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  1. Rift exists...so yes, he does what nobody does He is the only frame where you can be truly afk,- Roll to Rift He is the only true imortal frame (no dependable of energy/abbility) - Roll to Rift Need to go to bathroom? go to rift Need to leech xp in Hydron? go to rift Need to leech a Sortie? Stay in Rift He can be used whith bad intention, but also he can be very useful in hard content, where enemys hit harder. I have played him a lot in Scarlet Spear, and loved him. Made the missiosn super easy..maybe to easy when paired whit Mesa....
  2. So literaly, people will not play the game, but make the game play the way they want..... its nonsense! No ever game made till today has this kind of feature, and there are good reasons for that.. its a very Stupid ideia...sry...but it is....
  3. Simulacrum was a very badstep from DE, and i bet they regret it.. Simulacrum takes a lot of players from actually playing the game. I have a friend that spends + 70% of his playtime in simulacrum, testing his weapons, and changing builds, and in result , he did´t improve at all his skills, the contrary, made him worst.. I am the opposite..i have 1700 hours , and i only have been 10 minutes in simulacrum at most. i tests my stuff (abbilitys, weapons, builds) in missions. I have to carry him in most of hard content ( my friend has 1650 hours), because having the best modded weapon, doesn
  4. Limbo is still very relevant to the game. We hate him, but we need him!! Remember Scarlet Spear? He was/is the Meta for Ground and space mission. Even with the Nerf (sentients not beeing affected, and exodia contagion mechanics), he was still madatory in a Squad! Scarlet Spear made him Shine ( and SS is the Top rewarding event, because Arcanes!!!) he is still very used in excavations and rescue missions ! He will still be relevant.
  5. Give this man a NOBEL! He must be so smart!! He solved the mistery of Limbos hate! its because we are bad players, and Limbo mains are the best ones! They are the special ones! Problem solved! Everybody (except Limbo Mains) need to Git Gud!! Thanks Einstein! You are the one, our "Neo"! ..... Oh my..why do i waste time here.....Need to get a life....
  6. Jesus...!! Do you think we are morrons?? So you are saying, because we leave a mission when we see a Limbo, its because we dont know how to play him? We don't understand his "kit"? Lmao!! You are funny.....rerally funny guy.... Geezzezz...You are so full of it..!! I bet we play him much better than you! What made you think you are a awsome Limbo player? Because you press 4 and 2? some youtube video made you a Pro??LMAO! We leave, not because we don´t understand him..We leave, because we know the majority of players, Dont know how to use him, and theiy are gonna screw the missions for us.
  7. You are free to play Limbo, and we are free to leave... We play the way we want..as you... If you deserve the liberty to play whith the frame you want, we also have the liberty to play with Who we want.. That simple... Thats freedom.. Dont try to force us do thing we dont want...
  8. This! Just because you know how to play him, doesn´t mean others do..And for experience (+1700 hours), ist b etter to leave... I see a Limbo, i extract..
  9. Why MR30 is so special? And why not MR20? Or another number... If there isn't any special reward ate MR20, why should at MR30? Cant see the logic there...
  10. Exactly! Steel path should´t be the standard for balancing, because the normal mode represents 99% of the content. Then we would be even more superpowered, even more Power creep. In Steel path few guns work well, but almost all melee works. I would love to see more Steel path content, its my most played content at the moment, but like i said, SP ist just a Mode...We can´t increase all the wepons damage based on one mode, speccialy, beucase all the rest would became more easy (and the game is easy as it is for the vets). We dont need more Powercreep, we need more difficulty,not the opposi
  11. So true.. We used to have unique frames, with unique abilitys.. Now its ganna be an awfull mess... Why recruit a trinity( supportive frame) for your DPS, if you can put Proteas dispensary? Why recruit a CC frame, if you can put a CC abbility in your main? Whats the point of using Khora in DIsruption, if you can put her 2 in every frame? Why using Limbo in Rescue missions, if any frame can banish? Why havings lots of frames, if 1 can do all of it? This game was not made for this #$%&..- The Frame abbilitys were not developed to be assigned to every frames.. More Powercre
  12. I feel your pain.. Only do Eso for the Lato and Braton Vandal.. They are a mith.. And of course i have plat to buy it, but i am one of those players who like to farm things..i like the achievment of getting it..the pleasure of farming the hard way... Guess i need to pray more often to RNGEsus..maybe planning to make some blood sacrifice to the Gods....
  13. This! Its gonna be powercreep again. Its a "Kuva Brahama" thing all over again! Recruit chat for specific teams will die.. Co-op play will die.. I promised myself, will only play Solo after the update (excpet for fissures ofc), and i will fullfill my promise.. So messed up this update....(thats just my opinios..fell free to differ)
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