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  1. I just traded someone (QueenDabs) in a moon clan's (Phoenix Titans) dojo while being in my own ghost clan dojo (Forma Dysfunction). Even after leaving the squad, the sessions were linked. Just thought it was a pretty cool bug 🙂 I think the replication process would involve a host with network issues that doesn't ping that they're already in a dojo inviting you into their squad. Then you need to go to your own dojo, then the dojo sessions are linked. Either that or it could be related to a guy who was clearly having some sort of network issue being the host of the original dojo session. I did some further testing and it seems like doing this replicated my own dojo within the larger clan's session, as I had a clannie visit our small dojo normally and it was empty, then I invited them to my session and then they were in the joint dojo session with me. So for a moment there were two instances of my clan's dojo 😄 So technically it wasn't cross-dojo trading, more like trading inside a dojo-ception. Just thought it was interesting enough to share 😀
  2. I haven't even been playing for a year, but I still had something in my eye at the end of that trailer. Thank you for giving the 300k-ish people who couldn't make it to tennocon a great time 🧡 Perhaps one year I'll be able to make it there in person!
  3. I just tried it myself with two others with your (b) test. Still at 1/6.
  4. I read these notes with Megan's voice in my head. Also I see that people at DE are also old.reddit connoisseurs
  5. I love the little things about wisp. The fluid animations, the little knockback after ulting, the two ways of using 2. After using a +fire rate riven'd gaze (28 shots per second), the speed of the sun just doesn't do it for me. Wisp's 4 needs more, I'm not sure what it needs more of, but it just needs more! Her 1 makes her seem like volt-lite, if volt was a D battery, then wisp's a AA. I like how you can make a trail of speed breadcrumbs to extraction. She fills her role well, all she needs is a niche in some tiny corner of viability in the endgame (outside of helping new players, of course)
  6. I did a few runs on endurance, scoring: 11k, 16k, 21k, 25k, and 34k. Overall, a challenging and fun experience that I learned a lot from. Map and demolyst type RNG had too much variance, certain maps consistently have long distances for demo spawns, while other maps have a chance of very short spawn - conduit distances. In the worst case, there was 2 seconds between the moa spawning and reaching the conduit, where lockdown failed to stop it due to latency of around a second, so by the time lockdown activated it was already at the conduit. It seemed like the scores were adjusted according to spawn difficulty, but even then, the stress created by a close spawning moa demo added a considerable mental strain which outweighed the score bump. Transmissions should only occur before the first round starts and between each round. A bit lacking in relevant rewards. Idea: For players who enjoy risk, 4 keys on a special node -> spawn a doomolyst, if he makes it to the conduit, you fail the mission. If you kill him, you get to extract and see what sort of cool loot awaits. So then the meta would become x round doomolyst runs, with higher round runs having better drop rates but would also require better gear. QOL change: if you're wielding a key and standing within 3m of a conduit when someone activates a conduit, you'll automatically use your key as well. People could leave keys dropped by nodes if they don't want to pop more than one.
  7. Can't wait for the next ropeadope fix on Monday :D
  8. The table is set, bonne appétit. 🥂 Looking forward to the second course. Operation: Illicit Conversion, perhaps. As for the current dish, I thought it was a bit salty until the spice kicked in.
  9. The effort required to hit 20k is a bit overstated by some. Going in completely blind on the first day, it took 3 attempts to hit 21k. No voice chat. No prior friendships involved. No cheese, please. Just a few tenno, each of us in our own tiny ghost clan, working for a common cause. In the first attempt we only hit 11k as we didn't know about stacking active pylons. The second attempt we tested out stacking pylons midway and two of us ran out of revives as we were typing too much 🙄... 16k. It was a pretty special moment when we broke 20k on the third attempt. Thanks, DE. [no bamboozle] Part of the appeal of running a small/solo clan is the challenge. I expect the expectations to be higher because I have full agency over my own performance. If the requirement had been 12k for a solo clan to get gold there would have been nothing special about it, that's basically the same experience as running a long arbitration. 😴 And you don't even need to get 20k to be in the top 10% of ghost clans at the moment, scheesh. (Thanks for the web scoreboard btw 💚) It's... interesting how you can have people complaining about how it's too easy to cheese the scores to break 200k+ and in the same thread have people complaining that it's too hard to hit 20k. That's probably a sign that DE drew the line in the right place.
  10. From the menu while you're in your orbiter, Profile > Leaderboards > Operation: Hostile ... > Ranking, Clan
  11. 🙏 Believe in yourself, tenno. And if you cannot, then ascend above what you believe. 🙏 (Or at the very least, get carried like me)
  12. I just watched Wolf Children last night :(... So who's down for a volt+chroma+rhino group? :^) Edit: It's up now.
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