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  1. Farming 10 ressonance? Who farms this? If you play normally, you will have it sameway. I have failed 2 times de chalenge, did on the 3 try ( so i farmed 30) and i never bored to farm it..Just played normally (1-2 hours a day, not every day) Of course i only did the 3 try yetsreday i think..but whats the fuss? you have 2 weeks to get it.. Even if you cant play those 2 weeks, you only losse 7.000 standing. And we all know that doing 60 % of the task is enought the get RANK 30. This is some disorder some warframes players have, that i WANT THIS NOW, not tomorrow..NOW!! I feel your pain..buts it your fault you are like this..Learn to be patient.. You will have a happier life..Everything in life is this way..Be patient, and thing will happen!!! I
  2. I think its about using 1 abbility augment (100% Rad damage to frame an allies). I think, never tried it
  3. Happened to me.. I learned to NEVER parkour inside elevator..NEVER! /Unstuck only worked for 1/10 times i needed... I wish there were some "harakiri " command...
  4. Have to try that build you use!!. I have only used her 4 only for Riven oppenig purposes (The mission that you have to defend traget, taking 0 damage)!!!! In play different whith her. I use Low range (i think 60% ), and i use a lot of her 3 (Silence). When in radius, of her silenece (60% range i think is like 12 meters..not sure) they are opened to finishers, then i use Skajatti ( 5 sec Invis when finisher) and Arcane Trickery installed ( 10% or 15 % chance to get 30 secs of invis when finisher) and usually play whit daiky whit amalgam daiku target aqquired, for the health ). I use the 3 augment, . I have other build whit more range, for her 1 abbility augment (the one that strips armor). But not easy do play whit her..lots of mobility needed.. She is a squishy one, but letal one ( her 2 debuff, Sonar is awsome) Thank for the tips Tenno!.
  5. This my friend! I understand what you are saying, and your arguments are valid, and i agree whith most of them! But my initial responde was to clarify OP that your affirmation : "Eventually you can beat enemies with Lv 300+ with any Frame/weapon" lacked some better explanation. I am not a VET, i have just 1500 hours (started playing almost 2 years ago). I am just a medium player. Not the best, but i am not the worst one. I manage myself ( 80% of playtime is solo..not huge fan os Pub).I like to play whit all of the frames and weapons avalable..(love the diversity),I farmed everything. I only spent real money in my first 3/4 months of gameplay, because obvious reasons (slots, slots, and slots), so i uderstand what you said.. But to be able to do level 300 enemys whith all weapons and frames ( whitout beeing carried ofc), takes time..lots of time..unless you pay 2 win. Just to get all the mods fully ranked ,itb takes a lot of endo. To get all the good stuff from Baro it takes a lot of credits and ducados..LOTS of them. To get the good arcanes it takes a lot of Plat or tridolons )i farmed all my arcane before SS, and it was though! Now its easy ofc (i farmed almost 400k of SS credits in 3 weeks).., but 2 months ago, IT WAS NOT EASY! Getting good setup for tridolons requires lots of farming (Amps,Formaed Weapons, FOCUS schools, and some practice/patiente, because its time gated..). Just saying that to get too the level of beating +300 level whitn any framne/weapon takes a lot of time..and you as a Vet should Know. Give me my Nidus + Pyranna, and yes, i can go for 3-4 hours in MOT whitout sweatting. Give me Banshe and Mk1-Bo and thats a different thing. Warframe isn´t a difficult game, but it needs time to get all the good stuff specially for "weaker" frames tha need them..unless you have deep pockets, ofc. Even fighting level 300 takes time..You need to do 2 hors in MOT to star seing 320 level..1:30 hour if in Kuva Survival (Requiem fissures) and similar time in Arbitrations.. Jonh Prodman is faster, if you chosse the 50.000 credit missions.
  6. I make your words my one! Many of the people criticising lately, are just a bunch of spoiled bratts, acustumed to have things served in a silver plate, thinking they deserve some special treatment. You (DE) have a great game, and should contunue doing what you are doing. The majority of the ones crticising are just a few minority of the palyers, who have to much free time and in need of attention, so they came to these forums, and reddit, doing non constructive critics. They don´t represent the player base..just a scattered few...who to much time in their hands..much like some people in social networks... I Congrat the DEVS for all they have done, and should continue doing!
  7. Super easy using ASH 's 4 ability! Build for range. Use 4, mark the target, then slide and presss 4 again. Grofit!!
  8. Eventually....thats a very ambiguos word..few week... few months? +500 hours of gameplay? You will eventually, but unless you pay to win, gonna need more than just few weeks th shred levl +300...And saying that is possible whit any frame or weapon, thats just pure nonsense..UNLESS you are very well equped (Mods, arcanes, Formaed weapons, Rivens, augments..), but for that, it take many hoursd of gameplay, OR lots of money, real money!!
  9. Very well said! 5 month long..and you can recover missions... We all see where the problem is...
  10. Really..Rhino more armor? now i understand why this thread from OP. He only can play Inaros. Some people don't know how this game works, or how to play well..damn....
  11. Just because you don´t know how to play whith him, it doesn't mean jhe needs a rework. There are videos of him fighting against +1000 level... His damage is pretty good ( is 1 kills levl 300 in 1/2 shots). In a survvival i only need 5 min to get + 50 stacks =( 3 lifes), after 10 min i have all 100 stacks. His 3 has a very good default range. Sorry, but we are not playing the same game....
  12. How can Nidus needs more Health? Do you know his passive? and his 3? and the 7 lifes? He is already Super Tanky! We dont need another INAROS.. I cant uderstand this..really cant..
  13. Region chat can be awsome! It can be strange sometimes, but most of the times, its a fun place to be... The memories....
  14. THIS! She is a killer, not a Mom. Awful design, for one of the best frames in the game
  15. Its a matter of taste.. Its not your or develpers fault..but everybody plys different ways. All of the the farming OP is talking, and how annoying is for him, its not for others... What is a tedious thing for one, its a joy for others.. I am also an RPG player..always played RPG related games, and some of the farming OP are complaining, and saying not rewarding, was not all for me.. I really loved 5/7 formaed my 4 snipers whit riven, just to get the one thats suits my playstyle/damage in Eidolon hunts (stoopped at 7 forma rivened Snipetron Vandal). Now i can do it solo...The same for vault runs and spys missions..and have many examples..i have 1500 hours, and i still see me playinh more 500.. It reallt dependes of what you want from the game. Something you can loves, others hate.. For some is a dull task, for others enjoyment and rewarding.. Example : My best friend in warframe, has also like me 1500 hors of gameplay, he spends 60% of his time in simulacrum. Really! he spend s more time there, than playing missions. I only entered simjulacrum 5/6 times, for 5 min.. And booth he and i love the game... Its all a matter of taste...No one is right, Play the way you like..if its not funny for you, just move on..
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