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  1. We were at wave 5, and his HP was fully depleted when it moved onto wave 6. Maybe one of the mods I got was a part of his loot table? Either way, I've been playing for a good 9-10 hours since Nightwave released, and I've only seen him once. If he only shows up once in 10 hours, none of the casual players will be able to make his weapon. I'm hoping there is some kind of requirement for him to spawn and we just haven't figured it out yet.
  2. I've only seen the Wolf once. It happened while I was leveling weapons with others on Helene. It took us ages to actually kill him, and we got nothing. Truly the best experience when fighting a miniboss /s Other than that, I'd like some more challenging daily/weekly acts. I finished all of them within 5 hours. While I definitely like the Nightwave system more, I had more stuff to do with the old system, even if the rewards were worse/more random. I'm hyped for the stream later today!
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