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  1. Make it possible to turn off full combo on melee. Or do I need to throw away the stance mod?
  2. Algorythm for party-findning s u c k s. Once I've been joined to party at Orb Vallis of three people, each of them was already at extraction, I joined and its counted immediately as Returning to Fortuna. Zero possiblity to choose which ever party-interest you are searching for, like fishing-mining/konzulunch/eidolon (actually last one is possible only if you choose it as a quest directly in Cetus). This system cause parties to fall apart and composit again ridiculous amount of times. People trying to find proper party in the dark by touch. Further layers of grind content require Quality of Life changes and updates. Its not bugged, its just working not properly. Ignorance of that eats a big part of joy.
  3. All of those useless cosmetic-giving ranks (12 to be exact) could have atleast a little amount of creds as attachment. Actually, each rank could have a number of rewards for us to choose. Choreframe. Vauban, helmets, nitain and auras was behind 5 min alerts, now its locked behind hours of chores. It was fun when you saw a direct reward and only you had to decide - take it or not. Now its less fun because there was screwed in extra steps like challanges with shedules and deadlines. The fact that all those helmets and weapon skins stay in the same line for the same currency with Orokin Reactor & Catalyst is oppressive. Imagine an Invasion with helmet on the one side and Orokin Reactor on another. Two systems could exist along. Now its a dead space. I couldn't even imagine which cat in the bag DE held for us when they raised up % chance of kavat gen to get. Chores chores chores, you know who loves it? chines and koreans mmo-player base, maybe this system was meant exclusivly for them? Melee s u c k s. There is no option to turn back the old system, if you go to chat and ask how to do this people tell that you can turn "melee with fire", but its not even close to be a solution, after that they tell "you don't need it, new system is better, you now can switch automatically". Like it wasnt automatically before??? That pisses me off. Now melee just working with a full-combo EVERY BLOODY TIME, with all of those unsatisfying spins and attacks with held positions. No gliding with block anymore. I can't properly switch to the operator while holding harpoon. I don't even remember was it worked before the update I just have the feel that if something work properly you just enjoy it - the joy slides lubely lovely directly into your mind. Now you have to switch to weapon, then to the operator, to frame and back again to the harpoon after killing foes which disrupted you. Its not a quetion of dangerous enemies, so the advice to use a more tankier frame is not an option at all - its the quetion of fishing in calmness, quite, tranquility. Nora literally insulting with her quotes, like when you've done all chores there is always more and more and more. Shut this chick down. I hope after this nonsense ends we could choose, like in the previous quests "dark, white and neutral path" to hunt this radio-girl and beat her to the death. Neutral way could be, eh, we could be friendly with her but at the same time bring a radio-beacon to her house so Wolf of Saturn 6 could come to her perch and meet his hammer with Nora-Night.
  4. In addition, now I can't just run straight with my Guan Dao choping everything I see - it is now a full combo everytime with this spin attack at the end, its powerful, but not every enemy needs to be cut in this way. It is unsatisfying. Maybe there is a solution for that? Feels like there is less and less ways to gain fun with every update.
  5. Actually, heh, once I was jumping in my orbiter, you know, it was funny - enjoying the graphic and the feel of Warframe. But suddenly something happened after one of these jumps - I've stuck in a ceiling, my screen glitched, and my Mag turned to the operator! I was shooked! I invited friend of mine to my orbiter and was asking him if he's seeing what I do, like "eeew what is this bold ugly weirdo do u see it???". He was surprised and said that actually you can open the possiblity to become this only after quest. There is a closed room behind the closed door, which was obviously closed and I couldn't enter there, because the quest wasnt done yet.
  6. By the way, right now something strange have started: Neso (Neptune) Invasion: Grineer (Forma Blueprint) VS. Corpus (Orokin Reactor Blueprint) Nuovo (Ceres) Invasion: Corpus (Exilus Adapter Blueprint) VS. Grineer (Orokin Catalyst Blueprint) What is yall thoughts about it?
  7. Nitain Extract is probably still recievable on Fortuna rotation early lunchz Eudico quests as a reward on Venus.
  8. Stuck around all of those Cetus IN and OUT gates. Its such a claustrophobic position since none of these gates are responding. I won't leave with alt+f4 because I don't wanna lose my precious loot. Firstly you add all of those kleptomaniac crates and resources, now you locked me. Well done, I'm all wet.
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