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  1. we need ivara umbra
    i was too lazy to do mastery rank up, so i spend a long time in mr1 with a bunch of frames and weapons on the foundry, then bought some platinum, and later selling primes and maxed mods to be able to buy weapons and frame slots to use all the things in my foundry

  2. TYPE: In-Game

    DESCRIPTION:  Crewmates don't use the mods of the weapons if we equip them with fully modded level 0 unused weapons, only make use of the mods if the weapon is leveled up

    REPRODUCTION: equip Crewmates with a fully modded unused level 0 weapon ( example a duped Dex weapon from anniversary events or an extra weapon from twitch drops, they come equipped with catalyst and if we have high mr we have access to a full build without need to level up the weapon)

    EXPECTED RESULT:  the Crewmate use the mods equiped on the weapon

    OBSERVED RESULT:  the Crewmate don't use the mods on the fully modded unused level 0 weapon only use them if the weapon is leveled up


    • TYPE: Ingame
    • DESCRIPTION: Sometimes corpus crewship despawn when they are low health and don't increase the crewship destroyed objective so no more corpus crewship spawn making the mission unable to be completed
    • REPRODUCTION: Attack corpus crewship using turrets to lower their health
    • EXPECTED RESULT:  corpus crewship is disabled when low health
    • OBSERVED RESULT:  corpus crewship despawn and don't increase the count of corpus ship destroyed making the mission unable to be completed
    • REPRODUCTION RATE:  randomly but often enough to make me write a bug report in the middle of the night after taking a break from the game for 6 months
  3. Nekros + resonator = kill things peacefully
    Nekros + thermal sunder = laugh like a madman

    ******warning F word used in the next phrase******
    if i want to use the Necramech to commit the crime of having fun

    mesa + dispensary wisp to recharge energy of the Nekramech and also use mesa in case the Necramech can't keep up with the bounty mission
    trinity + dispensary wisp to recharge energy and HP of the Nekramech (health orbs from dispensary wisp don't heal Necramechs)

    i use others too for normal missions and farming purposes but i don't want those combinations nerfed so i will not write them

  4. i think they won't release the last part till they create a mastery rank 30 test and decide what are they going to do with the MR30

    You see founders need 2990 pts to get MR30, and if they release the last act of nightwave that mean we will fight the Glassmaker and we know he will drop a new weapon so founder will get the 3K mastery needed to get MR30

    basically we need to wait till they finish the preparations for MR30 for the founders

  5. all these changes to marked for death and none of them mentions that it never affected enemies that are a bit up from your position or a bit down from your position and random geometry blocking the skill, anyways the thing is more than death now so there is no point on fixing that

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  6. i will suggest the most basics of things

    add melee stats on the mod UI of the necramech, we need to know what changes all these melee mods do exactly, are they just placebo? or are they making some significant change to have them equipped

    return the "-" polarity we lost on the arquebex with the last hotfix, i was using it, and don't feel right to use a forma to recover my build


  7. TYPE: In-Game

    DESCRIPTION: When attempting to swap the 4th polarity slot on the first row from the Necramech we get the error "the aura slot polarity cannot be swapped"



    REPRODUCTION: Apply forma to your Necramech and then try to swap the 4th polarity slot on the first row

    EXPECTED RESULT: After using forma we should be able to swap any polarity from any slot because there is no aura mods for the Necramechs

    OBSERVED RESULT: When attempting to swap the 4th polarity slot on the first row from the Necramech we get the error "The aura slot polarity cannot be swapped"

  8. TYPE: In-Game

    DESCRIPTION: When fighting Profit Taker and using Necramech 4 the colors from Profit Taker will get all messed up and bright, i fear for the people who use max bloom



    REPRODUCTION: Activate Necramech's 4 when fighting Profit Taker

    EXPECTED RESULT: After activating Necramech's 4 i should be able to use that skill to destroy the legs

    OBSERVED RESULT: After activating Necramech's 4 not only i can't damage the legs after taking down the shield, now the spider is glowing destroying my eyes, also while is in that state is really hard to see her elemental resistances, the effect remain even after killing it,

  9. TYPE: In-Game

    DESCRIPTION: When modding Necramech in Deimos relay the Necramech will cover the mod screen



    REPRODUCTION: Try to mod your Necramech in Deimos Relay

    EXPECTED RESULT: When trying to mod the Necramech we will want to see the mod screen to know what are we doing

    OBSERVED RESULT: When trying to mod the Necramech we can't see the mod screen because the Necramech is covering the screen


    TYPE: In-Game

    DESCRIPTION: When picking health orbs the Necramech don't get healed
    REPRODUCTION: Pick health orbs while using Necramech
    EXPECTED RESULT: When picking health orbs the Necramech will get healed
    OBSERVED RESULT: When picking health orbs the Necramech will consume the health orbs, but don't get healed

