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  1. Funniest thing is, that bug was reported countless times since the release of rj retrofit, it wasn't solved with the last 2 rj retrofit hotfixes, and apparently is still present on the new update. You'd think DE would at least try and fix the previous known/reported rj bugs before releasing new rj bugs with their tempestari update.
  2. And it's so permanent, that you have to leave dojo in order to get rid of it, if you only go back to dry dock it will remain like this in missions.
  3. And let's not forget the huge amount of credits we'll need to level the avionics turned into mods. It certainly doesn't look like less grind to me, blatant lies as always.
  4. Can you guys revert the change for specters, they went back to being useless all over again.
  5. Congratz on making specters useless all over again!
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