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  1. Why not just take Nekros instead then? With that and the Smeeta, you get your cake and eat it too.
  2. No, She was outclassed the moment DE nerfed Hysteria to have ramping energy drain. Rhino, Revenant, and even Nidus out tank her for a lot less energy, plus her exalted weapon is extremely poor for damage. Anyone with a melee weapon will kill faster than her. Meanwhile nuke frames like Saryn and Mesa continue to 1shot rooms full of enemies, but void forbid we let a frame have permanent invulnerability. Nothing about her stood out as OP, being permanently invincible does nothing to kill enemies quickly which is necessary in missions where kills are important such as Survival, Defense, Disruption, Excavation, etc.
  3. What potential? It's a horse, a lowly K-Drive would make it obsolete.
  4. I'd rather Danse be replaced with something more adaptable, like swapping aspects each with different passive and active effects. Unfortunately, Danse Macabre is more power fantasy than the arm cannon idea, because people like press-4-to-win gimmicks, which sucks because of how cool the rest of Revenant's kit is.
  5. It is not that simple. It is never that simple. Enemies get buffed, now weapons may be too weak to fight them. They get buffed, now enemies are too easy to kill, so DE must buff them next to keep the game from becoming even more of a pushover than it already is. Then we're back to weapons being too weak to fight the buffed enemies again. All buffing does it create a vicious cycle of power creep that has no end. Enemy AI hasn't been touched in years. What makes you think it's at all likely to change over simply changing the stats of weapons/frames/enemies? Making the AI more intelligent is a lot harder than anyone makes it out to be. Also, what good is a smart AI going to do in this current state of the game? Enemies can take cover and flank you now? Saryn and Mesa's nukes don't care. No matter how tactical and intelligent an AI gets, massive CC and nuke abilities will just turn them off before it can do anything. Same problem with making the AI smarter: What good will these changes do when you can mass slaughter hordes of enemies or suppress them with one button press? It'd be a colossal waste of time unless the enemies get some way to ignore your abilities and AoE weapons, or they got nerfed. You're asking for the game to be in a paradoxical state. Nothing will be equalized without nerfs. No smarter AI will be worth the effort if players can just shut it off without even thinking about it.
  6. Where does the buffing end? What's stopping DE from adding more enemies that nobody likes in order to help rectify the problem of players going braindead godmode and boring themselves to quitting, because they're too afraid to tone players down?
  7. We can't count Steel Path for anything in these arguments. Not only has DE said Steel Path isn't an endgame, it doesn't provide nearly enough things to keep players engaged with it once you complete its star chart. Just because you like smashing your face against a brick wall for the same rewards as normal star chart and having limited access to other missions and activities and things, it doesn't mean most others do.
  8. Who said anything about them not having goodies? I'm sure DE could think of something to give them. High chance of rare mats, new frame/weapon blueprints/parts or something. Lemme know when Nullifiers stop disabling your abilities, are only immune to your powers, and come in large groups when enemies manage to summon them. :P
  9. Challenge, fighting a rare enemy that won't behave exactly like the rest of the cannon fodder that gets mowed down with ease and behaves differently with the intent on either killing you or suppressing you. Nope. Specialists are either immune to abilities unrelated to frames that counter them, or they only weaken/nullify specific frame archetypes they were spawned to counter. Nullifiers will shut down everything within a small radius of itself which you can disable at any time. Plus the specialists are rare. Elite packs don't have nullifying powers, they're simply just immune to you. There's kind of a big difference. They won't stop you from using your powers against anyone except themselves. Goku isn't god either and has been beaten multiple times, sometimes even by having him weakened.
  10. He's a symptom of what happens when the game becomes braindead easy, bosses and certain particularly tough enemies get invulnerability phases because it's the only way they can stay alive long enough to remain a threat to you. This isn't new, Lech Kril's update is ancient by now, but he was the beginning of invulnerability phases. Same thing Path of Exile has to do for rich players who can 1shot bosses in that game. Sounds to me like that could've also been fixed with some nerfs.
