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  1. My only complaint so far is that my weapon's elemental fx show up even when I have the option turned off. It's literally ruining endgame. For example I just bought Frost's deluxe skin bundle for the Frysta skin. I wanted it for my Mire, because the frost on it matches the glass on my Gara, so it kinda looks like a glass covered sword and that's kick ass. After the update it now looks like a staticky orange glowstick and it's really killing my vibe, please fix, pleeeeease.
  2. Could you just make every tier reward Wolf Creds and put all the current tier rewards in the Cred shop? Or get rid of creds altogether and just treat it like standing. I also wish there was a way to catch up, or maybe just let the acts stack up. I don't see why the previous weeks missions have to be removed when the acts refresh. Overall I like the new system, I just think it needs a few tweaks.
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