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  1. People still use the Jade Rabbit? Personally I feel the same way about Warframe's open worlds, but I do agree Destiny can feel small at times.
  2. Yea players are using scout rifles more to farm Randy's Throwing Knife. Plus Symmetry (exotic scout) was given out for free. However hand cannons are still very strong in PvP.
  3. You mean Symmetry? I love that gun, the catalyst turns it in to a beast. True, though there is always cool gear to get. Also try getting the sturm, it goes very well with the drang. I see, I am a little surprised we are not comparing Warframe to Borderlands 3 or something.
  4. I've been out of the loop for some time now. However I have been seeing lately that people are talking about Destiny 2 in railjack discussions. Though I am a bit confused, is this due to player numbers and why in railjack specifically? I mean destiny 2 is a great game, but why are we talking about it more with the introduction of railjacks? Are players leaving Warframe to play Destiny 2, or something like that? Sorry if I sound confused. I came back to Warframe after playing other games.
  5. To be fair Destiny 2 has improved a lot since launch. Still I believe Destiny 2 going FTP accounts for a small margin of decreasing steam numbers. Though it does make sense for players to quite Warframe and try Destiny 2, but those players can come back. However I am ready to be proven wrong or have my mind changed.
  6. I mean its not like you can never get a railjack if part 2 comes. If you don't have one you will still need to grind for it regardless.
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