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  1. Azariahz

    Bad Riven Combo

    If you don't kill them in one shot they become alerted to you, and the challenge is failed. Which is why I stopped using the ranged weapon because it wasn't consistently one hit killing them. The dagger with covert lethality was, but you still have to wait for the enemies to split up because if they see someone die, they become alerted which fails the riven challenge.
  2. Azariahz

    Bad Riven Combo

    One of the few frames I'm missing, I'll have to try that build out when I finally get the parts.
  3. Azariahz

    Bad Riven Combo

    Was using Paris Prime 3 Forma, Swapped to the Karyst with covert lethality for consistent one shot kills.
  4. Azariahz

    Bad Riven Combo

    I have a hard time believing this, as the mission takes 5 minutes to complete with no conditions. Unless you weren't solo or didn't have the same conditions on the riven.
  5. Azariahz

    Bad Riven Combo

    That's correct, you have to hide while someone else completes the mission. If you do it with someone else the riven is trivial.
  6. Azariahz

    Bad Riven Combo

    The part that makes this one really tedious, is the Extinguished dragon key, if you don't kill them one shot then they are alerted, which can easily happen when you need to kill over 100 enemies for a 30+ exterminate. The other problems I ran into were enemies patrols never splitting up in some areas (corpus map, 5 enemies patrolling a dead end) or enemies rushing the next area if you pass by them on the grineer asteroid tileset (Didn't try other grineer tilesets) Using a dagger with covert lethality works, if the patrols ever split up. Yes, this one is possible to do solo, however it's extremely tedious and time consuming with all the random things that can completely mess up stealth, like ambulas drop ships, or grineer that summon companions.
  7. Azariahz

    Bad Riven Combo

    Yes I did, and I gave up after failing it a few times and just had a friend do the mission while I stayed stealth. Also had syndicate squads spawn on me on two attempts.
  8. Azariahz

    Bad Riven Combo

    Rifle Riven Mod, Complete an extermination mission with level 30 or higher enemies without being detected with an Extinguished Dragon Key equipped. Some combos should be impossible to get, this one in particular could be change to "Sit at the start of the mission while someone else completes the objective for you", or "Spend 2 hours in a single mission with covert lethality equipped" if you're trying to do it solo, as the Extinguished key makes ranged weapons unreliable. Also, syndicate squads should not be able to spawn on you when doing "without being detected" missions, as it is an immediate fail if you do not have stealth. While we're on riven mods, it would be nice if the objective was displayed in the ESC menu with an indicator displaying if you're mission is still valid or failed.
  9. Azariahz

    Haloween Juggernaut

    Thanks DebrisFlow, I'll have to retry it with a better mod setup, hopefully that will make it at least bearable.
  10. Azariahz

    Haloween Juggernaut

    This is by far the worst mission I have played in Warframe. The boss fight is very frustrating as he easily charges into unreachable parts of the map, charges sideways or sometimes just doesn't charge for minutes at a time. As a coop game, this mission is even worse with more people as the "objective" is very unclear and team work is impossible. You can't even revive other players without getting downed by swarms of enemies, some of which are completely invisible. Un-fun, Thumbs down 😞
  11. Azariahz

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

    All the letters fit if you change we are to we're, but it doesn't really give away much.
  12. Azariahz

    Hotfix 11.0.4

    Still cannot scan or change weapons if you're knocked out with scanner out.
  13. Azariahz

    Update 10.8.0

    You saw WIP. On the devstream they show us what they're working on. Not stuff that is finished.
  14. Azariahz

    Obex Killing Contest!

    Lucky I missed my first shot, turned out to be a nice melee kill :)
  15. Azariahz

    Hotfix 10.6.2

    This should actually be a feature. Sure it was an instant revive, but at the cost of only returning a fraction of your health. It also gave a use to the team heals, since most people just die to get revived at full health, instead of spending the time waiting to be healed, or the credits and resources building them. Please bring it back.