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  1. I agree its a pretty terrible quest. However I would not say it completely has nothing to do with Nidus. Near the end of the quest, Glast needed something to bet so he can get Neewa back. However since he lost all his money, he needed to bet something Nef would not refuse. So he bets the myconian's old war relic in hopes of getting Neewa back, and Nef agrees. Once you complete the last index match Glast gifts you the old war relic, which is actually revealed to be Nidus' BP. Nef even said the old war relic is so disgusting but yet so beautiful. I find this funny because he is basically calling Nidus disgustingly beautiful. But yea the quest is still kind of balls, most of my friends just bought Nidus since they do not want to do the quest or infested salvage.
  2. I am sorry, I had to do this: Grendel: Gauss:
  3. Just a simple game, basically describe any Warframe with images. Post some funny ones if you want. Here are some of mine: Nidus: Nyx: Chroma: Valkyr: Excalibur: Loki:
  4. Nidus + Saryn Saryn is pretty squishy and is very good at wiping the map. Nidus is very hard to kill but cannot nuke. Basically Nidus protects Saryn and helps spread her spores. While Saryn wipes the map clean. They both also need time to build up their damage, so they basically become stronger together. Nidus: Can give Saryn more power strength with Parasitic Link. Can easily pop her spores with Virulence. Can bring enemies closer to spread the spores with Larva. Can heal her with Ravenous. Saryn: Kills everything
  5. Granted, however its the WWF Wrestler. I wish for Nidus prime.
  6. Granted, but only for a minute. I wish for an army of Domestik Drones to fight along side me in missions.
  7. But if we have less stars, what would Ordis count?
  8. The Spore Ephemera would look perfect on my Helminth Charger, I like this idea.
  9. Hold my beer Oh no, I think I caught it *cough* *cough* NIDUS *cough*
  10. True, though Saryns and Mesas tend to do exactly that. I know now how to avoid the rad procs altogether, but I cannot speak for my teammates. Every single time
  11. I want into my first radiation hazard sortie with Octavia. Constantly downing your teammates with Baby Shark was pretty funny, until we failed the mission. Unfortunately my teammates were not as enthusiastic with the matter. First time I learned that radiation procs enable friendly fire. I then understood why you never take Saryn, Mesa, or Octavia in those missions. I still think its BS radiation procs do that.
  12. Does the Orb Vallis also give you some lag? Its just as detailed as the the Plains of Eidolon thus I wanna make sure if its a problem with the game or the hardware.
  13. There is a Emissary Ornament decoration? Dang now I really want it, I hope it gets added to the cred offerings at some point.
  14. I see, does this also happen in the Plains of Eidolon or is your performance much better on there? Also are your drivers up to date? The the latest version so far is 431.36.
  15. Dear god, he knows my every move! I must be more careful when leveling weapons, in case he shows up. If the Wolf was a bullet sponge then this kid can probably kill you with his brain. Assuming he is a field boss of course. That said, what you guys think his drops would be?
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