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  1. Its just the way melee 3.0 works. All melee weapons (even the worst ones) are better than most if not all primaries and secondaries, often by a long way. Apart from having innate cleave, no reload (i.e. no dps downtime) and no resource restrictions (i.e. ammo) they have stealth multipliers, prone/knockdown multipliers, combo multipliers and extremely busted mods like Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds that can make make anything with like 20% crit/status chance into a hybrid monster weapon. Then you have force procs on stance combos so you can get guaranteed knockdowns easily. There are also h
  2. I think Pangolin Prime is the closest there is to a hypothetical best single sword for combo dps. If I were to imagine what the perfect single sword for combo dps would look like, I would look something like this: high speed, heavily slash biased with at least 28% base crit chance (minimum 2.0x crit multiplier), 36% base status chance and a stance mod that has fast cleaving attacks with big damage multipliers. All combo dps melees are essentially built the same way so the only real difference is the stance mods and the base stats. With 28% base crit chance, 12x combo multiplier and B
  3. I posted that over a year ago and some information is out of date. Hydrolyst shield is now 27k hp (down from 34k hp), so you only need 4.5x void strike to one shot with Propa. Shraksun multi hits so there is no set VS threshold - its more like a range of damage values that will one shot between x3 and x8 ish void strike x unairu wisp x volt shield depending on how many crits you get. Meta amp right now is 177 (raplak, propa, certus) and most volts place their electric shields to suit propa users. If you don't crit with propa you have a hitscan, high crit rate backup shot with raplak. Its
  4. To elaborate, the grineer camp at the north side of Gara Toht Lake no longer seems to spawn vomvalysts at all. I don't even think conservation animals spawn there either. I have marked them with a green x in the screenshots below. These spots are now so unreliable I have given up on fast charging here and have switched back to fast charging at Twin Horns (which seems to be unaffected). There may be more but all the problem spawns I have encountered seem to be clustered around Gara Toht Lake. As an aside, vomvalysts are still moving much slower than they used
  5. I'm noticing that every time I let the game rebuild shaders, then restart the game, I get bad stuttering again (presumably because its re-compiling shaders again). I understand the basics of how shader cache works but I think something is broken...
  6. Hit me up in game and I can solo carry on Volt if you want to see it in mission. To do the same thing you will need a crit amp, madurai void strike, virtuos shadow (arcane), a high damage single shot weapon modded for radiation (typically a sniper rifle or a gunblade like redeemer prime) and a tonne of energy restores (consumable). You will also need a frame capable of self buffing weapon damage, which is easy now due to the Helminth system since any warframe can build for ability strength% and subsume Roar. Unless the videos you watch are very up to date, there will likely be some inform
  7. That is normal. I really like Jacsonitos's youtube guides on 6x3 hunts. Although some of the information is out of date, the fundamentals are essentially the same. I think it is worth watching his 6 cap and 2020 playlists in full: He does guides for individual roles as well as techniques you need to learn for fast, consistent hunts - things like teleporting lures, capturing lures without dismounting archwing, pre-shielding, fast charging etc. Most importantly, he doesn't just show the correct way to do things - he sometimes shows what happens when you get it wrong or when the rn
  8. Heres mine: One thing that sticks out is your x64 2015-2019 distributable is a different version to your x86? You can try right click->change->repair install on all of them if in doubt. It only needs to be built once and every time you start up the game thereafter, it will retrieve the pre-compiled shaders from the on disk cache.
  9. Can you go into control panel->programs and features, sort by publisher and scroll down to Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables. Maybe take a screenshot? I have gotten failure to initialize direct3d in other games before and it was often due to a missing .dll found in one of the redistributable packages.
  10. You have to let the shader cache rebuild itself. When you first start up the game you will get horrible frame times and hitching because all the shaders are being compiled on the fly. Once compiled, they persist in main memory and the stuttering goes away. They are also written to disk (the shader cache) and will load when you next launch the game, so it only has to do this once. If you delete the shader cache, it will have to rebuild itself again and the stutter will come back until its done. This happened in Guild Wars 2 if you used the DX12 proxy mod. Every time the game updated, the m
  11. I just did this with clan mates and I don't think I'll do it again. Weapon parts are in t2 and t3 bounty drop tables so to unlock these bounties you have to do at least t2 iso vaults before you can even start them. Weapon parts are all 5% to 15% drops from 1 stage of each bounty set. The drop tables are stuffed with drops that I consider to be cruel like endo and orokin matrices. The arcanes are mostly sub 10% drops. There are quite a few necramech mods in these tables with substantially higher drop rates than from iso vault necramech kills so if you don't have those already, these are a
  12. Fixed missing normal maps on Operators (leading to faces looking off, i.e scars not looking right). This still appears to be partially broken. Pre Deimos Arcana on the left. Post Hotfix 29.5.2 on the right.
  13. Whipclaw is functionally an exalted quick melee for Khora. There are quite a few hybrid melee weapons in the game that are capable of million+ dps, even if they can't do Whipclaw's burst damage. They can pull ahead over time with status procs but in the case of Khora, you need to sacrifice your melee weapon so it becomes a container for mods that apply to Whipclaw. The main difference is that Whipclaw receives a damage multiplier from ability strength% and bonus reach from ability range%. It also has an explosion at the point of impact whose radius increases with range%. This is what allo
  14. Leeching is absolutely fine imho. The barrier to entry for eidolon hunts is quite high - you need quills rep to build an appropriate amp and you need a lot of focus school progression so your operator isn't useless. Then you need to learn a whole bunch of obscure boss mechanics, timings and breakpoints if you don't want the hunt to turn into a mess. There is an implicit understanding among veteran eidolon hunters that the fastest way to get into hunting is to get carried through your first dozen or so tricaps. Take the free sentient cores and focus shards so you can spend them on the too
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