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  1. Don't take this the wrong way, but your post is empty.
  2. Well I am not an RNG god. However if it really did take days then it is most likely a bug. If it will take days to farm something than maybe it would be better to use plat instead. However the thing is, we don't know. I'm very certain even the OP did not know the length of his grind. Even so, I've never had a kuva or tenet weapon take me a day to farm. Yet I can tell you I did get the weapons I want in just a few minutes. Well if it only takes minutes, why spend plat? Also if it actually is a bug, why get punished for it and lose plat?
  3. Because you are not buying the weapon itself, you are buying the converted lich that has the weapon on them. Which you also still need to beat. I will not question why it is seems logical to you, but spending plat on a task you can accomplish in in a few minutes to an hour is not worth it to me. I'll even argue it takes longer farming the plat in this case. It is must likely is a bug, I would wait for daily reset. I know how you feel though, I use to get a lot of Tent Spirexs with my sisters. Hell, a Kuva Karak was actually my very first lich weapon I spawned.
  4. In your opinion, do you feel the higher the riven disposition of a weapon, the more of an MR fodder it is? Or do you feel there are diamonds in the ruff when it comes to good weapons with a high riven disposition? Probably the best example I can give are the Boar Prime, Scindo Prime and Sybaris Prime. I feel these are good weapons but they also have a high riven disposition. What do you think?
  5. This The prime tentacles are cool but I feel it would be too distracting on tennogen skins. Some of them also have very nice skin flaps which I like over the prime tentacles. Well it pleased me, a lot.
  6. Well I am not saying they are bad, its just that I feel at times I would rather stay in my Warframe than use a Necramech. Its probably just a me thing anyway. You do make a good point though. I do go hunt liches very often. Maybe I should use it more.
  7. Share with me your opinions on the Nidus Prime accessories. Do you think they are great, worth buying or not a big fan of them? I'll start with what I feel about them personally. Crinoid Prime Syandana: This syandana actually looks pretty cool. I really like its infested look. However since it is a syandana, I will have to see it in game to determine how good it looks on my Nidus fashion frame. I am also worried it will only look good on Nidus, and not any other Warframe. Karnolyth Necramech Skin: Ok this skin is amazing, I just love the way it looks. My only real issue however is that it is for a Necramech. I like Necramechs but there really is only a few places to use them. Though later DE could find more uses for a Necramech. I do feel at times that I have no reason to use a Necramech anyway so this is a tough sell. Infested Orbiter Decorations: This is probably my favorite thing in the bundle. Sure its not very "primey" but this fits Nidus just so well. Now if we had an infested ship this would be even better. Still, I would need to see how it fully looks in game, but from what I saw from the dev stream it already looks pretty cool. What are your thoughts on these?
  8. Yea I can understand that being frustrating. Sadly they do have a habit of making these kinds of changes much much later. Zephyr for example is only really good now, as oppose to years of being meh. Yea Stance formas has always been odd. The only weapon I have ever used it for is scindo prime. Which only takes one stance mod but can use three different ones if you put a stance forma on. Well we have magnus prime now, so anything is possible. I would not worry anyway, I am very sure we will get another stance mod for it. Maybe even sooner with more people buying skins for it.
  9. You make it sound like they can only do one or the other. DE is not an indie company, they have a sperate team for modelers to make skins, and animators for stances. Its not that they made a skin instead of a stance, they just probably do not consider making a new stance to be worthwhile. Hell they even showed off the ghoul saw and a stance for it. If you want a new stance then I understand that. Yet you should not blame a skin for not having it. I am very positive they can make stances and skins at the same time. I'll be honest with you, I feel we have not gotten a new stance for it because well.. they have no idea what stance to actually make. Personally I want something like Blind Justice for it.
  10. Were you hoping for a stug skin instead? If you don't like it then do not buy it.
  11. Alternatively, we can also use them as a crafting component for domestik drones.
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