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  1. Azariahz

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

    All the letters fit if you change we are to we're, but it doesn't really give away much.
  2. Azariahz

    Hotfix 11.0.4

    Still cannot scan or change weapons if you're knocked out with scanner out.
  3. Azariahz

    Update 10.8.0

    You saw WIP. On the devstream they show us what they're working on. Not stuff that is finished.
  4. Azariahz

    Obex Killing Contest!

    Lucky I missed my first shot, turned out to be a nice melee kill :)
  5. Azariahz

    Hotfix 10.6.2

    This should actually be a feature. Sure it was an instant revive, but at the cost of only returning a fraction of your health. It also gave a use to the team heals, since most people just die to get revived at full health, instead of spending the time waiting to be healed, or the credits and resources building them. Please bring it back.
  6. Azariahz

    Entry 2 – Oct 15, 2013

    Pull is getting balanced, not nerfed. 1st abilities on other frames don't compare to the damage of pull, a small change to it would put it in line and/or increase its effectiveness as a cc. Who spams shock for damage? its far better for a chain CC. Which imo, is what first abilities should be used for. Since their low cost does not merit high damage.
  7. Azariahz

    Psa: Unintended Mod/aura Inclusion

    I agree with you that they should be removed. However, that they were not suggests they will be balanced and officially released soon enough that its not worth the time it would take to remove the mods and compensate the affected players.
  8. Azariahz

    Psa: Unintended Mod/aura Inclusion

    I see a lot of people in this thread feeling robbed, like DE owes them something, that they are being unfair. DE was very kind to the people that got these mods, instead of revoking them like most game devs I've seen would have, and wasting the time, credits and mods players spent getting them. If you did not receive one of these mods that were leaked, you were not wronged. You were just unlucky. Chill, and wait for the upcoming details that DE Rebecca announced.