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  1. This also applies to the very brief flash of white when Voll or Fass dies on Deimos. I get that the flash is supposed to represent the Worm exploding in light and a segue between world states, but it's very distracting. If you insist on having the white flash, then could you tone it down to something more akin to a lightning flash like in the Plains of Eidolon? That's a lot more tolerable.
  2. This. Even in the most labyrinthine tilesets like Kuva Fortress, Saryn is the most effective of all frames to kill enemies en masse just because her Spores and Miasma don't care about anything between you and the target. Either hitting LoS or her range would stop her from being the prime go-to nuke frame.
  3. Then my next question would be if the player owns Inaros Prime, fully built? Weapon and frame blueprints are weird in that ownership tends to mean you actually have the completed product in your possession.
  4. Do you have a Lich active and were you doing missions in its sector? If yes to both, it may have swiped your blueprint.
  5. Had to do some digging, but from what I can tell, you're correct. Their real name, streamer name, nor abbreviations couldn't be found. Well that's a relief.
  6. According to Gamesradar, the nominees for best community are: - Fortnite - Final Fantasy XIV - Minecraft - Dreams - Fall Guys - Sea of Thieves - Animal Cross: New Horizons - Warframe I'm pretty sure Warframe's not gonna make it.
  7. Considering the sore thumb that is the one particular streamer everyone here and on reddit complains about, even criticized by other streamers, who remains part of DE's creator program, I'm both surprised and amused they got nominated. It'd be a shame if the people in charge of making that nomination were to be made aware of that irradiating toxicity... EDIT: Turns out I'm incorrect. That aforementioned streamer was removed from the program.
  8. As much as I enjoy Liches, this is pretty much my biggest gripe with them. They're supposed to be your nemesis, hindering you, but all they do is swipe resources if you're operating in their influenced planets or attack if you're running their missions. I'd love if they could show up like hunters to take you down or stop you from completing the objective. I want a Lich to teleport around an Interception mission capping points, focus firing (mobile) defense objectives and rescue targets, revive and interrupt your attempts to get the capture target, etc.
  9. I'm not good at math, but I expect it to be like 95% or so because of a reduced stacking effect.
  10. Perhaps DE rearranging the MR requirements of every weapon and frame to range from 1-30 instead of capping around 15. :P
  11. Revenant for both normal and Steel Path, because he has infinitely scaling offense and defense, plus his Thralls are great at keeping enemies off of objectives.
  12. The Sanctuary will go on without you, but can you go on without the Sanctuary?
  13. Signatures started with Revenant if I remember correctly. This means we won't be seeing proper signature prime weapons until Revenant Prime and/or Tatsu Prime.
  14. Euphona Prime is signature in name only. Banshee was way too old to be given a signature weapon when DE started it. That's not to say I disagree with the idea that older frames like Banshee be given signature guns.
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