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  1. i got it from the mail they are running a script to give the set to everyone who logged in
  2. thanks i was really looking forward to see these dioramas paying more attention to the details than we usually do in the heat of the battle
  3. we see a new version of ballas that give us this vibe
  4. also could it work like in genshin impact where you switch up to 4 different characters presing 1,2,3,4, but in warframe style it could be like light tap 1 to change the wheel to select another form and hold to change into it
  5. we need ivara umbra i was too lazy to do mastery rank up, so i spend a long time in mr1 with a bunch of frames and weapons on the foundry, then bought some platinum, and later selling primes and maxed mods to be able to buy weapons and frame slots to use all the things in my foundry
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