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  1. I was hopping to be proven wrong unfortunately. Or given a more accurate reason. That is understandable, though I can also see this is what makes him unique and fun for some people. While I do not find him fun, I can see the appeal of being an unkillable god. Not sure if reworking him is needed or not. He may be boring for most but he is still a strong frame, at least to my knowledge. Also is it fair to rework a frame because of the way people use it? I do not think Ianros was intended to be used for afking in missions. You are the true team player. 👍
  2. The next prime frame looks like to be Inaros. While I do not play Inaros, I think Inaros Prime looks cool and will definitely make players who enjoy him happy. However I've also been seeing a lot of hate towards him. Mostly directed towards his prime but also to Inaros himself. Pretty much I have been seeing a lot of this in regards to Inaros: - No Nezha - Boring/lazy - No rework - A bad frame Though personally I am not sure why there is all of a sudden a big uproar towards him. He may not be the best frame but he is still Inaros but Primed. Plus isn't Inaros a strong frame? Again I do not play him so I do not understand all of this very well. From what I understand he is suppose to be a demigod which he pulls off well.
  3. I think the nully bois will annoy most players. Especially those that rely too much on abilities.
  4. While some may not like this, we can also replace Nidus' flashy parts with metal. Like so: We can just say they built Nidus Prime and used Nidus as an inspiration. This might not be lore breaking, probably.I am not very good with Warframe lore.
  5. I find Warframe fun, why don't you? If you are referring to the grind I personally find that fun. Since it often involves overcoming a challenge. Once you get the thing you were grinding for you feel like a real chad. I do gotta ask, what are you grinding for?
  6. That skin... I must have it! Fantastic work, I really hope this gets added soon.
  7. That is good to hear, I appreciate the confirmation.
  8. I hope one of them is a Zylok prime but that might be a stretch.
  9. Currently it still deals damage for me. However I have noticed the audio from her mandachord tends to cut in and out since the update.
  10. A Saryn nerf that kills the Warframe, for most people anyway.
  11. TennoGen Round 19's deadline has been posted. Thus I would like to know what skins or items you would like for the next round. Me personally I want this Nidus skin: Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1973905520 However what items would you like?
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