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  1. Wow I would have never thought that PC players were so desperate for (what should basically be for them at this point) a forma farm event. Honestly, this is the first time I ever play this event and that's all it's gonna be for me, a mission that i'm gonna run hundreds of time to get forma and maybe some exodia arcanes....
  2. There's something terribly wrong with the wolf scaling and I can't quite put it. But I was doing hydron as usual and he pops up. He's level 70 and my teammates and I can't do anything to him. I got a fully forma'd arca plasmor with primed mods built for straight radiation. My teammates start getting wrecked, they drop out of the game and it puts me alone with the wolf (not before a host migration). I'm just about to quit the match too when the wolf charges me and I reacted like anybody would and I shot him reactively. Well what do you know, that shot actually dealt a good amount of damage on his health bar. I noticed that he's no longer level 70 but 60 so I thought maybe I can solo him and I did, in less than 2 mins. Now my teammates, actually got my cat killed (or to be more precise the host did) because my cat went down when the host migration happened so I basically fought the wolf with full armor... So I don't know what's going on with the HP scaling of the wolf, but I've had stronger weapons than my arca plasmor that do a considerably more amount of damage (at least 3x), I've stripped that level 70's wolf armor too and the difference in amounts of effort between the wolf at level 60 I just fought and the level 70 wolfs I usually fight.... is freaking gigantic. So I don't know if you got scaling screwed up for 60 and upwards or you are just plain cheating with the scaling and making it EXPONENTIALLY worse when in a full team. It took me 2 mins to deal with wolf WITH ARMOR and I've seen full squads that take 15 mins to deal with the wolf without any armor that have much better weapons than me. Hell some people even bring larkspur and that's a freaking archgun with a ton of radiation damage.
  3. As far as progression goes, most (if not all challenges) are pretty easy. Like, the hardest one right now by far is the hydrologist fight. It's one of those fights where you need a decent amp and a decent team. These challenges should not be behind a massive time gate and with that being said... I hope you don't have orb heists challenges. The rewards from the tiers are nothing special, they are okayish. The big problem I see are wolf creds. There's a total of 300 wolf creds to be made in this "episode" or "chapter" or whatever you want to call it. Presumably, I've heard that after getting the 300k needed to complete the episode you will instead get wolf creds for your extra standing. Now, I don't know how many wolf creds you would be getting after that but you would need a substantial amount of wolf creds to make it even similar to the rewards you were getting from alerts. The nice thing about alerts was that while you might have not gotten the things that you wanted, the alert system would be always giving out plenty of rewards. Here, have this alternate helmet, a nightmare mod, nitain, a potato, a weapon, an aura, a skin, some oxium, etc. It was always giving out stuff. I might have not needed some but it sure felt nice exploring the rewards that i didn't need. Now, with the amount of wolf creds to be obtained and the prices of the stuff there I just feel like you just took all those potential rewards from me and limited me to a certain amount of purchases. I would very much like to see auras/potatoes behind daily challenges. You can keep them in the cred store as well but I would also suggest cutting down the prices on those 2 items. Also, the prices of the alternate helmets are ridiculous as well. I don't know how many times I saw these helmets on the alert system and I deeply regret not getting them when they were available there. So, in short, I have no objection to your seasonal rewards and most of your challenges (so far, again, please no heist challenges) but as far as auras/potatoes/nitain/alternate helmets go, the old alert system was way more rewarding even if you didn't get exactly what you wanted. To me, this system went from giving out almost everything you wanted minus a few important things to a system that limits your rewards in favor of being able to get those few important things that you wanted.
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