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  1. At least they're giving us a rare Neo part and an uncommon Axi part this time instead of the trash we got in the first batch of alerts. Doesn't make up for the situation but it at least will be slightly impactful on cutting down farm time.
  2. Get a grasp on the fact that nobody was talking to you clown, go take your condescending BS elsewhere.
  3. All of the NBA 2K games do as well, they're all over 30gb, even the physical copies require a memory card as they cheaped out and used the smallest capacity switch carts (4gb iirc)
  4. Sorry to clarify I'm specifically referring to the prime vault stuff, none of the other prime vaults have required a full update they were all hotfixed in but for some reason they can't do it with this one. I'm sure they could do that but it would complicate things so I'm not going to advocate for that, but they could've told us about it and they didn't.
  5. No, you seem to be misunderstanding. I blame Nintendo for the delay (Nintendo and "online services" lol) but I blame DE for waiting until after the update was supposed to have launched before telling us it wasn't coming, that's very poor communication for a company that has entire team dedicated "community"
  6. The point is that they knew well beforehand but said nothing, that's called withholding information. Literally the entire point of having a "community team" is to prevent scenarios like this. Tell you what since you seem to not value your time at all, why don't you put in an 8 hour shift at work this week without being paid for it? After all it's only 8 hours right?
  7. They shouldn't have kept us in the dark and been more proactive by telling us it wasn't coming. Instead they waited like 8 hours until after it was supposed to have gone live to tell us anything. All the flak they're getting is well deserved and these "gifts" are empty gestures. I dont even care about the update, I dont want or need these gifts. All I want is transparency so that in the future I don't waste my time waiting around for something that isn't coming.
  8. An uncommon part from a lith relic and an unconmon part from a meso relic (that we cant yet use because we lack the other components)... That is supposed justify weeks of lost relic farming? Pathetic, how about giving the rare axi and rare neo components. Most people wouldnt have cared if you guys had just been upfront and transparent about what was going on, but instead you didnt even address what was going on until AFTER the vault was supposed to have opened and yet you still launched them packs to purchase on nintendo shop. Terrible Some people spent all of their syndicate standing to buy relic packs because we got red text saying it went live. I saved mine and have now lost out on 28k standing per day or roughly 10 relic packs and counting.
  9. You think Nintendo and DE are working on Thanksgiving? lol If it's not out tomorrow we won't have until at least Monday.
  10. they gave a relic pack out thursday night for watching prime time, then they gave 3 forma friday afternoon for watching devsteam.
  11. Nope, I asked on twitch stream and the response I got was "we are are of this issue" so no timetable for a fix.
  12. Ash and Vauban relics are not showing up in the codex and Cetus/Fortuna bounties are still rewarding Saryn/Valkyr relics. So is this actually live or not? Edit: definitely NOT live in Nintendo Switch. Just got Lith V6 (Valkyr) relic from Hepit, Void Capture mission 3:14 pm EST.
  13. I know "the vocal minority is the loudest" but all of this sounds absolutely awful. I'm a console player so I'll reserve judgement until we get the update but it just seems like such a blatant cashgrab. You're already locking common frames behind endgame content (Khora with ESO, Hildryn orb mother, now Grendel with arbis) if that's not bad enough you're throwing in a "challenge" that strips endgame level players of all the gear they've spent 1000's of hours acquiring? I saved up 100 vitus essence (we only get 1 per rotation on console, so that's 1,000 minutes minutes or roughly 17 hours) to unlock grendel and now it sounds like I'm in for another grind on top of that? Who comes up with this stuff?
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