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  1. There's still a matter of how stances work, and polearms still have strong combos on top of natural melee reach.
  2. Since heavy blades are still not a thing, and you're mentioning plague zaws, I'd say polearm would still be the best zaw for melee 3.0.
  3. His enthrall ability is a lie. While you're supposed to use it to create minions who can die and spawn energy pillars, everyone sees the ability as a mere pillar dispenser. Revenant's minions should only receive damage by him and not other teammates who tend to press-4-to-win or shoot everything in sight, so the ability can also be used as an aggro sponge like it should be.
  4. Fracture runs should be enabled by Eudico as a bounty so you can match with other people doing the same thing. Seeing as it's a similar event to Plague Star, the extra coolant part of the fractures should have an infinite amount of time to add, so players who run these solo can actually fit them in. Of course this means relying heavily on specters to defend, but at least you're getting affected less by incompetent teammates. Regarding people joining to leech and do anything but run fractures, may I suggest opening the exit menu and selecting "leave group"? If you're a client, you migrate and host your own instance that others can join. If you're the host, you essentially boot the entire team from your instance by migrating them into their own. It's one of the best features introduced in Orb Vallis, which I wish would be added to the rest of the game.
  5. I take it you play Path of Exile as well? That's what got me started on the "nerf all the minmax speed meta" mindset. As players grow stronger and more efficient at trivializing the game, the developers have to come up with ways to make the game more challenging to keep them interested. The easy way out for developers is to introduce tougher enemies and bosses, with far greater health, immunities to abilities and mechanics, and strong enough to 1shot the players with next to no telegraphing. Path of Exile has all of these, Warframe's starting to show signs of it with things like nullifiers, combas and scrambuses, shield dargyns, terra shield ospreys in Orb Vallis, and the absolute cluster#*!% that is the Profit-Taker Orb fight. The downside to all of this, for both games, is that this raises the skill floor and makes subpar builds and playstyles less and less viable for endgame. Not everyone is a meta cheese mechanic abuser, we shouldn't be screwing over the lesser skilled or equipped players because they want to run bad builds they enjoy. We need nerfs. We need to lower the skill ceiling instead of raising the skill floor, and doing so will encourage players to actually run more builds and playstyles they like rather than always gunning for the most efficient one that'll finish missions in as little time as possible.
  6. A quick reminder that DE shared a warframe usage chart a few devstreams ago. Percentages are found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kjME1XFrC0JDqT4XE1kn5uiYENtCFDmy4w6X5AUhnLE/edit#gid=0 Among the MR25, the top frames are Equinox, Mesa (prime will probably take over in time), Rhino Prime, Volt Prime, Saryn Prime and Volt Prime. Four of those are press-4-to-win frames, one's primarily used for iron skin, and the other just disarms and goes invisible. Hm, I wonder why 4 of the problematic frames are top pick. It can't be the fact they just need to press 1 button to clear entire rooms in almost any mission, can it? 🤔
  7. Doubt it. He's a Grineer fugitive who sounds like he then got infused with Sentient technology. Warframes are not Sentient derivatives, they are meat puppets infected with the Helminth virus and given a transference bolt to give the operators access to control them.
  8. >Nerf everything and you kill diversity >A lot of players flock to Saryn and Mesa due to how broken they are Again, you continue to strawman. Nerfing the top OP frames brings them down with the others who aren't, encouraging diversity as players are less inclined to play whatever will delete rooms and run missions most efficiently.
  9. When Saryn isn't capable of trivializing most of the game with one button, you'd have a point. Your argument is a strawman and you know it, Saryn gimps just about every mission in the game because her 4 can reach 50m away, ignores line of sight, and instakills enemies level 60 and down, which is pretty much the average level of most missions you run in this game. Exterminate? Spam 4. Capture? Spam 4 and never worry about adds being a threat. Hijack? Jump into the thick of the enemy group and spam 4. Excavation? Camp near the excavator and press 4 every now and then. Saryn is good at one thing, and that's clearing rooms and leaving teammates with nothing to do but walk to extraction. That, to me, sounds like a good reason to nerf her as any. Forgive me for thinking no one frame should be doing what an entire team can do in a team shooter.
  10. Yes, but you're comparing these frames to Saryn, Mesa, Equinox, and Volt. Frost's avalanche has nowhere near the same amount of range to nuke enemies like the previous 4 can, same as Oberon and Nezha. Excalbur's exalted blade is only good for hitting lines of enemies with diminishing damage after a wave hits an enemy. None of these examples can compare to frames that can hit enemies from 50m away in all directions and ignore LoS (the exception being Mesa who just needs to shake their camera). The point being, some buffs didn't turn frames from subpar choices to broken messes like others have. Volt wasn't ever considered a problem until his 4 got reworked and Blood Rush + Maiming Strike was introduced which goes well with his 2, for example. Saryn didn't become an issue until her spores got reworked and her 4 got a huge bump in damage plus a change of elements. But I'll repeat what I said before: I'll believe DE acknowledging enemy scaling when I see them actually do something about it. They probably won't, not for a long time anyway.
  11. DE can say whatever they want about acknowledging enemy scaling being problematic, but I'll believe these changes when I see it. However, all I've seen over the years of playing Warframe are nerfs being made and new enemies being introduced that are resistant or immune to players abusing broken mechanics which trickle down and make the game more difficult for people who play like normal. The way I see it, we're more likely to see Saryn, Mesa, Volt, Equinox, and Atterax spin2win (Atterax isn't the problem, it's Maiming Strike + Blood Rush combo) getting nerfed than we are to see enemy scaling balance.
  12. No, she does need a nerf.
  13. It does when that frame trivializes the vast majority of the game with one press of a button for everyone else not playing Saryn. Most of the missions you'll be running is in the star chart, as in normal missions, relics, events, and invasions which are level 60 at most. That means just about every enemy you meet are weak enough to get wiped out with one push of Saryn's 4. She is also amazing at speed missions, just jump into the middle of a group, press 4, and watch everything turn into affinity before bullet jumping and gliding over to the next group to do it again. Also, just because she's a DPS frame doesn't justify her deleting entire rooms with one button. You can be DPS without trivializing the game not only for yourself, but for the rest of your team.
  14. You should be able to buy it from other players whose clans own the means to create blueprints. You need to have MR 9 to trade for it.
  15. People have been asking DE for years to fix enemy scaling so they don't get 1shot or enemies don't become bullet sponges. Not once has an effort been made to address this, which leads me to believe that they have no intention on fixing it. You know what they've done consistently? Add enemies that disrupt gameplay (ex. nullifiers) and nerf broken weapons and frames (ex. synoid simulor and Ember). If DE will not fix enemies to not merit the need to run broken frames, then broken frames need to get nerfed. It's as simple as that. Also, even if DE did change enemy scaling, do you really think people are going to stop running press-4-to-win Saryn or Mesa? Those two are the most efficient frames to breeze through 90% of the game by just pressing one button and magically make everything disappear into a cloud of affinity. People will continue to abuse them no matter how much enemies get nerfed. Nerf them instead, and people don't abuse them anymore.
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