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  1. Take care to avoid overheating when shooting off so many hotfixes at once 😮 I thought fighter strength was in a good place for mk3 guns vs veil enemies before the change, but I was pretty lucky on my drops and rolls. Getting a reactor with a good bonus was the key to that though and not everyone will have the same experience I did, being fortunate enough to get a +87 reactor on my first veil mission (and access to a repair drone to progress at lightspeed) definitely skews my perspective from the norm.
  2. Seems to occur when you shoot at snow covered rocky textures, I'd describe it as an extreme sort of crystalline reaction. 🙃
  3. Attempted to trade Primed Smite Infested earlier, and it failed to show up in the list of mods generated from the trade window. Neither the R10 nor R0 mod showed up. The other 3 types (Grineer, Corpus, Corrupted) appeared as expected.
  4. This fixes most of the big issues people were having. I thought of it more as just part of the risks of flying in space 🙂 Sometimes things don't go to plan at warp speed. Thanks again for another quick hotfix!
  5. Thanks for all the work on railjack! It has been really fun. Almost done with my grid now so the dirac changes won't really affect me.
  6. Having the Nightwave UI open while returning to the dry dock makes it un-closable 😞
  7. Forge Double Dip When crafting revolite from the forge during a mission, I noticed that occasionally I was able to queue it up twice by timing the click to occur just a bit after queuing it the first time, when the ui shows that it is clickable again. So I was able to craft 100 revolite from a single forge.
  8. Sometimes after a long arbi or just a long day I'll tune my brain to the soft electronic hum of the orbiter and doze off. Not on purpose, but it's not an undesired outcome either. What will the ambient noise be like on a fully stocked railjack? Will I, as the captain, still be able to lose track of time without fear of drifting into the gravity well of a white dwarf or the long range bombardment of an ancient infested ship coating my portside with a stellarly transmitted disease? If migrations/high latency becomes an issue, would you consider giving railjack owners greater control over over hosting? [Somewhat of a tangent, but I wouldn't mind being a dedicated host for railjack ventures when I'm not playing them myself. Especially if you need an impartial host in some sort of PvE race mode (ie two squads competing for the same ship).] Will we be able to gain additional syndicate/faction rep by putting a sigil or flag on our ship? Or maybe increase/decrease confrontation rates. Will we be able to land our orbiter in our dry dock sometime in the future? (ie no load time going from your own orbiter to dojo) [I think you might have answered this in a past devstream.] Could some of the old orokin lab researches be changed/moved to the dry dock? [Even if it requires lots of farming/time, I enjoy working on getting my ghost clan to 100% research. 🙂 ] I have more questions but I think most will be answered in the first few minutes of flying around. Oh, but the anticipation...
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