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  1. If you're ever wondering why adds suddenly stop spawning, it's because they're running to the Cetus gate and taking up the mob cap. I'm honestly not even sure why, but this happens 100% of the time. You will have stray adds that run off - even worse when Speedva hits them all - and you'll get tons of them running really fast to Cetus. Not sure what triggers it, but it happens both Day and Night time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwJCLIsKTko
  2. Is that 360% damage increase, adding on top of Serration/Hornet Strike? 165% + 360% = 525% damage? Is it now viable to not run Serration/Hornet Strike anymore?
  3. We all have different color palettes for each warframe, but a problem that arises is... how do you manage the colors on your weapons? Yes I know there are A, B, and C configs for each, but that's only 3 color palette options + you'll have to manually change all 3 weapons whenever you change warframes. Yes you can also just set your weapons to be completely default color, but that might be boring. It would be neat to have a toggleable option that automatically matches your weapon to your warframe colors. And since this is individually toggleable, you could have this option enabled for your primary, secondary, but not your melee -- it would be great.
  4. Veso! Someone said "Debt Space" and I nearly lost it lmao
  5. So it's 40% damage per status effect on the enemy, stacks up to 2x. Okay nice, 80% damage per active status effect, the question is... is this additive or multiplicative? Is this mod supposed to replace Serration? Also is it working properly? (I hear it doesn't work with projectiles, only hitscan)
  6. For years Primary and Secondaries were just so weak during high level, they fall short in damage compared to melee. You were literally forced to run a melee build for Steel Path, or forced to run some sort of armor stripping playstyle just to use your primary/secondary. Hopefully these don't get nerfed. I'm enjoying using my weapons now, and also the fact that the stacks don't completely reset.
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