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  1. From what someone mentioned in another thread, DE is supposed to be looking at the Maiming Strike + Blood Rush broken synergy.
  2. We'll have to wait and see. Remember that DE is doing a complete weapon rebalance in phase 2 of the melee rework, and I'm sure they've factored in dagger stats and how it can fit in the lineup of current melee weapon classes. If I had to guess, they're going to be very fast to account for their lack of damage and reach.
  3. Indeed. For all we know lethal stealth finishers might be moved to that instead.
  4. Where was all this stuff mentioned? Latest devstream, I assume? It wasn't brought up in the Old Blood summary.
  5. Is this in relation to phase 2 of the melee rework? Because if it is... Is Maiming Strike also going bye-bye? 😄
  6. Hang on, what's happening with Covert Lethality?
  7. Considering you only get 1 per Nightwave, perhaps the "omni-forma" should be merged with the Umbra Forma. That way if you run umbra mods on one loadout, you won't be stuck with 1-3 unusable slots that won't eat extra mod capacity for a different loadout.
  8. And yet you've done nothing to prove otherwise, beyond "git gud scrub". Against Corpus, you might have a point since the element used in most of her abilities destroys shields, especially with Polarize. However, Magnetize is the real heavy hitter that deals multiplicative projectile damage to all targets inside the bubble which only has 4m range. Even if you were to maximize it to about 250% range, that only goes up to 10m. It would shred small groups of enemies and kill tanks, but for it to wipe out entire rooms the same way a Saryn can? I doubt it. It's not just about making the game fair to other players. Saryn is among the most efficient killing frames in the game that allows anyone playing as, or with, them to just zoom right to the objective then head to extraction. A lot of the game revolves around killing enemies, a lot of them in fact, but there are a handful that can remove them from the game as quickly as they arrive. Not only does this overall make the game more trivial to the players who play with frames like Saryn, it also makes it more trivial for the people who play them. While you're not incorrect, the issue is that comparing a Catchmoon kitgun or snipers to Saryn is like comparing apples to lawnmowers. These two guns can trivialize boss fights, but they can't match up to what Saryn can do with her stacked viral and corrosive abilities against entire rooms of enemies. At least players running kitguns can't clear nearly as fast as Saryn can, so you can actually do something besides simply hoovering up resources or zooming to objective/extraction. I'm not denying that there's other overpowered aspects in the game, but in the grand scheme of things, frames like Saryn are a much higher priority issue.
  9. Just adding a link here, in case anyone's curious. Overall, I agree with Teridax who explains criticisms I have better than I ever could.
  10. And so we've reached the inevitable conclusion where arguments boil down to nonsense, because you have no way of actually defending why your walking "I win!" button doesn't need to be nerfed. At least Destiny 2 is more balanced, which is more than I can say for this game. 😛
  11. Perhaps you're taking that statement a bit too literally? Saryns dealing 5-11x more kills than you or your non-Saryn teammates is still not letting you get any kills, especially if you could get more by playing solo. Gonna take a swing here and guess Smolett is playing Saryn? Wadox has to be Rhino with 0% damage received. 3.4x more kills than the rest of the team combined. That frame's totally not trivializing the game, y'all. But you go ahead and keep taking the OP's post literally and thinking they're claiming that they get literally 0 kills, it's the only thing you keep falling back on to try and prove Saryn is anything but broken. 😛 I have a hard time believing Mag can compete with nuke frames, and if she is, I'd have to call the competence of these nuke frames into question. You might be able to out-damage Saryn if you run high strength, high range and some duration for Magnetize if you use a weapon with good burst damage like a sniper, you'll never be able to out-kill nukers unless the map you're playing on is majority close quarters. Equinox is also a nuke frame, on the lower end of the spectrum at least, because she actually requires kills in her radius in order to deal damage. Seeing as the accumulated damage isn't divided among enemies and is based on distance, that isn't saying much since a high range Equinox should build up a massive amount of damage in very short time and nuke the room. Kinda hard to do that when the average Saryn packs high amounts of range to destroy not only the room they're in, but also the rooms adjacent. You'd have to spend more time running than actually gunning if you want to actually get any real amount of kills. Hell, you'd probably also have to steal an elevator just to stall them, but that's pretty toxic behavior.
  12. One's an MR14. The Saryn user either doesn't have the mods, doesn't know how to mod Saryn right, or they're overall grossly incompetent. I'm betting on the third. Not that it matters. Smolett only got 36 while you got 75. Assuming the player on the far right is also Saryn, they scored a combined value of almost 11x kills more than Smolett, and 5.2x more than you. 3.5x more kills combined versus you and Smolett's combined kills. And I bet they did nothing except spam spores and/or 4. Nobody is arguing that Saryns are scoring ALL of the kills and letting players have 0. The argument is that Saryns are trivializing the everloving daylights out of the game by making teammates fight less enemies than they would have if they ran the mission solo. This is a horde shooter, not a walking simulator.
  13. Pretty much this. The reason people dislike the energy drain eximus is that they sneak up on you and if you're not paying attention to your energy, you won't realize there's one nearby until you discover you can't cast abilities. They should be given a subtle bubble around them, like outlines on the surfaces of objects to show when you're in their field.
  14. If you're talking endurance runs, not really. Given how there's only one incentive in the game so far that rewards players for pushing endless content to an hour or longer which rewards you a decoration on your orbiter, it's safe to assume DE doesn't recognize those on any official capacity.
  15. There's a significant difference between grinding missions against NPCs, and dealing with the frustration of getting your face caved in by people who bunnyhop in a game mode where weapons tend to kill you in a couple hits before you have a chance to react.
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