universal system allowing you to swap animations on the fly in the Arsenal. I would assume that this is possible by following a strict rigging pattern and the same rules do apply to Tennogen skins as well since you can swap animation using those extra skjns and enjoy the compatibility. Now thats out of the way, why not make Tennogen skins Universal? The compatibility is there and some skins would greatly gain in popularity since some true master pieces are bound to rather dissapointing frames. This would nt be a gamebreaker and it would be a good way to encourage players to invest in a skin they truly like even if the warframe behind it is not to their taste. What do you guys think? Naysayers incoming!
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