  11. Solve both by making enemies resistant to warframe abilities, especially "specialist" types. I think the game should have "specialist" enemies that exist based on warframe archetype in the mission. There are two kinds: Specialists that counter frame archetypes, and specialists that are all-round difficult and designed to be countered by specific frame archetypes. There could be an anti-tank specialist that uses abilities which break through your defense abilities with ease and greatly reduces the effectiveness of their abilities. Got a nuke frame? Your team could be greeted by a specialist that makes all nuke abilities have significantly less damage and/or range. Healer? There could be a specialist that shuts down their ability to do any healing. Their presence greatly weakens the frames they're counter to throughout the entire map, meaning that ignoring them is dangerous and should also be focused on as soon as possible. A turret creating specialist could be an all-round difficult specialist that is countered by CC frames. Another could be one that creates massive area denial abilities which deal tons of damage and can be countered by single-target damage frames. Another could be a powerful assassin type that singles out a player to deal massive damage and is countered by tank frames. Then there's a tank, a slow yet unstoppable enemy that takes very little damage, but is vulnerable to nuke frames. Finally there is a specialist that afflicts all various kinds of debuffs on the team including hard CC like stuns and knockdowns, but can only be countered by healers. When the offensive specialist is being countered by a frame, their capabilities get disrupted, resulting in them having reduced or no effect for a brief moment of time. Turret specialists have their turrets temporarily disabled. Area denial specialists can only use their AoEs more sparsely, tanks lose all damage reduction, debuffers have weakened effects against you. If you're missing the frame archetype (playing solo, team just doesn't have one, etc), specialists will still spawn. While they can be countered by specific frames, they can still be killed by others at reduced effectiveness. Imagine if an area denial specialist appears, but you lack a single-target frame archetype. That could make for one wild experience having to deal with them while still doing the mission. Anti-frame specialists don't spawn if the frame archetype they counter isn't in the team, because there'd be no point. I can see "elite" enemies being a new subtype. Special enemy platoons that are immune to any abilities, and they're all carrying shields that project a forcefield which can't be damaged. Attempting to get close will have them bash you away. However, since they're operating as a single unit, they can't turn to face you quickly enough which means you need to outmaneuver them to get behind the shields to damage them. Another elite could be highly mobile fighters that can use the environment to their advantage. Think of the Comba/Scrambus enemies with their skate boots, now imagine if they could move incredibly fast and skate along the walls all while shooting at you, never once stopping and immune to CC. Elites can also include healers that can revive allies so long as they weren't dismembered or disintegrated, and also provide both healing and high damage reduction (ancient healers are a good example, but can be expanded upon for the other factions). You're not a god, just technologically more advanced and aided by the power of Void magic. Not even Superman is a god, and the makers gave him kryptonite to provide vulnerabilities for villains to exploit. The same can be applied to warframes. Nullify their powers or augment themselves to be stronger against it, similar to what the Sentients have been doing lately with gaining diminishing returns from you. While correct, there could be more things that could be added in order to make them more interesting. I've touched on this ages ago on another thread, which I'll share here:
  12. If there is nothing to challenge you, there is nothing to keep you engaged with the game. This results in the game becoming boring because you realize that the game is breaking down into the same slog of grinding missions. The challenge of struggling not to die or fail the mission helps keep you distracted from finding that pattern of grind. Then the game has a lot of nerfing to do, because there's plenty of ways to let you play the game braindead. Invulnerable tank frames like Revenant and Rhino, press-4-to-win nuke frames like Saryn and Mesa who just need to press one button to mow down entire rooms of enemies, melee being grossly overtuned to the point that mashing its button is all you need to do, just to name a few outliers.
  13. Unfortunately, casual gamers like yourself aren't a good reason for the developers to ignore game balance. If the game becomes too easy, people will grow bored of it and quit playing. The solution is to nerf what makes it easy, because the other option is to buff enemies which in turn hurts casual gamers. I play Path of Exile, a game that's done the latter, and unless you know how to make mountains of currency in very short amounts of time, you'll never beat the endgame because of how strong the enemies are. I'd rather not see Warframe become another PoE, and I'm saying this while maining Revenant, one of the few frames in the game that can scale infinitely in power and defense. I'd recommend visiting weapon build sites and look up builds for your favorite guns in order to get an idea how some people manage to reach red crits.
  14. That's the problem though, isn't it? What if I want to play Revenant in Excavation? What if I want to play Nidus in Interception? Or Loki in Survival? Disruption doesn't care what you play, because demo enemies will still bulldoze past you. Being required to play a specific frame to get the most out of one mission takes a lot of fun out of the game, because you're required to play a frame you might not otherwise enjoy in order to complete it. Once again it's another reason why solo is garbage and that people who would exploit the frame blacklist system would correct themselves in short order.
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