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  1. Just get a speedrun frame & strong weapons for 90% of all your missions and change when you do Eidolons/Profit Taker/Index/XP Farming/Things that actually require specific things. You don't really need to change much just cuz of a faction and don't need to make a loadout for every frame you use. The speedrun frame is ofc to finish missions fast and strong weapons to do other objectives quick. I just do most of the stuff with Wukong and have loadouts for the things I mentioned. I can still do sorties/Arbys/Railjack/Fissures and any node on the star chart with Wukong without changing to any other loadout.
  2. Didn't the current vault arrive on Switch like a month or at least a few weeks later than on all other platforms? We should get more time (a few weeks) to farm the current unvault, you could also open Nekros/Oberon at the same time (Feb 11) but close Ash/Vaubans vault later.
  3. How about a toggle where you can choose where you want the new UI applied and where the old one?
  4. -Will all platforms get quests like The Second Dream, The War Within, New War or other Lore quests at the same time to avoid spoilers (for consoles)? You try to avoid spoilers when releasing on pc but that doesn't do much for consoles then... -Are you gonna do anything with the 3rd Orb? Its better to say "Yes" or "No" than nothing. -What's going to happen with Echoes of Umbra? AFAIK it was supposed to release a few updates ago. -What happened with the Fae-step ephemera? Right now its a pc exclusive. -Will people who already have the Nightwave rewards (Saturn Six armor, Eidolon ephemera and etc.) get forma/Potatoes/Nightwave credits or something similar instead? -Will Ignis Wraith remain only available from Baro on Switch? You just need to ask for it on the other versions but on switch you need to pay around 500 ducats.
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