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  1. I'm okay with Orphix having Eidolon rewards. Eidolon has only a handful of frames that are worth taking (and good luck finding a team with anything else), and most teams want a 6x3 so you better be ready to treat this like a job instead of something fun. Sure you can roll a public team with a slapdash group of randos whose frames will provide little to no help in the hunt, but then you're left doing 1x3 and almost certainly getting no rewards to show for it. Maybe if Eidolons weren't so restrictive and repetitive, I'd probably care more about their rewards being shared in more fun activit
  2. That's implying everyone having this problem have beaten the game. Not everyone who grows bored of the game being too easy is because they've done everything it has to offer. When you've wiped out the same horde with the same gun/ability, you've more or less have seen it all. People catch onto that and they'll quit. You do not have to beat the game to reach that point. The easier the game becomes, the sooner players will reach this realization.
  3. Especially in a live-service game where you can spend money for things like boosters or cosmetics. If players quit because of burnout, what with the game being too easy, that's potential income lost.
  4. The game is a horde shooter, the challenge is being able to defeat the horde before it overwhelms you. Where's the challenge when you can press one button to make that horde disappear instantly?
  5. So DE takes the path of least resistance and makes the game easier than it already is. If they buff enemies, they're also going to get backlash. Might as well reduce the game to being a big red button that has "4" stamped on it, and whenever you press it, you get random stuff.
  6. It's not the players' responsibility to make the game harder for themselves. It's the developers'. The game is too easy. Nerfing enemy defenses made it easier. Implementing more AoE weapons that can 1shot nerfed enemies is another. DE's response to this has been abysmal. Other than needlessly buffing weapons even further for no reason, their idea of keeping the game challenging is implementing new enemies that invalidate your frames. Nullifiers, Comba/Scrambus, Nox, Sentients, enemies with diminishing returns, energy leech Eximus. None of these would exist if DE didn't corner themsel
  7. Hang on, why are we buffing guns? Enemies got nerfed. They're no longer tanks, the weakest peashooter can kill anyone now. If anything, melee should get nerfed to be more in line.
  8. Kitguns could be so much better if the components fundamentally changed how it functions. For example, all clips have the same capacity and reload speed, but each one causes the weapon to fire differently. One can cause shots to chain between enemies, another can cause punch-through, or another requires first shooting an obstacle which then bounces off to hit an enemy (or make it optional and have it deal extra damage to reward trick-shots). However, all it turned out to become was DPS, DPS, and more DPS.
  9. Did we forget the damage propagation Helminth ability that got abused by fatal teleport Ash? :P
  10. The potential skill combinations would make the modular frame far more broken than anything else in the game. Imagine a frame with Saryn's Spores, Revenant's Mesmer Skin, Rhino's Roar, and Mesa's Peacemakers. Let's please not open Pandora's Box. Helminth was already a peek inside.
  11. If you think pressing 4 and doing nothing while the game plays itself for you is good, I'm glad you don't work for DE. Nukes take the "horde" out of "horde shooter" and doesn't belong in Warframe, not without MAJOR restrictions. So make it so thralls can't be killed by teammates and make sure they don't count for waves in defense. Simple fix. Perhaps you should encourage DE to actually do something about it. And everywhere else. It's just as powerful in level 1 Mercury as it is in the Outer Terminus of Pluto on Steel Path or Sorties. You saying it's bad doesn't make it so.
  12. My suggestion would give him a bigger, more glorious laser show.
  13. Jokes on you, I love Revenant. I just hate how people reduce him to a press-4-to-win frame.
  14. Revenant is an amazing tank frame, and as someone who loves having minions, I also appreciate the ability to create thralls. He is one of the best tanks in the game and if you build him for power strength, has an infinitely-scaling damage ability that can let him tackle up to Steel Path and beyond. However, most of the time I see fellow Revenant players. they only use him for one thing which I consider to be a detriment to the game as a whole: Press-4-to-win. As nice as his other 3 abilities are, Danse Macabre just needs one button press and then you can just dance your way from start to extra
  15. I'd rather not have a 2nd Mesa-like frame in the game, thanks. We don't need more nukes.
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