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  1. I think you are reading too much into its requirements. The last quests have not been hard at all and don't need your frame maxed out or anything. If anything, the fights have been the straight opposite, they let you have the encounter before even having the required things to finish the fight. You can already encounter the eidolons at night right after you start the game, same thing with the exploiter orb and you also got the wolf which can be almost impossible for new players.
  2. It's been sometime now since it came out but it's doable. I had a little bit more than 2 months to farm nova/mag on the switch last year (fresh account, new to the game) and managed to almost get 2 whole sets. The switch version also had serious bugs and crashes when it came out, so I'd imagine that on something like the PS4 it should be easier. That being said, you'll hate farming for the Axi L4 relic. You play the same mission hours and it's a really nice way to get burn out fast IMO. You can also just reach the first branch of the void and farm "hepit" until you get a bunch of those Lith O2 relics. Sell the uncommon parts for a bit and buy yourself volt systems with that plat.
  3. That sounds like a bug because for starters wyrm prime doesn't even have a MR requirement.
  4. I think it would look OK if the ability effect would also work on the attachments.
  5. I have no idea how Nintendo lets this pass the cert process, it's not just a bug that crashes warframe... It's a bug that literally crashes the entire nintendo switch system. I haven't been able to play 1 single game this morning... I'm getting DC'd all the time while doing the index. It's literally been 30-40 minutes for me now... I open warframe, load up index, I get DC'd (how the hell is that even possible with a wired fiber optic connection is beyond me) and then the cherry on top of the cake, warframe crashes and then the whole system crashes.
  6. There's something terribly wrong with the wolf scaling and I can't quite put it. But I was doing hydron as usual and he pops up. He's level 70 and my teammates and I can't do anything to him. I got a fully forma'd arca plasmor with primed mods built for straight radiation. My teammates start getting wrecked, they drop out of the game and it puts me alone with the wolf (not before a host migration). I'm just about to quit the match too when the wolf charges me and I reacted like anybody would and I shot him reactively. Well what do you know, that shot actually dealt a good amount of damage on his health bar. I noticed that he's no longer level 70 but 60 so I thought maybe I can solo him and I did, in less than 2 mins. Now my teammates, actually got my cat killed (or to be more precise the host did) because my cat went down when the host migration happened so I basically fought the wolf with full armor... So I don't know what's going on with the HP scaling of the wolf, but I've had stronger weapons than my arca plasmor that do a considerably more amount of damage (at least 3x), I've stripped that level 70's wolf armor too and the difference in amounts of effort between the wolf at level 60 I just fought and the level 70 wolfs I usually fight.... is freaking gigantic. So I don't know if you got scaling screwed up for 60 and upwards or you are just plain cheating with the scaling and making it EXPONENTIALLY worse when in a full team. It took me 2 mins to deal with wolf WITH ARMOR and I've seen full squads that take 15 mins to deal with the wolf without any armor that have much better weapons than me. Hell some people even bring larkspur and that's a freaking archgun with a ton of radiation damage.
  7. I am not entirely sure what you mean by that, but I lost 20k standing on quills today (or sometime today?). This is also not the first time it happens, but last time it happened with Cetus. I suspect that nightwave reseted some of my standing since i was doing the challenges yesterday.
  8. If there's a survival node marked with Kuva on a near planet to the fortress does that make the node kuva survival or is it just a regular kuva siphon mission?
  9. Trinity Prime and I was using nullifier arcanes (two r2 nullifiers). It's also unrelated to the eidolons magnetic waves he does when they scream. I'm talking about gant pylars and stuff like that.
  10. There was no agreement between the parties before the sale. If you allow people to keep the skins then you are no longer talking about an agreement, the parties will look to apply a penalty to DE and it's really up to their discretion since they own the rights. There might be not even a guarantee that they come to an understatement with some of these cosmetics and a licensing may never be issued for those items. Are you just gonna let some people have these cosmetics while others don't? I do agree that fair compensation should be in order though. I think a fair compromise would be to refund the plat and have those cosmetics for free if/when they come out.
  11. So if I understand this correctly, the only licensed tennogen are these: And any other tennogen item that is not in this list is getting refunded?
  12. The loading times are ridiculous right now. It takes my squad 3 mins to load into the PoE. But that's not all... because if you get REALLY unlucky then the teralyst doesn't spawn at all. You try to go back to cetus and then there's another loading time just so you can go back into PoE but not before ANOTHER loading time. But if that wasn't all, turns out going back to cetus is a very naive thing to do because restarting this way doesn't even actually do a thing. You actually have to go back into your orbiter and go straight into PoE. Then you crash in the middle of the game and the new loading times kill any possibility for reconnection and you lose the entire night. We are nearing 5 months since the game has been released. I can't remember when was the last time I enjoyed myself doing the eidolon fights. It's one bug after another with crashes and disconnections in between. I'd like to see you guys take priority on these open world contents on the switch.
  13. We didn't have a harrow last night and I didn't have a nullifier set, so energy was a big problem for me during this time. I got hunter's adrenaline and it works just fine with the teralyst, gets me back my energy after a couple of hits. The gantulyst though, he drops me from 500+ to 17 health and my energy is still 0. Same thing with the hydrologist. The only exception to this is during the last phase when all its damage goes straight to energy. So... what's going on with Gant/Hydro attacks that they don't proc hunter adrenaline?
  14. Maybe I'm not understanding this correctly but I keep hitting Wolf for 8k with my radiation opticor vandal. Now, this is the actual number that pops when I hit him. According to wikia, he doesn't have more than 50k base health. Which is actually weird because his health is also alloy armor and I have no idea how radiation comes into play there. But anyway, I unloaded half my magazine on him which should have been something like 400k damage total (8k shots are head crits). I'm also on a 4 man squad so other players are also hitting him... At the end of the match I'm slightly above 50% damage and I didn't hit many other mobs. I'm unsure how much damage my teammates did to the other mobs but I think 200-300k to the mobs is not unreasonable, considering there were quite a few bursas and they killed the 3 fugitives. So it sounds like he has at least 10x the health that's being shown in the wikia? Does he scale differently or something?
  15. I didn't say the game is ok as it is. It's a nice way to twist my words. Nerfing Saryn doesn't do ANYTHING at all. It's just a dumb change. If your game rotates heavily around damage, well what do you know, people will pick damage frames. I know... shocking right? Now, if your game wasn't all about "deleting" rooms then MAYBE, just MAYBE, people wouldn't just be picking up damaging frames. And I find it funny you keep calling my arguments strawman when it's you who keep on trying to misrepresent my ideas.
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