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  1. Here are some problems i'm starting to get: Chrome/Opera window is getting cut in a half showing the browser window in a side, and warframe in another side overlapping it. Constant screen flicking from Chrome/Opera like if i did some alt-tab really fast between the game and the browsers. When playing a video in youtube the screen entire Chrome/Opera screen disappear and only the video is showing overlapping the game window. I have a nvidia gtx1050 and i updated the drivers today and i'm getting the same result. I did some testing using the new and the old renderer, n
  2. Gonna need to rethink about my idea, thanks for the advice, dude. I always can count if the community for some good feedback.
  3. The Lich system superposition in nodes can be solve so easily to remove the island that is the lich system right now, DE just have to: Remove the Lich nodes (keeping the red stuff covering the planet). Add lich thralls to all startchart (They appear in a mission if any of the players in the squad has a lich hunting them), scale the thrall level to mission level and scale spawn rate with mission level too (less spawn rate in the earlier start chart, sedna and eris get more thralls, but still they get less spawn than when the lich modifer is added). Only the players that are being h
  4. Something like this don't appear anywhere, there is some kind of popup or hotkey i'm not seeing in the current in-game menu?
  5. Fire blast, because healing and some armor strip on enemies works kind of great.
  6. It would be amazing if we could have a ability in the helminth system that trigger a parazon marker to one enemy in the proximity 10m or 15m of range, ignoring how much hp they have. Just one random enemy with a 5 or 7 seconds of cooldown at least.
  7. Running the entire exteminate like volt and clearning with thermal sunder is my fantasy.
  8. I would really like to substitute Mach Rush of gauss for infested mobility, but any build that give a useful infested mobility render thermal sunder useless.
  9. Now do the same in a tileset that doesn't have any big open area.
  10. I don't know what is, but is like it feels kind of exaggerate and doesn't really have that aura of "speeding up" when you compare it with something like Volt speed.
  11. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: The toggle to aim option doesn't work when aiming in a k-drive. REPRODUCTION: Aiming in a k-drive with toggle to aim active. EXPECTED RESULT: Weapon should stay in Aim Mode when tapping the button (Since toggle to aim is active) and should at least stop the K-drive Turbo (Shift Button) when toggle to run is active. OBSERVED RESULT: Can't use k-drive weapon effectively. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% consistent for me.
  12. I got hydroid from the twitch drops and started to play him a little bit, and just found how strange is the view, since the energy drops and mods, tentacles and enemies block the view of the camera. I think that maybe letting the camera be where it was before activating the pool should be enough.
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