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  1. I just transmuted it myself since after a few months of sitting in my inventory I wanted it gone. Offered it for 5p with no buyers, The roll I got was nothing special. Spending kuva on it would probably be a waste.
  2. A plasma sword riven. It was so bad no one would take it off me, even for free.
  3. Silly me, I forgot to put condition overload, weeping wounds and blood rush on my Paris.
  4. To be honest Brozime's tier lists are often very biased. If he personal dislikes a frame he won't give them a chance. While if the frame can AOE spam mobs its A tier. He often views frames in the context of them having only one build.
  5. I love Nidus the way he is yet I don't really see people talk about him. Though there is a trend of asking for reworks when a Warframe is about to get primed. Which is more evident with Octavia Prime. That said, will people ask or want a rework for Nidus Prime?
  6. Passengers who spam your flux, since that can make your Railjack missions much longer. Refine you can at least work around to some degree.
  7. Truly the weapon is not very good, I have not touched mine since leveling it up. It is not so bad to be MR fodder but nothing worth breaking your head over. I feel now we have enough weapons for MR if that is why you want it.
  8. I bet it comes with an exclusive fried food themed Warframe.
  9. Got this wired bug during one of my missions. The most energy restored medal now appears as "/Lotus/Language/Medals/MOST_ENERGY_RESTORED". Is this happening with you guys as well?
  10. There is a theory that she might have been a former Dax soldier. I actually would not mind that, think it would be cool.
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