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  1. Why would the aliens come visit? What would they offer that we can't explore with the Void and The Indifference which haunts you? As far as everything goes, this game's universe is set in damage control from hundreds of years of Orokin decadence spiraling out of control. Everything we're dealing with are associated with symptoms of Orokin interference in one form or another. Corpus are a merchant faction that started to spite Orokin greed (ironic what it's become), Grineer used to be a caste of slave-like workers who rebelled during the fall of the Orokin, the Infestation are organic monstrosities created by the Orokin for war, the Void is a result of Orokin research for travel (as evidenced by the Zariman Ten Zero incident), the Sentient are a Corpus-made-but-Orokin-authorized machine creation intended to terraform the Tau system for human occupation which later rebelled and returned to destroy them, and the Tenno are a creation out of desperation to combat the Sentients which were manipulated to destroy the Orokin by the Sentient as a form of mutually-assured destruction. There isn't much of a reason to include aliens when everything appears centered on the Orokin and their extensive list of misdeeds.
  2. Just because the game has underused weapons, it shouldn't have mods and arcanes that'll be abused to make overused weapons into one-hit wonders and portable nukes. That's not how balance works.
  3. Yep. I wouldn't be surprised if the new mods and arcanes got nerfed shortly after release, in fact I expect it to happen.
  4. The new arcanes may nullify the intended nerf to Kuva Nukor. Slap on the precision arcane for it, and having the halved chains is going to mean nothing when it can now deal 360% increased damage after 3 headshot kills. Also, the primary non-precision kill arcane is going to make Kuva Ogris OP. Kill a couple enemies, suddenly you're carpet-bombing the entire map.
  5. No. No it would not. The last thing we need is to give a constant Helminth buff to Saryn, Mesa, or any other nuke frame. It's bad enough they can have an entire week to be more broken than they already are at random with this new system.
  6. Sounds to me like DE needs to move away from "kill everything fast" instead of turning Loki into perhaps another press-4-to-win nuke frame. His kit was fine for its time, but the game's meta has shifted away from "do, well, anything" to "DAMAGE! MORE DAMAGE! NO DEFENSE OR CC, YOU DON'T NEED IT IF THEY'RE ALL DEAD! GOTTA GO FAST!"
  7. Knowing DE and how they get away with letting your mechs walk through small doors by scraping through, they could do the same with ragdolls. Larva grabs enemies, suddenly you hear a SCREEE or BANG as they shoot through the wall towards the ball.
  8. One meter punchthrough at 200% would certainly help, but I think it should get that at 100% and move to 2m at 200%, because not every obstacle enemies get grabbed into are that thin. Other than that, I agree.
  9. Telling players to gimp themselves isn't how balance works. It'd be like if you complained about a hero in League of Legends being OP and the devs telling you to not pick up items best suited for them so they stop being OP. That does nothing to stop other players from abusing it for easy wins. Here's a revolutionary idea: Nerf all of those things you listed on top of the Sevagoth subsume ability. Zenurik and Arcane Energize have both fundamentally ruined any sense of energy economy this game used to have to the point that spamming nukes ultimately costs nothing, throwing balance out the window.
  10. So DE has moved "no interaction" from one frame and gave it to the rest of the team? Saryn nukes, everyone else merely exists to buff enemy spawns and be resource vacuums. Sounds like fun, if you equate fun with unintentionally leeching because someone's taken the 'horde' out of horde-shooter with one button.
  11. The only bad thing about Revenant is his 4, as you've explained, because it's only used to cheese. I have a proposed solution for that.
  12. Yes We should nerf them. Nukes take the fun out of the game, especially for players in a team who has one.
  13. Because they're his original abilities that got corrupted. Corruption doesn't equate complete replacement of one thing for another, otherwise the corrupted enemies you fight in the void would be truly Orokin in nature rather than white and gold colored variations of existing enemies.
  14. Would you elaborate on why Revenant's tanking is overrated? Mesmer Skin is the only known ability that scales infinitely in regards to damage taken, plus it stuns enemies and pulls them out of the fight. Rhino's Iron Skin comes close, but in high level content, it can only take as many hits as it absorbed which could be far less than you have Mesmer Skin charges. As for the thralls, they could be a lot more useful if they were given the Nyx Mind Control treatment where they absorb friendly fire damage which then applies after enthrall wears off. Being a distraction is better than you give it credit for, especially where teams are involved. Enemies shooting at your thralls means less are shooting at your teammates or defense objectives.
  15. We don't know anything about Valkyr before Alad V got his hands on her and twisted her into something she's not. Her abilities are a result of Alad's tinkering, some described as her being afraid or unleashing rage. And no, her prime doesn't count as it's shown that primes conflict with the story of the base frame on multiple occurrences. No doubt Revenant Prime will be the same. Why does everything need a backstory?
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