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  1. It's okay to be upset about something not being shipped how it's supposed to, but to name call isn't necessary. Next time just bring up the issue at hand to his attention respectfully and I am sure he'll be happy to get in touch with DE to make some corrections. It might not be right away as well since they have their hands full.
  2. I'd like to see Octavia since there's only the deluxe and lukinu's. It's such a popular warframe but the fashion is very limited.
  3. Can we please have infinite blueprints of bait for the orb vallis fish? The bait yield a poor amount of spawns in my experience and having to dish out more standing for something like this makes me hate the grind even more. Also please for the love of all things holy make the squad invulnerable in arbitration when the host decides to quit.
  4. I never play as valkyr but I'll get the skin and have her displayed in the personal quarters. Your tennogen skins are top tier my friend.
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