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  1. I agree they need to be careful with the dailies and how they distribute them so that at least a brand new player can do one out every 3 days - can imagine getting 3 or 4 dailies in a row you cannot do would be dis-spiriting. The advantage (and kind of the thing that causes as may problems) of Nightwave is its transparency. The items available to earn from ranking or creds are shown and with the creds once earned you decide what rewards you get with them. The acts shine a light to a degree on all the activities available in the game,. Unfortunately they only sign-post the activities but don't guide you on how to do them From a new(ish) player perspective it would just be a nice if they could provide information in game on how to achieve each nightwave act, rather than relying on the player looking it up online or asking other players. Possibly even listing in the codex all the nightwave acts but as a single item (1 perfect capture, kill an enemy with cold damage etc) with the information on any prerequisites (a bit like the junction quests) eq 1 perfect Capture on Orb Vallis Gain 1000 rep with Solaris buying tranq gun and echo lure from the Business, (optional) unlock Orb Vallis free roam Complete a capture mission Complete a perfect capture (a perfect capture is when the creature doesn't sense you, stand down wind check plants/snow for wind direction or use stealth) so that is where the information is held on how to unlock and do it and the when you achieve them they can be marked off on the codex as completed (ok so I am a person how like to tick things off lists). As they are removing the with Friend acts these could be solo only nightwave achievements in the codex. This would give them a framework to help teach the players about the game, and also on-going linking the codex and Nightwave as ways of integrating new content/activities
  2. Sorry for the confusion, that sentence was supposed to say list the weeklies I Couldn't do ie sorties, gilding, bounties, rare mods, rare fish,orokin derelict vaults, etc train of thought went a bit sideways as I was writing that and then replied without checking it as had to deal with an incident at work. Loki I bought with a plat when I had a login 75% discount on console as seemed like a fun warframe and to help with spy mission as I am still farming the final Ivara part on Neptune and have bought Mesa and Baruuk since. I already had the Trinity prime set from twitch drops and the platinum came from me buying the Ember/Frost Prime pack. So I have Loki for spy missions, Frost for protect point missions (mobile defense, defense etc) and Rhino to bulldoze through capture and exterminate missions. At the start of Nightwave I think I had just unlocked Phobos to get the plastids so I was able to build Rhino. I am now upto Sedna, but haven't unlocked Eris yet, and just about to do the War Within, but that has been over the 11 weeks Nightwave has been running. After the second week (first full week) I reckoned I could hit rank 13-16 and set expectations based on that (7 dailies and 2-3 weeklies each week) But as time passed I was able to do more of the missions plus there was a week when the Elite missions were kill 100 eximus and kill 1500 enemies and that week felt like getting a rank for free as it was an unexpected boost and of course the extra rep from killing the fugitives when they showed up in missions helps the levels creep up. Still not entirely sure how I have made it to 28 and possibly 29 or maybe 30 by the end of the week. I only play 1-2 hours a day when I can during the week and get a few more hours over weekends and days off like Easter, Bank Holidays etc. I play solo, mainly because I can pause a mission as I am on call with work every night. Nightwave works for me as it fits the way I like to play. Seeing something I can't do and finding out what I need to do to unlock it gives a goal for either that week if it is achievable that quickly (mining ores was one of those), to perfect captures which the first time I set myself to do this I ended up with 2 perfect captures on the Sunday but by the time it came around again was able to complete it (which gives a sense of achievement and progress). I treat Nightwave as an additional tool that helps me work through everything warframe has to offer whilst rewarding me on the way, it is similar in a way to rewards from planetary junctions,where there are planetary missions you have to complete to unlock access to get to the junction plus additional tasks you have to do to unlock the fight itself. It may be that with Nightwave series 2 I feel I will realistically be able to do one more of the weeklies each week, so will be looking at level 16-19 from the start, probably level 20 if we get rep from killing mobs again, and treat any rank I gain above that as a bonus.
  3. I still haven't finished the whole star chart yet and haven't done the War within yet, but am MR 9 now and only play solo. During Nightwave I unlocked Orb Vallis and learnt how to mine, fish and capture animals (standing is not high so limited as to what I can catch but as had Loki was able to so P10 Perfect Captures, still not figured out the rare fish yet), unlocked (and do) the Clem weekly.quest and unlocked Sanctuary Onslaught (so glad that act is not all in one go and that you can do a couple of rounds twice to get it marked off, especially when I was figuring it out and could only get past round 1 the first week) I was able to do all the daily acts. Weeklies and Elites were hit and miss. Weeklies could always do ~4 of them - things like Sorties, Gilding Modular items, struggled with bounties and invasions and skipped some of the 10 syndicate missions (often because I had a set a goal of unlocking X and that would be too much time away from that) and never managed the 8 rare mods (possibly need to unlock higher star chart for that). With the Elites could only do the Unlock 10 relics, Kill 1500 Enemies and Kill 100 Eximus. Last night with the new acts I hit Rank 28 - just got the Syndana. Now that they are extending it to Sunday I should be able to get the Umbra Forma (although bit like the Arcane I may need to wait until I finish other things to work out/unlock how to use these) with the extra daily acts, plus have more time to do the 3 caches in sabotage act and maybe look more at the rare fish If I spend time farming fugitives may even make it to 30, but probably not. Spent wolf creds on the 2 missing pieces of Vauban, 3 or 4 aura mods (had never seen an alert for these in the weeks I had played before nightwave, didn't know they existed), 1 orokin reactor and the rest on Nitain (if I did see alerts for this probably didn't know what it was and ignored them) Also got the extra 10 nitain as was able to solo the first Wolf Alert this weekend, and managed to farm the wolf sledge hammer. For me Nightwave is a positive as a new(ish) player, I get to see all the rewards and decide what I want rather than have to have the rng of an alert popping up for something I want when I am on and in a planet system I have already unlocked - I only got the 2 weapon skins from the last Gift of the Lotus alerts because I haven't unlocked Eris yet so didn't see that alert only knew about it due to the news article.
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