  10. TYPE: In-Game

    DESCRIPTION: When iniciating Latrox Une bounty he just dissapeared (took a free day at work) and Garv has to work extra hours to cover his shift



    REPRODUCTION: play deimos bountys and get the mission thank to the almighty rng

    EXPECTED RESULT: when getting Latrox Une bounty he remain in the mission and the enemies drops the 10 data without needing to kill 100 or 200 of them, but back to the bug itself is expected for the NPC featured on the mission to remain in the sesion for the duration of his bounty

    OBSERVED RESULT: for some random reason Latrox Une was just gone from the mission forcing Garv to work for the corpus while covering Lazy Latrox Une shift


  11. yeah also that drop table list some mods that are not included on the codex, but i also got some of them that aren't in that drop table and the codex



    so from the one i have necramech hydraulic, blitz and fury are not included on the codex.
    and from that droptable from before necramech streamline is also not included on the codex

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  12. TYPE: In-Game

    DESCRIPTION: Is currently impossible to guild a Vulpaphyla, if we have another one that is not max leveled



    REPRODUCTION: rank you Vulpaphyla to 30 and try to guild it, you will get an error message if you have another one under lvl 30.

    EXPECTED RESULT: after leveling up the mascot to rank30 we should be able to guild it to be able to equip catalyst and formas on them.

    OBSERVED RESULT: we get a error message that don't let us guild our mascot till we level all of the unguilded mascots in our possession

  13. TYPE: In-Game

    DESCRIPTION: While leveling a Panzer Vulpaphyla sometimes the level get reset when the pet die, so it can go from level 20 to lvl 0

    REPRODUCTION: level up your pet and wait for it to die to get their level reset, but the chance to the level to get reset is not 100%

    EXPECTED RESULT: Pet level don't reset when it die

    OBSERVED RESULT: Pet level get reset to 0 when it die, the chance is not 100% of the time

  14. TYPE: In-Game

    DESCRIPTION: Operator void dash lost functionality if operator is affected by magnetic effect or by doing to much void dash in a row and depleting all the energy. causing the lost of void dash and only performing a superjump

    REPRODUCTION: get affected by a magnetic proc or skill nullfier aura or red flow effect of fass while using the operator or deplete all energy using void dash in a row.

    EXPECTED RESULT: after regaining energy we should be able to keep doing void dash

    OBSERVED RESULT: we lost all functionality of void dash, and only perform a super jump with the operator

    TYPE: In-Game

    DESCRIPTION: Killing a Necramech most of their drop clip through the floor except the drops that give standing for their syndicate so the drop we lost are resources and Necramech parts

    REPRODUCTION: Kill a Necramech from a distance and see most of their drops get lost thank to the clipping issue

    EXPECTED RESULT: After killing a Necramech we should be able to collect the loot on the floor

    OBSERVED RESULT: After killing the Necramech we lost the drops to craft them, only getting the drops that give standing for their syndicate.

  15. Quote


    • Increased the Bait Defense time from 60s to 90s and increased enemy reinforcements.

    this change in isolation vault bounty during vome (46 min duration), basically force us to just open 1 vault sidequest


    1 or 2 min npc talking before starting the mission
    1 or 2 min collecting the bait items vome/fass
    1.5 min defending the bait
    3 min fighting in the toxin phase
    0.5 - 1 min reaching necramech
    1-5 min fighting necramech
    5 min for Loid go to all points charging the reactive cristals and we open the vault

    at best 13 min per tier, at worst 19.5 min per tier

    and for tier 2 and 3

    fly to the mother spawn point to start the next quest 0.5 min
    start same as before

    so we need to go we ultra meta to delete necramech in a few seconds and only open the last vault ignoring the vault from tier 1 and 2 if we want to get something done during vome



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  16. DESCRIPTION: After the last Hotfix only specific Mother Spawn point give the Isolation Vault Bounty mission so if we want to go to t2 or t3 we need to know beforehand where is located.



    REPRODUCTION: complete tier 1 or tier 2 Isolation Vault Bounty mission and talk with mother to try get the next one

    EXPECTED RESULT: after completing a Isolation Vault Bounty tier 1 or 2, we should be able to activate the next one by talking with Mother

    OBSERVED RESULT: we need to search the whole map and talk to all the mother's spawn point we find to see if she got the next tier mission if we don't know the location beforehand.

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  17. TYPE: In-Game

    DESCRIPTION: crystal to summon Loid to charge reactive crystals not spawning


    REPRODUCTION: do a Isolation Vault Bounty mission on Deimos during Fass, and kill the Necramech

    EXPECTED RESULT: after killing the Necramech, we should be able to activate the reactive crystal to summon loid and advance the sidequest

    OBSERVED RESULT: Reactive crystal doesn't spawn preventing completion of the sidequest

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