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  1. sounds interesting, but she sounds like a grendle/rhino/mirage rip off to me. The only unqiue thing i see is the slowing effect which is a far more restrictive version of Nova, though arguably a bit more...controlled. I think it could be fun however if some of the abilities are altered a bit to suit the gem motief. Besides that, the energy mist doesn't make much sense. Change it to energy field maybe? Why would gems give off a mist?
  2. so with elemental and 'mystic' themes being played here and there, i thought why not go a bit farther out then normal? Think Nyx's big Sister, LIlly. (Place holder name) Passive: Calming aura: When Lilly is not attacking, enemies ignore her. hacking/opening lockers (and being seen doing so) will trigger an aggressive response (also attacking, attacking will make them aggressive to :D) Ability 1: Charm: Temporarily turn an enemy into an ally. this can be done to four targets at one time (heavies take 2 slots) A small heart(diamond) under the energy gauge marks how many are currently under her charm. Once expired charmed enemies enter a confused/assassination able state for a few seconds. Ability 2: Calming mist: Lilly sends out a mist that pacifies all nearbye enemies permanently. Taking aggressive actions, hacking in front of enemies etc, begins combat again. Calming mist becomes a 'confused' state when alarms are triggered. Ability 3: Kiss: Kiss a chosen enemy (either a literally 'blow' kiss that sends out an energy pair of lips, or literally grabbing an enemy) that drains their health and energy. Kiss marks a target as a 'chosen' and if Charmed doubles the time charmed. This has diminishing returns. Kissing an already Charmed enemy does not double time. This only works on an un-charmed enemy. Enemies that are kissed are left in a confused state for a short time. Kiss can mark up to 20 people at a time, however only applies its bonus to Charm and Followers of Love, gaining no other bonus's. Ability 4: Followers of Love: Lilly sends out mist in all directions. Any charmed enemies become Thralls, permanently following her around and aiding her. (max is always four) This also allows her to Charm nearby enemies beyond her original limit of 4. This effect lasts the same amount of time as Charm, and again, can be extended by Kiss. Ability 4 Alt: Worship: All enemies caught in her mist come to her and 'worship' her. They offer her ammo, health orbs, mana orbs, even resources (think ivara's 'steal' ability). Once the ability ends they are all confused and stunned for an extended period of time. If Lilly walks during this ability, all enthralled enemies will follow behind her, temporarily attacking anyone not caught up in her spell. (Max of 10 thralls at a time, when one dies a new one can be taken)
  3. interesting concept, but just sounds like you took some mods and threw them into a warframe idea
  4. 1: i'd be ok with that. 2: Yeah, agree'd. I woudlnt' even care if they cut the current void trace limit in half. If we could farm for them specificly, it would be nice. Personally i'd also like to use two relics at a time ina relic hunt but ya know thats unreleated 😄
  5. O.O i can see why you would, and i thought i had a lot of relics. Woof. As to DE thinking its OP, i dunno, i think the players complain teh most about stuff. Honestly, it kinda bugs me personally, when i got it in FAllout 4, my first thought was '.....why didn't this come standard' i mean come on, your telling me with the technology available, we wouldn't use it? YOU wouldn't use it? it makes perfect sence, at the very least, putting a marker above an enemy's head while in line of site, within the radious of the ability, at least. It just seems dumb to not actually use it. its enemy sense, and the only thing you 'sense' is 'oh...there's enemies' if we can see them on our map, we could mark them on our hud.
  6. i dunno, i personally hate the relying on the minimap to spot enemies, if they are only highlighted while within range of my mod, then its not op, i mean, its literally a triangle that hardly helps you spot them half the time. But yeah i agree. though i woulnd' tever break down my relics o.o thats ducats man ;D
  7. Enemy Sense to Enemy Pulse: Turn the enemy sense mod into an enemy pulse. Any enemy that enters the range of the mod is highlighted through walls/in person with a red aura, think like the highlight when scanning but only around the body. It would help a lot for me i know, when the enemies just sort of, blend in. Or you know, when the mini map just farts out and doesn't' show them even when you have the mod equip. Void Traces: what if Void Traces were added to the void as a rare drop chance. I mean, its silly how we can get it by the random rifts from the void but not from the void itself? Alternatively, like the gold containers on lua, you could have void fissures/void nexus in void missions that are rare spawns that when collected/interacted with, provide void traces.
  8. Ok,i've been looking at this forever and a day now, so i'm starting to question this. How does the critical chance increase, Point Strike, work? I have a 25% crit chance, and it only goes up to 62.5% i feel like it should be hire for some reason, but outside of that bad example, does it base it only on the original? And if i stack it multiple times )like the case of status chance) is it just like, 2 60% chance cards just total 120% of the original, or is it 60% stacked twice?
