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  1. this new thing in warframe to me , makes absolutely no sense. "kuva flood missions" well I have never heard of nor seen anything called a "kuva flood" anywhere, I cannot find it in google or anything else either they all always say "kuva siphon" so gee great "here go do this task which does not even appear so joke is on you" is no fun crap like that ruined "offline" decades ago making life unobtainable, so now they have to do the same in ones "escape" and ruin it to? how can you tell what kuva siphon mission is a "flood" mission when the descriptions never say anything of the sort? to me all they have done is take a great game and ruin it now - map is toast as it shows *Nothing* not even enemies now, so that ruined that aspect - this new frame and "mods" and what ever thingees they added are basically un obtainable it seems, as there is no definitive way to go about doing so - no maps, no way to see a goal, no way to see "stuff" in the mission so how are we even supposed to do anything now? even if there *IS* something in the mission now you cannot see it or obtain it so yea, great, nice to have pu tin 1400+ hours to now hit a brick wall of the ENTIRE game is ruined never mind "new tasks for some new undoable frame" as ever, take something working and turn it into a total frustration effect and hen wonder why people in this world get so depressed as there is nothing "good" obtainable offline, out, in, online nothing just keeps taking away anything "good" over and over and over
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