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  1. I was in a friends-only game with a couple people, so it's not a bug with public games. In any case, I've come to report another bug (maybe?): killing the thralls of other people's liches counts for requiem murmurs. I was under the impression that only your lich's thralls would count for murmurs, so I'm assuming this is a bug, but I could be wrong?
  2. I created my kuva lich with Ivara, but he has an Excalibur head on his shoulder. Not entirely sure what happened there. Additionally, I'm not sure if this is a bug, but he has none of Ivara's abilities. He has two of Oberon's abilities, Saryn's 4, and I think Rhino's charge? Not sure where he got those abilities, since none of those frames were even in my squad. o.0
  3. Saying nobody likes Disruption just isn't accurate. Disruption has been widely considered one of the funner game modes since its release, but people didn't feel like the rewards were worthwhile, since it only dropped up to Neo relics. This gives people more incentive to play Disruption, and might hopefully pave the way for more Axi relics dropping in Disruption in the future. As for the credit thing, that Disruption node is meant as an alternative to the Index, not a replacement, to give people more choice in credit farming. Thanks for the update, DE! I'm excited to try out the Gauss changes and go farm a punchy boi ^.^
  4. Noticed a couple bugs after this hotfix that I'd like to mention: -The Mother Mask's hair addition is currently uncolorable. -The new operator hairstyle (the one that had the incorrect icon for a while) currently is single-colored, with only the primary hair color applying to it. Tips and highlights do nothing. I would love to use both the new hairstyle and the Mother Mask, but these issues make it difficult for me to color them in a way I like. Hoping for a fix soon!
  5. Thanks for the hotfix! When I try to color this hair, only the main color applies. Tips and highlights have no visible effect, from what I can see.
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