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  1. Would frost or valkyr work? currently have them crafting in the foundry.
  2. Hello everyone, I appreciate the time you are taking to read this. I recently started this game (Volt) and I don't fully understand the damage interaction between weapon, mod and enemy. My accuracy with a firearm is garbage so I tend to end up meleeing everything. A friend and a few guild mates have been kind enough to taxi me places so I can unlock the quests to get a few frames that I want (e.g. Octavia, Mirage). I am currently stuck in the Octavia's anthem quest because I can't kill the sentient things without having to use all of my revives. My current mastery rank is 5, about halfway to 6. I am looking for a weapon (and suggestions on how to mod and where to get those mods) that will help me with this and will still be useful later in the game. (Also, if anyone does have suggestions for a primary/secondary firearm and mods, I'll gladly take them.) I don't mind spending $10ish to get something in the game if it'll help me out and last for the later game. Any help and advice is appreciated. Thanks.