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  1. If all you care about are procs, impact is the better of the two since it staggers enemies. A staggered enemy can't fight, and an enemy who can't fight aren't a threat.
  2. Just to make sure nothing's weird: Are you trying to invite people before you get halfway through a non-endless mission, or before the first round of rewards of endless missions and having this problem?
  3. Because 3 is the default number. I have a bad time explaining this, but think of 3 as 0 here. 0 is right in the middle, with 5 being +2 and 1 being -2. The 0 is supposed to be the normal stats of the riven, but depending on the disposition of the weapon tied to it, the numbers go above or below it. So when something like Kuva Bramma is released, its riven disposition begins at 0 and depending on the popularity of the weapon, the disposition will shift between -2 and +2. Given the weapon's current popularity of being Lenz-But-Better, the disposition will most likely lower.
  4. By default, DE always gives riven disposition of 3 for any new weapon. All of the brand new kuva weapons got the same treatment, and so will those new Corpus weapons they're developing right now. Don't worry, the disposition of the Kuva Bramma is going to drop when they next go over disposition changes.
  5. When it comes to explosive weapons, I prefer using Revenant. He is completely unkillable while under the effects of Mesmer Skin, including from self-damage. You can shoot an enemy point blank in the face with a Kuva Ogris and laugh it off. The same can be said with a Kuva Bramma. My suggestion is if you want to use weapons that can self-damage, you should run frames best designed to handle them. Otherwise, there's a massive arsenal of other weapons you can choose from that won't be dangerous to your favorite frame.
  6. How is this a bad thing? The disk emitted a very powerful AoE for a long period of time, turning doorways and hallways into deathtraps, and a killing machine in the hands of frames that bunch enemies together like Vauban or Nidus. The disk should require some drawback, such as actually using the weapon for more than an AFK death dispenser.
  7. If that happened to me, the Lich I've had alive for weeks now would be dead yesterday, that's how fast I'd murder him for sniping my riven.
  8. - Random events in endless missions to keep them from being the same boring firefight. - Endgame that is challenging for experienced players. Liches and Railjack is a good start, but more is needed. - Finally doing something about rampant press-4-to-win and spin2win abuse.
  9. I've made a suggestion like this before in another thread, but seeing as it resonates with your problems, I'll share it here:
  10. There really needs to be a PSA sticky in every board mentioning this. PSA: If your weapon is dealing very little damage, check for Dragon Keys.
  11. If I had to guess, it's because you need to have a dojo to assemble a Railjack. And if I had to guess, most players don't have a clan. I can't say I blame them either. That's probably why people who want to engage in Railjack content can still do so by opting into it with the new button in Navigation. Want to do Railjack missions, but don't have one of your own nor have the means to obtain one? No problem.
  12. 6. Liches were a good addition for endgame players and the implementation of Empyrean is starting to give me the impression DE is finally gonna add something challenging to the game. Nightwave was also a welcome addition, especially as it added a new source of kuva besides running the same floods and fortress surivivals. Trouble is, a lot of this is still getting overshadowed by the existence of cheese mechanics. Nuke frames still trivialize the game for not only themselves but their entire team, and spin2win is worse than ever before with the Melee 3.0 rework. Still no reason to put any real effort into the game and just leech when you have a teammate steamrolling the mission with the power of a full team put together in the majority of missions you opt into.
  13. No. No it does not. The game goes up as far as level 100 which is gated behind kuva floods, sorties, or rank 5 Liches. DE doesn't officially recognize any levels higher than that, thus they have no reason to balance things for anything higher. Stat-wise, Baza Prime and Aksomati Prime are absolutely fine for the content we have access to. They don't need to have some crazy bonus powers or huge bumps in stats to be superior.
  14. It's a necessary evil. Given the opportunity, players will optimize the fun out of the game. People can cry about nerfs and their time spent all they want, but if DE gave you everything in as little time as possible, there'd be nothing left for you to do and so you'd quit. Players who quit are players who don't put money into the game, and no company survives on happy thoughts and good vibes.
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