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  1. Will the prime vault get extended with the days that have passed where we couldn't farm the relics ingame?
  2. Thanks, someone who doesn't ignore the fact that we could have farmed hundreds of relics and relic packs just because they are given 2 free packs which may not even have a guaranteed chance of dropping the unvault relics. I would rather have the update 1 day earlier than be given 2 free packs.
  3. I would also love cross-saves/progression/data but thing is we need to get updates at the same time first to get cross-saves. Otherwise we won't be able to switch from PC/PS4/Xbox to Switch or just Pc to Consoles when one of them gets updated before the others.
  4. 1.What happened with the Fae-step ephemera? Right now its a pc exclusive. 2.Will people who already have the Nightwave rewards (Saturn Six armor, Eidolon ephemera and etc.) get forma/Potatoes/Nightwave credits or something similar instead? 3.Will Ignis wraith remain only available from Baro on Switch? You just need to ask for it on the other versions but on switch you need to pay around 500 ducats.
  5. Are the Items (Weapons and other stuff) gonna be revealed later or are they already revealed?
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