  9. so i was doing some RAiljack missions last night and i had a thought. Its fun being able to you know, fly a big ship, shoot with it, use it creatively ;D, but I'd LOVE if we could get like, convoy's or something. I know its just been implemented and we have no idea whats to come, but think about it. Either as a mission, or as a random event, just like supply convoys. have WAY more resources then the normal missions, but, you need to board it without being seen so the crew doesn't blow it up/get rid of it/escape whatever variation you want. Stealth it you get more, blow it up you get less, but still more then the normal. So basically like one big resource cache ya know? think that could be kinda fun ^_^. So to make this more simple, here's the two ideas i have around this. Cargo Runs/Supply Lines: Mission type or random event where corpus or grineer supply ships are flying by and you can raid them. Cache: Like in some missions how there are cache's, have grineer and corpus supply stations, hidden away from prying eyes that you can find in some missions. However, it would take a LOT of firepower to break into those vaults, so better bring teh big guns ^_^ Supply Raid: raid a grineer or corpus supply depot to gather resources. Stealth run (no alarms) gains you higher resources then loud.
  10. my kavat doesn't load or just jumps around the ship, like lag jumping, and it doesn't lay on the cloning pad, its like, 3 feet towards teh mod station.
  11. So some of yall might recognize my tag behind this, but i'm DOING IT AGAIN! here we go, Fenrir Revisit ^_^ Fenrir: A feral based warframe from early day trials of warframe construction. Combining human DNA with ancient Wolf Dna, a long since extinct species, Fenrir was created. Quadruped by nature, with the vast intellect of a Tenno, Fenrir proved to be a most lethal deterrent to the Orokin threat, until, he learned to break his shackles. Passive: Presence: Enemies are wary of attacking Fenrir with Melee, this means enemy combatants, as well as Kubrow or Kavat, will not immediately engage Fenrir in melee combat. this effect is a 180 degree zone, meaning melee attackers will confront Fenrir when coming from behind. Ability 1: Scent tracking: Fenrir sniffs the air and spots targets highlighting them (in current energy color) Ability 2: Shadow Hunt: Fenrir sends shadow wolves into marked targets shadows, holding the button makes marked targets get assassinated by shadow wolves, doing 100% of assassination damage (at max rank) when doing so. A total of 10 targets can be marked at a time. Marked targets are shown with an X marker above them. marked targets can still be assassinated even while in combat, however damage is reduced by half. Ability 3: Howl: Fenrir howls and creates an echo, causing all nearby enemies to fear. Feared targets can be assassinated for full damage (by other tenno as well as ability 2 marks) Effect lasts 10 second, 25 at max. Ability 4: Shadow Pack: Fenrir summons 1, max 4, shadow wolves to fight along side him. While in Shadow pack, Fenrir is restricted to melee attacks only, and gains a 15% melee attack power bonus. If wielding a melee weapon only, a bonus 5% melee bonus is applied. If used in stealth, the Shadow Wolves will seek out nearby targets to assassinate, Shadow wolves can jump from one shadow to the next so long as they are within 5m of each other (enemy shadows, not like random shadows). If in combat, wolves will strike at any nearby enemy within 20m max of Fenrir. This distance cannot be expanded unless in stealth. Looks: Fenrir as you might imagine, is a feral warmframe. he walks on all fours like a kubrow, but looks like a proper, if not tenno-fied :D, wolf. He uses guns by having two satellites, one over each shoulder, that adopts teh secondary and primary weapon. The 'swap' animation is the satellite detaching from his shoulders and 'activating' respectively. They will fire like the current weapon equip. Melee will be done in one of two ways, either preset attack with melee based on claws, headbutts and bites, slash impact and puncture, based on the weapon equip, or he will just use it by holding the weapon in his jaws. The first seems more feasible. ^_^ Looks 2: Now, as some of you may remember, people really hate on the feral warframe idea, i think its way past time we could do it, but to cater to them, think Werewolf. A frame that not unlike chroma, has a clearly anamalistic overtone. Not subtle like rhino or oberon, but obvious, it woudl be his primary characteristic. Lastly, anyone who wants to do art, yes please! I'd love a visual idea for this. If you decide to do it, keep in mind two things. There IS fur ;D even if it seems like metal thats fine ^_^. The feral form looks like an armored wolf, with some heavy metal replacement over tones, but muscle detail in the metal, like his skin BECAME metal, but he has this sort of ...fog, that rolls off him. He IS living shadow after all ^_^ The werewolf should have a chroma like feel where he's more animal then man, but the face shouldn't' be as wolven, and the hands should have a claw feel, but the feet should DEFIANTLY be animalistic. Its a rough go but if done right i think he could be awesome. Though i am afraid people will just see it as a chroma rip if done wrong.
  12. ya know...while i think this would never happen, i want it so bad lol
  13. ....do what? I've never had to level them before, regardless, about 20 minutes after i posted this it was already fixed on my character. That being said, you could be partially right, i'm not 100% sure, but i think it popped up when i maxed out the staff itself, so maybe it has to be maxed teh first time? Either way its fixed lol. So either your right or it was a glitch 😛 who knows.
  14. So i just got my Wukong prime and i've been playing him and realized i can't select the primed bo staff to mod for him. When i swap to other frames, prime and normal, with the 'extra weapon' it shows up but his does not. Hopefully this is where this goes ^_^
  15. nah, it would still just act like the golem or mutated alad V. Special versions of teh boss fight etc. I mean, by your reasoning, all the assassination targets shoudl never pop back up again either >_>
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