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Hi, I'm Elia, and i'm an italian guy that likes sugar and graphic design 

I also enjoy any kind of Music (from Classic to jazz to Electronic stuff and rock, don't forget about the metal, and the especially the epic metal... ok there are too many generes that i listen to, just focus with the first part of my sentence, any kind of music)

And i love cats, muffins, animes , cats, animation movies, cats, psychology, movies that involve cats and animation movies that involve cats, yeah... cats u.ù also stuff that is not cat related.

Other things about me? i'm 22 and i'm a Graphic Design Technician (italian school gives odd names to stuff) Not unemployed anymore, i study at an Art Accademy, sculture and drawing and painting a lot lately ...i'll have the chance to study some english too pretty soon.


You can also find me ingame (as "Regar", of course)

or maybe on Steam as "Sugar Addict" (ok, i got it nobody actually know why but looking for people on steam it's pretty weird and many times you end adding some random guy ... that's why i'll provide you this link to help you out.

My DA page with some sketches and old drafts of my self lernt digital art career http://sugardesu.deviantart.com/


Humm, i didn't said anything about Warframe and such, oh well, i love warframe, of course, and i spend lot of time reporting bugs, cause i belvie it's a nice way to help the Digital Extreme, you will probably will find tons of stuff in the bug report section, but i also make Clan Emblems for people or simply make weird &#! concepts suggestion that nobody will ever read, feelsbadman ... that's it (what a boring ending for a profile ... sorry, but you will have to deal with it :O )


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