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  1. The discount is for plat only, not for items in the market place.
  2. I only use my helminth charger, she protects me, loves me and is always happy to see me.
  3. My theory is that they will give every new frame three weapons, with the third one being a potential for another Warframe's prime access. In addition to left over stuff from the Tenno lab like the Gunsen and Veldt. Or they will make up new prime weapons like what they did with Reaper Prime, Euphona Prime and Dakra Prime.
  4. Well I am not referring to gas by itself, but rather gas on tornados. So I am assuming they will just nerf gas on tornados rather than gas itself. I agree gas is weak by itself and should not by nerfed.
  5. So Zephyr has some interesting synergy with gas. Apparently with a high enough crit chance and just gas damage you can shred apart high level enemies like it is nothing. Now I am fine with this and think it is great. Since bird frame now finally gets her time to shine. However I am worried this would encourage a nerf to Zephyr. Or at least, changes to how gas works on tornadoes. I guess changes to gas would be ok but I really do not want to nerf Zephyr's passive or the 200% crit amplification from tornadoes. Also to be upfront, I am actually not sure why gas is very strong on
  6. I know right, she want from D tier to A tier in one day.
  7. Sad truth is that people will complain because they are priming an unpopular weapon, which I see nothing wrong with. It would be like the backlash of when they primed Inaros instead of Nezha first. Despite it being Gara's signature weapon, we could prime it in another prime access. I would not mind just giving Fusilai Prime in the Nidus Prime Access. Since technically Hirudo and Hema are not Tenno weapons. Yet we cannot leave our infested boi weaponless. I mean I'll take a Fusilai Prime over a Kunai Prime.
  8. I'm sorry but are you referring to items in the foundry?
  9. Oh no, it appears Valkyr is stuck in a tree. How will you get her down? Me? I'll lure her down with some kuva.
  10. Well this would be a smart idea to increase sales, especially to keep Nidus fans eager.
  11. All good, I might have been rude myself so sorry about that as well. Lol, well I personally feel the new Zephyr is definitely up there. Her tornadoes where buffed to grab, hold, and take status effects better. Apparently shooting a high crit gas weapon in the air into the tornadoes causes them to shred apart anything. Not exactly sure how it works but the basic jest is that Zephyr gets an extra 100% crit chance while in the air and her tornadoes are able to absorb every damage type. Including status effects, crit damage and even the damage bonus from bane mods. In fact they
  12. But it greatly helps, and not everyone being able to sustain themselves is my point. That does not necessarily mean they are bad, maybe they just do not have the right equipment. Therefore would protecting them not be irrelevant? If you have a full squad of pre made high sustainable tenno then that is good. Yet from my experince that is not always the case. Don't take this the wrong way, but its text so it is hard to tell if you are joking. The thing is though, not everything will be killable right from the get go. I mention boss fights before but I feel
  13. The best part about Harrow Prime is that we never have to play Defection ever again.
  14. Its definitely not, in high level content it is very helpful and not every frame is super tanky. Nor does everyone run sustain builds. Unless you tell me everyone on XBOX runs rhino and inaros. Also DPS will not help you if you are suiciding yourself to kill things. Everyone can use protection, especially in boss fights and the steel path. I see players die all the time in the steel path, even tanks. Also how will you protect targets? They do not have sustain builds you know. Don't tell you can kill them fast enough, they will chip the targets health eventually on higher levels. Ke
  15. I mean with this way of reasoning we do not technically need any frame ever because we have Saryn and Octavia. However even if a frame is 100% better than the other one just use the one you like anyway. Really a frame is only as good as the person using them. So if you are a better Gara than Xaku than you will get more value form Gara. What this means however is that you might need to put in a little more work. Plus I feel you should pick frames based on themes you enjoy, rather than who is meta. But in all honesty I really do not see how Xaku makes Gara irrelevant. Xak
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