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  1. Yeah, can't argue again that. By the devs? i haven't seen any stream where they called it "endgame". By some players? just scroll through General Discussion and you will catch on.
  2. I usually go through this place once in a while to see some rant posts and stuffs like that (Since i got a lot of free time for now). I usually get into this topics about "What happened to the Endgame Content" that comes often based in a feature that the mayority of the playerbase defines as endgame being nerfed to the ground to appear to the masses (railjack seems like the recent example). Usually my curiosity about what do the people that get to wrote it thought about this question drives me into read them, and i just get into the same conclusion as i go through every post about this topic. The same take about "why does the devs just cripple our enemies from being hordes of bullets sponges with a IA capable of hit my warframe with 100% accuracy, into a merely group of cannon fodder that can be deleted soo easy by my 7 forma Kuva bramma with a Multishot+CritChance Riven", or the usual disappoitment to see how the enemies that used to take 3 mags from a Baza Prime before, now die with half mag. The usual questions that comes to my mind when i read those post is: Why is considered this as lowering the dificulting? Why are the bullet sponges considered as dificult? are really those mechanics of shooting something from a long time to kill it or be deleted by it in almost half of a second something dificult or no just simply a awful approach to make the player invested into playing the math game as entertainment until the numbers hit the limit that are suppose to hit and you can wistand 3 seconds more to spam spoiler mode. I don't really see the dificulty in this way of playing. I know that the enemy scaling is important as way to limit our damage input as the game progress, to take you into the way of getting the best build to go thought the startchart, to farm efficiently all the pieces or cosmetics that you want, but there is something that i always see that this gameplay lack when it comes into that point, i often think that is the lack of interactions and mini challenges that the flow of the game doesn't have like a some different approach of nullifiers (i freanky hate those), maybe the energy leechers but as nullifers, maybe some enemies that should be killed with expecfic arsenal choice like those in destiny, by the way, that is really my take on the problem, and can't be set as solution to this problem, probably is a awful idea, but hey. that is the meaning of free thought i guess. I do really like to play at the way is now and i the same time i don't like it neither (Maybe because as players we usually go through the "what if" phase of ideas that would make this game our ideal). I usually just log into some arbitrations to farm, or get a resource booster to the kuva to roll indefinitely my rivens. There it goes my first post that makes more than 1 paragraphs. Free time is a good way of unleash your inner writter, by the way. I don't really think i would write something like this ever and my grammar is really awful so, that's all.
  3. Easier, a "hold to finisher for 4 seconds" like those that use destiny.
  4. Well, now the archwing melee works and it has damage.
  5. Ii was just thinking that invisible (incapable of be damaged by enemies) and tank (resistance to enemies damage) doesn't sound like a good combination of words. I know how it works, it was just kind of funny when i imagine that description in my mind. Sorry for that joke.
  6. 0.5 second. btw, yeah i really need some work.
  7. Again: His passive does a great amount of damage and durable slash procs, but doesn't just remove the fact that is boring as it can be. His 1 is great with aug. that true, but you can just denying that is just two light shots targeting two enemies that need a augment to be useful (make your build around 4 less stronger). his 3 does need the aug to open the enemies to finisher, but you have to limit yourself to some angles to proc it correctly and ignore flying enemies. his 4 is his best ability. Is freaking amazing and can oneshot anything with a good modded weapon. but the mechanics around casting it are just the less intuitive i could imagine to be. He is a great warframe in term of damage, but that is, that all he has to offer. orange numbers in the stadistic table that you get by spamming 4, which i say before, has a awful casting mechanic. I play i lot of Ash, and usually i just forget that his abilities exists and just start to melee enemies to dead (which i can do with 100% of the roster, just with diferent tennogen) or just spam 4 like a madman in arbis to cast trickery. Why would i go ultimatum if guardian exists?.
  8. I mean "unplayable" is a big word to say. I play just fine (still is a big mess of a game mode), but is not like i need to uninstall the game for getting into tier 10.
  9. Thank you, that is what i needed to know to understand. The "because is bad" doesn't help me in nothing to grasp what problem does reflex aim add to the game. I really don't see it as overpowered in comparison to tether meta and spam blackhole to win. But the maneuver problems seem like a good reason to make rework reflex aim into a better choice or straight remove it from game.
  10. so you have never use it?. I can't understand how that learning process work, but you should be right i guess.
  11. First, gonna tell you that talking about Ash changes is like talking about Conclave changes here, is like wanting to get bombarded. Btw, Your idea would give him some mobility in some degree, but maybe just deleting that ability and adding something less Loki would be a better approach.
  12. My guess would be: Math games, trying to guess what weapon oneshot 120 corrupted heavy gunners. That you can play sonic the hedgehog without paying a cent. That you can play with one hand and scroll in any social media mobile app with the other, and doesn't affect your performance. That you can just sit in a endless mission and disconnect from the world. The storytelling and Artwork (Needs to be more addressed). Shooting enemies. Partner Drama.
  13. Ash. Pasive: boring. 1 (seeking shuriken): is useless without augment (There are not too many endgame content where you would use it, there are no exterminate and capture with lvl80+ enemies outside of sorties) and you can just pass thought enemies doing your usually spam E. 2 (loki copypaste): is the epitome of "why don't just play loki instead". 3 (loki copypaste): without augment is just another "why don't i just play loki instead", but with augment you get a finisher in 1 of every 3 enemies because you didn't get the angle correctly or they fly. 4 (the only stuff you have that is useful): is so irritating to use and so slow to trigger and finish that doesn't make any sense to use into low level content in squad and in solo why you wouldn't just shot the enemies or melee to dead. In "endgame" content is just a glorified mesa peacemarker that resolve around dragging the mouse into every enemy to mark them and proceed to see them died from your teammates before you ult do something (it can oneshot lv130 enemies with the right build, at least) or follow up with your 3 to get your camera insta bugged after the second or thirth enemy parazon finisher animation. Builds: Your build around Bladestorm makes your 1,2 and 3 literally useless and depends in a arcane to be unique, and you build around Seeking Shuriken makes your 4 less oneshotting and 3 useless. The Pros: You can get 1500+ hp with a umbra build and good armor so you are somewhat tanky. The tennogens are amazing, so you just usually sit into captura making your next american top model poster. You feel like a ninja shooting enemies with weapons and melee like you usually do with every warframe. TLDR: a warframe made for photo mode fans.
  14. How is suppose to 1.5 seconds lock into 1 only enemy (instead of the 0.5 in live) in like 100m range for front weapons a very powerful? the reflex aim have a restriction of how far you mouse have to be of the target to lock into him and the front weapon doesn't have Phantom Eye. The Side weapons literally have 0.5 autoaim at Tier 10 mastery too. it would be like 0.25 extra lock on. Yes That all you have to say.
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